Sunday, November 6, 2011

Satprem, like RYD had a few axes to grind and was trying to settlepersonal scores

Firstly, the discussion between Satprem and The Mother does not concern at all the editing of Sri Aurobindo’s works, and it has nothing to do with the editing of Savitri. In fact, the central issue if not the ENTIRE discussion concerns the distribution of Sri Aurobindo’s and Satprem’s books (in fact it clearly emerges that Satprem is more preoccupied about the royalties from the sale of his books more than anything else!). Therefore when RYD picks out only a limited portion of this exchange which refers to some “corrections” being made to Sri Aurobindo’s books, it is evident that he deliberately wishes to create exaggerated, partial and therefore inaccurate and wrong impressions.

Secondly but equally importantly, it is not The Mother who is complaining or being critical about any wrong-doings with regards to Sri Aurobindo’s publications, but it is instead Satprem who is complaining and making allegations to The Mother and She is merely reacting and responding to his complaints. Therefore, how does RYD assume that what Satprem was reporting to The Mother was based on accurate information? RYD would like us to believe that all of Satprem’s observations were always accurate. However, what emerges rather clearly in this passage is that Satprem, like RYD had a few axes to grind and that he was more preoccupied with trying to settle a few personal scores with people he didn’t get along too well, especially when it concerned matters relating to his own publications.

Thirdly, Satprem’s grouse is only with two individuals – one from SABDA and the other from the All India Press – who were involved with the distribution and sale of Sri Aurobindo’s books and had nothing to do with the editing or correcting Sri Aurobindo’s works. How are therefore the doings of these people in anyway related to the editing of the 1954 or 1970-’72 editions of Savitri? There is in fact absolutely no connection whatsoever, except presumably in the perverted imagination of RYD.