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Aurobindo was a genius not an avatar: who decides?

Govt refuses to extend visa of American historian Peter Heehs India Today 6 April 2012
The reason could be the latest book written by Heehs, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Heehs has been facing flak from a group of Aurobindo's devotees for what he has written in his book about the spiritual icon. Heehs resides at the renowned Aurobindo ...
However, counsel for Aurobindo Ashram P. Jegan said, "Peter Hees joined the ashram in 1971 by accepting the philosophies of Mother and Sri Aurobindo. After joining the ashram he did a lot of mischief by stealing all the intellectual properties and copyrights of the archives and he wrote a book, The Lives of Sri ... The book only has presumptions and assumptions of the writer and it has no truth in it. So the devotees of Aurobindo Ashram are trying to agitate in response." 
Tweets Sagarika Ghose  @sagarikaghose Don't put Sri Aurobindo in a spiritual box: historian Peter Heehs facing protests on book on Aurobindo. Watch my exclusive intvu 9pm CNNIBN 5:50 PM - My interview with Peter Heehs on how powerful people are pressuring govt against his book, Aurobindo was a genius not an avatar. 9 pm CNNIBN 5:48 PM - 6 Apr 12
Gautam Chikermane  @gchikermane On Times NOW: GD Bakshi looks like he hasn't read the book, misread excerpts, but attacking a dignified #PeterHeehs 4:14 PM - 6 Apr 12
In a debate moderated by TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelists -- Peter Heehs, US historian & Author of "The Lives Of Sri Aurobindo" and Gen (retd) G D Bakshi, Former Research Fellow, IDSA -- discuss the issue whether the Govt is being harsh by asking controversial scholar Peter Heehs to leave the country.
The American historian Peter Heehs who created a storm with his controversial biography of Sri Aurobindo, has been living in India for the past 40 years, but today (April 5) has been asked to leave India in the next 10 days. While the Home Ministry is yet to take a final decision on revoking his Visa and historians supporting him are demanding that he should not be deported, the question is -- Is the govt being too harsh by asking the scholar to leave the country?
Amit Bhargava  @lightstalker_AB - @sagarikaghose The new book should be called the illegal stay of Peter Heehs. Are we a Banana Republic that we glorify law breakers? 6:12 PM - 6 Apr 12 Columbia Univ Press  @ColumbiaUP The controversy surrounding Peter Heehs's book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo," and the culture of censorship in India. 6:54 PM - 6 Apr 12

But there is one person who strongly disapproved that Theatre Road was actually the birth place of Sri Aurobindo. He is Peter Heehs, a noted historian and ...

A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs .....way in which Heehs has dismissed Darshans as “theatrical” ceremonies.

But the hatred of Peter Heehs for The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, .... He calls pranams and darshans as “theatrical” and compares the ...

'Sans humanities, the centre of Indian education doesn't hold' Times of India - Srijana Mitra Das Apr 6, 2012, 12.00 AM IST
One of the great things about Bollywood - and i speak here as a Freudian - is that it takes people's fantasies and actually represents these in a movie. You have somebody taking a long, lonely walk, feeling he wants to be romantically involved with whomever - and suddenly that happens! It was a great awakening that fantasies don't have to be presented only in a covert, subtle, dreamy way - Bollywood's been an inventive instrument of bringing people's fantasies out, giving them a live place in public cinema. Cardinal Slur

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