Thursday, February 16, 2012

Arimdam, Ajit, Bulu, Filio, Gautam, and Matriprasad

The Gagging of Vijaybhai -- Kartik Srinivasan Dear Ajit Reddy et al (including Matriprasad and Debashish, for approving the letter),
Your note to Vijaybhai is strange to say the least. It exposes your frequent tendency to make specious arguments and apply double standards to suit your personal interests and objectives. ... But are your actions helping reconciliation, unity and harmony? You have only to review your emails to Alok and Govind these last two weeks. They were trying hard to promote dialogue and reconciliation, while you were busy ridiculing them and subverting their efforts. Even more double standards! ...
Vijaybhai's efforts in these last few weeks have been to meet all the parties including the Trustees and to build consensus so that there can be resolution of the problem in-house and avoid the litigation. He began this effort with the full support of Manoj Das Gupta who appointed Batti-da to interface with him and help his efforts. To this end Vijaybhai, Kirandi and others spent hours every day for several weeks in close interaction with all those involved trying to build common ground. This work culminated with his presentation to the Trustees which was highly appreciated by them.  When people around him asked to share the outcome of his efforts with them, he agreed to do so in a group rather than speaking to each one separately. Yet, you find "malicious intent and design" in these efforts!
In the light of the above, to any third party, it might appear as if you have some ulterior motive to try to sabotage all efforts at internal reconciliation. One hopes that such is not the case. FEB 16, 2012  In the News A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs - committed to objective, academic, respectful and honest discussions - Recents Posts The Nexus Between Some Ex-Students and Matriprasad...
RYD wrote... I understand that a few days ago he had made a detailed presentation to the trustees in the Trust Office. Can we have some idea about its contents and the views of the officials? Thanks.
Diane wrote... For, according to this kind of academia (which cares a hoot for spirituality), you have to scorn all spiritual phenomena, otherwise you are branded as superstitious and relegated to the Middle Ages.... Continue >>
Dilip Kumar Roy wrote... I am an ordinary devotee, not an Ashramite. I am one among the thousands of devotees of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo who reside in locations far from Pondichery, but who see the the Ashram as their... Continue >>
General Editor wrote... Anonymous Comment:I read the excellent article by Vishwas Patel which exposes so well the superficiality of this biased historian's knowledge about matters regarding spirituality. It just shows... Continue >>
Govind wrote... Excellent analysis. Particularly timely given the latest article from Heehs in which he tries to give ultimate credit to Theon for the "discovery" of the Psychic Being.
Redant3 wrote... To say now that he wrote the book in the way he did because the trustees encouraged him earlier is to claim that PH would have otherwise been a model devotee! But Peter Heehs was never a... Continue >>
techtalks wrote... Ramachandra Guha truly fits into the mould of those supporting this nasty book. He knows which side of the bread is buttered and has been aptly called a court historian.I wouldn't bet too much on... Continue >>
General Editor wrote... Dear Diane,There is an important difference between Hitler's Mein Kampf and Heeh's TLOSA. Hitler merely expressed his personal thoughts and opinions, however perverse they may have been. But... Continue >>
Arnab wrote... I have one humble question to ask - will the present Trustees of the Ashram rule the roost forever, and we will have to wait till eternity for their physical demise? Or is there any way that this... Continue >>
General Editor wrote... This is what Ramchandra Guha says when he was asked as to why he did not choose Sri Aurobindo and Vivekananda in his compilation on “The Makers of Modern India”:“There were several criteria for... Continue >>

Introduction Fundamentalism in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram
We, the writers on this site, are concerned about recent actions by a vocal minority among the followers or devotees of Sri Aurobindo, and reactions by impressionable masses inside and outside the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. There are signs of attempts to turn the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother into a religion with some of the characteristics of fundamentalism. Overview 31 July 11: BAN the BAN by Ramachandra Guha Religious fundamentalism in the Integral Yoga community. The Mother - IY Fundamentalism 12 February 11: Podcasts from the Conference Fundamentalism ... 

Introduction It is therefore of no surprise that the Savitri Era party is always happy to present, carry and propagate any information that might show that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville are riddled with problems. As a result of that any information which gives a hint of a controversy immediately appears on the Savitri Era Party’s websites. Auro Truths A blog that is meant to share and present information in as truthful a manner as possible in response to false, inaccurate or misleading information on Sri Aurobindo or his Ashram.

(title unknown) from enowning William Koch reads Zizek's "Hegel versus Heidegger".
“It seems right that Hegel needs to be rethought and made more fully applicable to our historical moment, but this rethinking need not masquerade as a claim that Hegel really meant to speak (or indeed did speak) other than he did. Students of Marx have done very well to admit that Marx's thought faced certain failures and needs to be rethought and reformulated. Students of Heidegger should do the same. We need not cover up or deny inconsistencies or deny that we are continuing, rather than simply explaining, the work of the thinkers we engage with.”

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