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Attempt by fundamentalists to grab the Ashram

Tweets Gautam Chikermane  @gchikermane So, #PeterHeehs issue is really an attempt by fundamentalists to grab the Ashram. They need to be exposed further. Well done@sagarikaghose Brilliant programme by @sagarikaghose on #PeterHeehs. The fundamentalist view is out in open, pretensions of "hurt sentiments" shattered. Gautam Chikermane  @gchikermane It must be unbanned @sagarikaghose: Tks @gchikermane for loaning Heehs' Lives Of Sri Aurobindo. What a shame readers in India can't read it
Prashanth Vaidyaraj  @pvaidyaraj So its the same usual suspects supporting Peter Heehs for his tripe on Sri Aurobindo! Ashish Nandy, R Thapar, R Guha, S Goose, yaaaawn!
vamanan  @vamanan81 1 version of Sri Auro's life for India...another for rest of the world. Curious offer by author Heehs.
Bhaskar Chatterjee  @BhaskarChat Who said that, Peter Heehs? This is the problem of these people- they really dont understand what they r doing! @ArundhatiOnline@SandipGhose  In reply to A Bhattacharya
K P Ganesh  @KPGanesh I suggest @sagarikaghose joins Rajiv Malhotra discussion group to get more facts on Peter Heehs, a typical Western U-turner.  K P Ganesh  @KPGanesh @sagarikaghose Even better get Sri Rajiv Malhotra for your FTN. Truth of historians will be revealed-Peter Heehs, Wendy Doninger et al
vamanan  @vamanan81 Arey..Sri Aurobindo is the salt of India's wisdom.. No need 4 marxists & sickularists 2 speak 4 him.
Saikumar  @saikumar_k Sagarika Ghose puking on Hindus in her show along with a JNU madrasa professor. #Aurobindo
Sagarika Ghose  @sagarikaghose Any Sri Aurobindo followers out there? Can I have some cogent feedback on why Peter Heehs book is considered objectionable?
Rajdeep Sardesai  @sardesairajdeep 10 pm: face the nation: Aurobindo author targeted: are historians losing freedom of expression?
Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha Leave Peter Heeh, I wonder if @RupaSubramanya knows anything about Sri Aurobindo too.By Writing/tweeting sth on heresay,u don't do ny good.
Sagarika Ghose  @sagarikaghose Peter Heehs book: The Lives of Sri Aurobindo under fire. Another case of an intellectual hounded by the religious right wing? FTN 10pm
Arya Yuyutsu  @aryayuyutsu Masters in Broadcast Journalism at The University of Sheffield. Now a journalist. Views are all mine, irrespective of where I'm working... 53.382419,-1.478586 ·  @thenewshour besides, what qualifications does #PH have to judge #SriAurobindo's writing and poetry? #NotCool  In reply to THE NEWSHOUR @thenewshour It's about breach of laws - #Copyright and #IP laws. Not religious feelings. #IMHO  In reply to THE NEWSHOUR @gchikermane Just re-checked my facts. IP law fault has been proven in court. And Copyright breach has been accepted by #PeterHeehs! #FACT  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @sagarikaghose if he believes in #FreedomOfSpeech, he can leave the #Ashram and write books! No problems there at all! #PH  In reply to Sagarika Ghose @sagarikaghose the same community. It's like hurting your boss and hoping that's fine with him. That's not freedom of speech.  In reply to Sagarika Ghose @sagarikaghose (contd...) with passages that are objectionable (too many to cite here). This is ok, but not while he's an active part of ... @sagarikaghose b. He has the right to write any kind of book he pleases, on anyone, but this hurts the Ashramites' sentiments. (contd...) @sagarikaghose Having read it, the book has a few problems. a. uses unpublished material (abuse of position by author).  In reply to Sagarika Ghose Peter Heehs book:The Lives of Sri Aurobindo under fire. Another case of an intellectual hounded by the religious right wing? FTN 10pm Retweeted by Arya Yuyutsu @gchikermane Apart from the fact that I've read the book and lived in the #Ashram, I do have my facts pretty straight here. Et vous?  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @gchikermane If he'd written it as an independent biographer, I would disagree with the same steps against him!  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @gchikermane But honestly, it is a different case anyway. No organisation allows you to hurt the sentiments even of your boss and stay there  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @gchikermane Indeed! But from what I've seen on the news so far, it's neither unbiased, nor contextual. #Fact  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @gchikermane By all means.. show me your facts here. I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong! #PH  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @gchikermane I have read the book. Seen the facts. And I believe in freedom of expression. But disagree with law-breaking!  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @gchikermane Besides, I think we're messing up with freedom of expression here. This case is different from others I've seen!  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @gchikermane Ask #PeterHeehs if you like. At least he's admitted to the breach of Copyright.  In reply to Gautam Chikermane @gchikermane says the expert on Indian law!? There's copyright and intellectual property law which has definitely been breached! #PeterHeehs  In reply to Gautam Chikermane Surely breach of national laws should lead to punishment/extradition! #PeterHeehs #PY #TLOSA #SriAurobindoAshram But the real issue is that he's broken 3 Indian laws (as ruled by the court) and abused his position at the #SriAurobindo #Ashram #PY There's freedom of expression on one side. And hurting people's sentiments on the other. #PeterHeehs #Puducherry Following events in #Puducherry (#India) regarding the controversy surrounding #PeterHeehs' book. Definite 2 sides to the case!

Bharat Singh - Never seen so much egg on the face of a 'Chicken'!!!
SAA - Varun
Over the past 25 years  from 1986 , there has been very serious written allegations to the trustees against Peter Hees.
One such complaint has been made about 10 members of the Archives Dept. of SAA accusing Peter Heehs of misusing manuscripts and research work. There is lot more. I could go on and on. So please do your homework before supporting PH. And don't make it - Indian vs. westerner. It is not. Nor are we fundamentalist, those wanting him out. I hope that was helpful Thanks

The Puducherry Foreign Regional Registration Office had earlier sent an order to send back Heehs, who has been living in India for the last 40 years. He had earlier crated a storm by writing the controversial biography of Sri Aurobindo-- The Lives Of ...
The Home Ministry has not taken any final decision on the extension of the visa of controversial American historian Peter Heehs. The Puducherry Foreign Regional Registration Office had earlier sent an order to send back Heehs, who has been living in India for the last 40 years. He had earlier crated a storm by writing the controversial biography of Sri Aurobindo-- The Lives Of Sri Aurobindo.

The New Being and the New Society by Paulette at
A compilation of Mother’s statements and archival material preceded by an introductory chapter. This book wishes to address a new generation of youth with high ideals, along with the eternally youth, people for whom the Ideal manifests in life itself and not in some distant utopia, people aware that human evolution goes hand in hand with the metamorphosis and self-perfection of individuals.
Softcover: 216 pages, English, 22 x 14 cm.

Talk by Narad at Nairobi Centre of Sri Aurobindo Society_part 2mp4 ...
Evening spent with Narad (Richard Eggenberger, a longtime member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville, landscaper, plumerian, gardener, musician and ... Nairobi Centre of Sri Aurobindo Society started out as the collective quest of a community of seekers inspired by the life and work of two of the greatest exponents of the spiritual tradition of ancient India in our own times - Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Puducherry. 

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