Saturday, March 17, 2012

This world unity stinks

This senseless victimisation of the Ashramites by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust headed by Manoj Das Gupta has to be brought to the notice of the general public. One had the impression a few years ago that the members of the Ashram followed a difficult path of Yoga and lived on a high moral ground of perfection. It was also assumed that the administration of the Ashram was carried out by the Trustees keeping these noble principles in mind. But what do we hear of late? Meaningless, senseless victimisation of Ashramites who are hapless because they have no way to defend themselves!
The latest victim is Togo Mukherjee, grandson of the famous Bagha Jatin (Jatin Mukherjee who was an associate of Sri Aurobindo in the early days of the Indian independence movement). Manoj Das Gupta has instructed the Dining Room not to renew Togo’s yearly Dining Room pass for which he has been paying regularly from the last 18 years…
His daredevil role in protecting the Ashram properties from destruction in the Anti-Hindi riots of 1965 is well-known and there is a beautiful passage in the Agenda by the Mother describing how she saved him after he was fatally hit on the head by an iron rod. In the same passage the Mother remarks, “The boy has the makings of a hero.” 
What was Togo’s crime? He spoke freely on the issue of Peter Heehs, condemned outright his derogatory book on Sri Aurobindo and even participated in the silent protests organised by those who are against the inordinate support of the Trustees for Peter Heehs. The Trust is already on record in the Hindu of 28.02.2012 saying that it respects the freedom of speech of anybody in the Ashram. But why does it not respect the freedom of speech of Togo Mukherjee? Why this duplicity? Peter Heehs does not ruffle the Trust when he writes rubbish on Sri Aurobindo, but when Togo Mukherjee bravely takes on Peter Heehs, the Trust deprives him of his basic necessities! Deprives food to a 75 year old man who has been taking food in the Dining Room from the last 64 years! A 75 year old man who is suffering from all sorts of physical ailments but who is brave enough to stand for the Truth, because the blood of Bagha Jatin runs in his veins! Posted by General Editor at 3/17/2012 10:54:00 AM 

It is clear that the WC does not represent the spirit of Auroville but is functioning as an exclusive club of petty egos and small-minded individuals who are acting like the place belongs to them instead of the other way around. In that respect at least they are the spitting image of the Ashram Trust. One wonders how "world unity" is going to be furthered by those who are pursuing such a divisive agenda based on personal alliances and individual likes and dislikes. The great gods who have descended from the progressive and liberal heavens of the West are jealously guarding their monopoly on freedom of expression of their fellow semi-divine beings and along with it their freedom to suppress others who don't obediently consent to fit into the same cultural mould. This world unity has the stink of the same sort of world unity that the British tried to foist on India and the world not so long ago.

It's the Americans (surprise, surprise) like Peter Heehs and Rich Carlson who lit the fuse and who are sitting back and enjoying the fun while the slavish Arindam/Filio gang does their bidding. Like you indicate, all this could change in a flash and it will. The strange thing is that Rich Carlson does not even respect Mother or Sri Aurobindo beyond the cursory as his frequent comments indicate. Along with a UC Davis nurse, this troublemaker started a web site to defame senior Ashramites and yet this Pondy gang has no qualms in mindlessly supporting this bunch and even contributing to that site.

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Some of these guys may want to become Gurus themselves which is great if only they moved on and started their own ashrams and left the rest of us poor souls alone. As you know, according to his own account, Murphy spent only a small amount of time (year or less) in Pondy some 40 years ago. He could have hardly been very mature or anything more than a post-adolescent at the time and only one among many people at the ashram. But that didnt prevent him from making assertions about the ashram, ashramites, or Mother's methods and declaring on that basis why he wanted his California resort to be whatever he wanted it to be. Fine. Shouldn't he now just leave the Sri Aurobindo Ashram alone and take his friends Peter Heehs and the others with him? 
Carlson, Heehs, and friends accuse The Mother and Sri Aurobindo of propagating "religion". Why dont they just "switch" Gurus then...maybe Murphy can volunteer to become one?

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