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Ranade’s motive is called “jealousy”

But for me the meanest and most painful allegation is Ranade’s item (7) “that he [Sri Aurobindo] had romantic affairs with the Mother involving veiled tantric sexual practices.” There is again no statement or suggestion even remotely resembling this in the book. On page 325 there is a scene in which the Mother holds Sri Aurobindo’s hand: […]
When I read this, I was deeply touched, and my bhakti for both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother increased manifold by this moving manifestation of bhakti by the Divine Mother for our Lord and Master. Only a sick and perverted mind — or else someone with an ulterior motive — can see in this an ordinary romantic relationship. As for “trantric sexual practices,” Heehs mentions in an appropriate context “the esoteric sexuality of certain forms of tantrism” but hastens to add that it has no place in Sri Aurobindo’s yoga…
The ulterior motive of Ranade and other spearheads of the anti-Heehs campaign is not difficult to fathom. Ranade has travelled and lectured widely in India and abroad, at Sri Aurobindo Centres and other spiritually oriented institutions. He has worked hard to establish himself as “Sri Aurobindo’s Vivekananda” (if I may say so), at least in the eyes of the more gullible devotees. What he has not achieved is an entry into and recognition by the academic world. This Heehs has achieved through his biography of Sri Aurobindo. He is now the one legitimate academic authority on the life of Sri Aurobindo. Ranade’s motive is called “jealousy,” and in his case it has taken pathological proportions, as a psychiatrist-friend who knows him well assures me.
I close with apologies for bringing this disturbing matter to your attention. If you have met Mr. Ranade in person, you will surely have seen through him, in which case it was probably unnecessary to write this letter. With profound regards, Yours sincerely, Ulrich Mohrhoff January 28, 2009

I’m going to look at Sri Aurobindo as a dialectician at some point. I wanted very much to thoroughly elucidate the Hegelian aspects in Eastern dialectics but each case study is worthy of so much focus in their own right that to integrate a Hegelian analysis would be too much – but Hegelians, try to think in terms of Spirit realizing itself through the positive Logos – science, knowledge, social history and so forth…
This occured over the mid to the end of the 20th century, and was more apparent to many from Western dialecticians around the end of the late nineteenth century (e.g. Simmel, Carpenter) and the beginning of the 20th (e.g. Frankfurt School, first generation): these themes were recognised by theosophy but there was a great deal more optimism as they could see the coming-to-be of the Hegelian whole throughout this destructive process – and we should note that the world wars produced the total-economies (hence augmented the whole/objectivity) which formed the basis for the expansion of the global-social order to form a kind of total global economic order, the fragmented, schismatic outlines of which are apparent enough today, though we see it appears to be in systemic crisis.

Dynamic emptiness and dynamic harmony contribute to realizing what Sri Aurobindo talks about as dynamic unity as contrasted with unity as a fixed thing or a static state (see Das 2009). Dynamic harmony and dynamic emptiness also help us ...

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