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Why not a movement to throw the enemies of Sri Aurobindo out?

From aju mukhopadhyay to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" cc "" date 13 August 2011 22:17 subject Re: Ashram Trustees to Govt of India: "Sri Aurobindo was Psychotic and Mentally Unstable"
Dear Tusar Mohapatra,
I have not seen your blog in this respect but have just read this by Prof Kamal Das. May I know a little about Prof Das - are all documents on the basis of which this has been written in his possession? If this is fact, all the people in the institution named after Sri Aurobindo are fed and do whatever, prosper materially, live comfortably at the cost of Sri Aurobindo mainly for devotees pay on trust, in his name and for devotion to the Mother. If the main pillar of the Ashram was a lunatic why anything like ashram in his name with his ideals exist? When they believe him to be so why and on what right will they possess and spoil his life long works? Why not others possess them, why not the entire works be preserved as national property? Why a few who have usurped the institution on  which they thrive will still have control over it? as it seems that they are the most harmful enemies to such properties? 
These are questions which come to a sane man's mind who find Sri Aurobindo's works as sane, 100% rational, poetry and prose of super value without an iota of insanity or anything else. Will prof Das and you answer- if true really why not a movement would begin to throw the enemies of Sri Aurobindo out of an institution in his name, running for his works to spread and teach people? These are at this point questions put before you for you have brought this to our notice- written and posted by you. 
Sincerely, Aju Mukhopadhyay 

from    Prithwindra Mukherjee to     "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date           14 August 2011 12:01
subject            RE: Ashram Trustees to Govt of India: "Sri Aurobindo was Psychotic and Mentally Unstable"
Bhâi Tusar, This bit of further news is sickening.
Is there no possibility of interning this perverted Don Quixote with his Sancho busy fighting dexterously with the shadows of their own detracted mind? Can nobody get hold of them, seat on a donkey and carry them to the coarsest of public pales?
Anxious to know the immediate steps taken by the inmates. Best wishes. Prithwindra Mukherjee

from    Jitendra Sharma to         "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date           13 August 2011 23:00 subject       Who is this Professor Kamal Das?
Who is this Professor Kamal Das? He should come out of the mysterious shadows and introduce himself properly with his real address and phone number, as I do. Until then, please ignore him and do not publish any posts from him.                                                    - Dr. Jitendra Sharma

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The shame of 1997": 
Strange that this is appearing now, when for quite a few years the true Professor Kamal Das was himself part of the S.A.A.Research Board. And almost always got away with his hocus-pocus magic sessions. Why is he waking up now? Why did he not protest then? Would be interesting to know how far he has proceeded with his research on artificial intelligence? He was allowed, in good faith, to interact with every visiting dignitary and on every occasion he spoke about some weird and vague research into artificial intelligence. Strange why no one has ever thought of expelling him from the Ashram - esp after his BMW phase of existence and the media house fiasco! Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 9:52 PM, August 13, 2011 [In view of the fact that multiple anonymous comments in a thread make confusing reading and it becomes difficult to track who is telling what and to whom, only comments bearing some name/pseudonym/identity will appear in future. TNM 011110 SEOF]

[The Psychohistory review: Volume 26 - A subeditor on the newspaper Aurobindo edited once noted in his diary: "Babu Aurobindo Ghose is an extremely strange man. And I suspect a tinge of lunacy is not absent from him. His mother is a lunatic. And it is not at all strange....]

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