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Chicken and Chuha

Sri Aurobindo scholar may be asked to leave India: Tonight at 10 pm CNN-IBN's Deputy Editor Sagarika Ghose discusses with a panel of experts, are historians losing their Freedom of Expression?

Jairam writes to PC on historian's visa cancellation Hindustan Times
If you don't like the law, protest and change the law.  Don't name-call officials who are doing their job of enforcing the law.
Jairam is the only guy with any brains inside his head.  India's visa norms are notoriously archaic, rooted in the British colonial mindset.  Unfortunately, millions of foolish Indians believe that the norms are "patriotic."  That is the tragedy.  Colonized minds viewing themselves as nationalistic patriots! Sad.
Jairam can apply his brains to change the law if so inclined rather than to pressure other law-abiding officials to flout the law.  Btw, so let me get this straight - minds who want to stand up in pride and uphold the law even if it goes against a US national are somehow colonized, while minds, such as yours, who want to favor a US national in violation of a law are somehow "free".  Did I get it right?
Last para's reveal the agenda of most such articles. My GOD , It says extremists!!  RIP Jounalism of India.
You know what "extremist" means?
Ramesh should mind his ministry and spend time on his own work instead of working for a visa violators. Perhaps he wants to inform us that it's okay to break Indian law if you are American. Ramesh is inviting legal action on himself.
Harshvardhan Patel
The leftist lobby seems to be keen on protecting through Jairam Ramesh one more anti-national, anti-Indian ethos, anti spiritual element, this time a foreigner. Why doesn't Jairam Ramesh make Heehs his private secretary for environmental affairs? Why this overly flattering assessment of Peter Heehs's biography?
You are the proverbial toad in the well.
Visa cancelled by extremists? Are you crazy? But perhaps we are crazy as a nation that takes pride in sheltering the likes of kasab while calling the truly patriotic Indian extremist in his own country. Get some lesson from the country that boasts of liberty and freedom and goes on to massacre nations and subjugate them economically in the name of exigency!
Mr Jairam Ramesh should stay within his office limits and do some good work on rural upliftment. It is never a good sign for any healthy democracy when one minister tries to meddle into another ministry's affair. What else is this but undermining the very roots of democratic set-up. Would he appreciate if other ministers meddled and tried to influence his decision out of sheer favouritism? 
The Indian
Dear Tejaswi, Jayaram Ramesh is a citizen of this country first and his request to the HM is on that base. So interference etc is out of context.
> It was earlier alleged that Heehs’s visa was cancelled at the behest of extremists
Will there now be an apology forthcoming from Chikermane, Guha, et al to the so-called extremists?
Bharat Singh
Never seen so much egg on the face of a 'Chicken'!!!
If 'extremists' intend to live up to their branded name then they should now start demanding the cancellation of citizenship of 'Chicken' and 'Chuha'!!!
'Ramesh hailed him for authoring one of the best biographies on Sri Aurobindo.'
Has Ramesh read all the biographies of Sri Aurobindo? By the appearances of things it appears that Ramesh has never been touched by Sri Aurobindo's force and as for his reading of all Sri Aurobindo's biographies is concerned that seems to have been done during the course of his three meetings with Peter!
BTW: In fact Ramesh liked Peter Heeh's biography so much that he was following Peter's case in Home Ministry so closely that he ended up pre-empting Home Minsiters Office! While the notice was served to Peter on 30th Ramesh had written letters to PC and PM on 29th!

Intolerance: A National Pastime? Sanjay Pinto wrote a post: NDTV - Apr 3, 2012
What an irony. A country that is governed by the Rule Of Law with natural justice as its fundamental edifice, is plagued by the syndrome of intolerance ever so often. Prejudging content, often without even viewing or reading it, has become a national ...
Raghunathan Varadarajan: Impatience, Indiscipline and intolerance are the root cause all evils in this country
Aditya B. Iyer: Sanjay, A Critical observation with a great deal of insight. The media has for once given good article...
Vijay Venkateswaran: Intolerance is in the eyes of the beholder and hence definitely will not match with the other person - this does not have anything to do with religion, caste, creed etc. if it were truly based on religion why do road rages occur, why would anyone lose temper if a biker rubbed against your car? Everyone pretends to be a saint/judge when it comes to judging other's actions but when it comes to one's own actions then it is a matter of self-respect, self-protection blah-blah...
Selvam K.: IF NRIs would be treated like this abroad all hell would brake loose: what a view in the mirror.
M.v. Rangaraajan: Correction:"Hence avoidance of writing something incomprehensible for mass consumption is good."
M.v. Rangaraajan: Mr. Sanjay! Even literate persons have not progressed mentally at same level but everybody reads a report, interprets according to his own level of knowledge, spreads it to others. Some things are too high to be comprehensible to common man. Hence avoidance of writing something for mass consumption is not good. Sure there could be a debate in proper forum.
Sreenivas Subramaniam: @M.v.Rangarajan, Are you trying to say that it is justified to oppose someone's freedom of speech or expression, just because it is offending some section of society? BTW was your comment direct towards me?
Sreenivas Subramaniam: I cannot comprehend as to why can't Indians ever get out of this religious mindset. If we create more fundamentalist in our country, then there are chances of our society giving birth to radical groups.
Chandrashekhar: Sanjay, I disagree with you. If I provide wrong account of your life in public with hidden agenda, will your family not protest?
Karthik Pk: @Chandrasekhar I do agree his family can protest but that mean doesnt mean you can be banned from giving a wrong account and your mouth should be given a gag order. Free speech is free speech and how do you know what the guy said in his book isnt true?

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"Sri Aurobindo on Hinduism" by Peter Heehs -- reviewed by Raman Reddy 12 Aug 2010 – The following paragraph is from a booklet by Peter Heehs entitled Sri Aurobindo on Hinduism and published by the Sri Aurobindo Society, ... 7:57 AM View My Stats Wednesday 4th April 2012 – 305 Page Loads 

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