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Craftily using Sri Aurobindo’s words against him

In this blog, I am planning to list all the errors I have found in the book “Lives of Sri Aurobindo” by Peter Heehs.  Most readers do not know what the primary sources contain so they assume the text is alright. Contact My email is wp.san777 AT gmail Recent Posts
Secret of the Veda – page 266 In many places in the book, Peter Heehs, having mentioned something positive, proceeds to concoct a negative side. Some of these negatives are phony because they have been inferred by craftily using Sri Aurobindo’s words against him. By that I mean he takes Sri Aurobindo’s quotes out-of-context to potentially mislead uninformed readers. There is a certain procedure which has to be followed in order to uncover such deceptions. When you find a negative remark, you should look up the citation and read the original source. Then you must search for alternative sources, at which point you will realize that the negative remark is not really negative at all. Continue reading 

Is this getting tiresome or what. I’m on Heehs’ side in all of this, as I said before.

Once again a book has been banned. This time the author is American historian Peter Heehs for his book 'The lives Of Sri Aurobindo'.

After the court cases were found to be without merit, and just when one thought a measure of sanity had prevailed in the controversy regards the publication of the Lives of Sri Aurobindo and its author Peter Heehs a new front for battle has ... CNN Face the Nation: debate on Peter Heehs with Ashis Nandy and others Excellent Debate on CNN TV Tonight April 5th on Peter Heehs with Ashis Nandy. The poll conducted during the show asking viewers if Historians are unfairly under attack in India was responded to by 80% of the audience who agreed. Sraddhallu’s good friend Jayant Bhattacharya, seems flustered arguing for the Fundamentalist position. Conclusion: Its only a small section of the Ashram with a vested interest that are persecuting Heehs for their own Agenda.

Those who had any doubts about Sraddhalu Ranade’s anti-Westerner sentiments in his hateful and vindictive pursuit of Peter Heehs’ expulsion from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram (SAA) as well as from India, can now put their doubts to rest after his public outburst and anti-Western rant on his website “”.
For, it is now evident that Sraddhalu Ranade who uses Human Unity and Global Oneness as a mere commodity that helps him earn airline miles and pockets-full of funds, cares little about the values he preaches during his lecture tours.
In fact, Sraddhalu Ranade believes that “Western” Aurovillains have no sense of justice or ethics as he accuses them of blind favoritism…. Recent Comments
Nicolas Flamel on Statement from the Auroville Working Committee 
Nicolas Flamel March 29, 2012 at 3:32 pm | #10 - Quote Problem is if you “google” superman, you get a thousand craps. Google instead “overman”: you get smiling Georges and his books…. The same with another neologism coined by good old Georges in the same article: (his) “Aurobindian” vs (widely used) “Aurobindonian”.
Google “Aurobindonian”, you get Ashram, Auroville, Madhav Pandit, Satprem, Nolini, Tusar N. Mohapatra (God forbid!), etc. Google instead “Aurobindian”: you get smiling Georges and his books…. The game is called “googling”. Coin a neologism, and you get first in line on Google. Business is business: “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Paulette March 2, 2012 at 3:58 pm | #1 - Quote To the Working Committee Copy to Shraddhavan and Savitri Bhavan WITH GRATITUDE
Thanks for your statement regarding Sraddhalu’s classes at Savitri Bhavan. I have tried to dialogue in every possible way with those people, writing countless articles and comments in Deshpande’s blog Mirror of Tomorrow and Mohapatra’s Savitri Era Open Forum. Writing four ad hoc refutations of their accusations regarding the Heehs biography, to be debated with them. 

Nicolas Flamel February 29, 2012 at 3:49 pm | #3 - Quote To be fair, Colombia University Press should give some royalty to “poor Jayant”: for each of his dharnas, this publisher sells at least a 100 more copies of “The Lives”. One cannot dream of a better and more energetic advertising campaign. By now, Peter Heehs is as famous as Salman Rushdie. Amazon too should contribute….

Tweets Niksola  @niksola - @thenewshour Peter heehs is catering 2 d demands of a sensational publisher 2 sell his book he cares little for Sri Aurobindo 1:25 AM - 6 Apr 12 Sagarika Ghose  @sagarikaghose Ashish Nandy: Sri Aurobindo was a Bengali brought up as a Brit who mastered vedas stood for egalitarianism and open-ness, not censorship 11:32 PM - 5 Apr 12 Gautam Chikermane  @gchikermane You mean hate campaign, rants - not critique @Vivekchandan: A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo " 9:59 AM - 6 Apr 12

Re: The Melodrama of Difference by Debashish on Fri 17 Jul 2009 03:42 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
The imperialism of ideology, of the "West" as the elect inventors of Metaphysics, has now invented and infected "the East," who return with the revenge of the colonized - the new elect who practice the new xenophobia, immured in their borrowed totalitarian cosmology and teleology, the integral theory of a brief history of Everything in the overt or hidden name of Sri Aurobindo.
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