Friday, July 8, 2011

You definitely have no right to talk about Hinduism and its scriptures

Jason Kay says: July 6, 2011 at 12:17 pm
Girdhar, Have noticed that Paulette Hindu hater Hadnagy who makes a point that Arovillians are told to keep away from politics seems to be very aware of politics especially the anti hindu side of it.. 

Jason Kay says: July 6, 2011 at 12:37 pm
“To Girdhar and Duart in particular, but also to those who cannot understand why in Auroville we don’t even debate on Muslims, politics etc.,”
nobody here is talking about the average muslim .You and your colleagues have been writing on mohammed in your books so on that basis you been asked on those quotes from the koran and hadiths which you are so scared to answer but then you think you have the right to attack hindus and then talk about the vedas..If you cant even talk about the koran but instead give excuses for the atrocities its inspired its followers to do on other human beings especially the hindus who you hate and attack then you definitely have no right to talk about Hinduism and its scriptures.
Jason Kay says: July 6, 2011 at 1:47 pm
Paulette Hindu hater Hadnagy, I dont care if Kireet Joshi is an Aurovilian or Reptilian because the article is about the Max muller syndrome where the norelli cult is just one example of that mentality but by reading all your replies proves you suffer from the syndrome the most more then even the norellis..Everything you been talking about on this thread is about yourself and your books .. now because you have been caught out again you are twisting things which proves you are a fraud .You are the one who was boasting about the greatness of mohammed and islam which i dont care about but then you should have some intellectual integrity and answer on the quotes from the koran ..So dont make pathetic excuses and start attacking people when everyone he can clearly see you are a Hindu hater
David says: July 6, 2011 at 2:04 pm Dear Jason
Now you are witnessing Paulette Hadnagys true behaviour. She’s part of the Auroville dictatorship that announces what books should be read or not and then burned if they dont fit into the criteria of their agenda. This is not Santhana Dharma but this behaviour is of Christian bigots who burned down the Ancient Library of Alexandria. She’s only interested in her own fame and recognition. Many good people have been run out of Auroville because of people like her. Auroville is doomed by the people who have abused their power and the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for their own personal petty agendas..
Jason Kay says: July 6, 2011 at 10:03 pm
Paulette Hindu Hater Hadnagy, I personally dont care what Aurobindos instructions for the ashram were because every Hindu knows very well what he stood for and that was Hinduism and its civilisation.. And also Aurobindo or the mother are not higher than Hindu Dharma and its Vedas..You should be grateful that you are living on the hospitality of Hindus because sooner or later when they all find out you are a Hindu hater you will be packed off from India for good..As you dont really know who i am you so you dont have no idea what mess you have put Auroville and yourself into till everything is revealed..Just enjoy the show till the mystery unfolds as karma has a very strange way of catching up with people at perfect divine timing and then you will know the truth about everything…
Jason Kay says: July 7, 2011 at 12:24 pm
The Indians themselves in India who are brainwashed by the the Indian state with its version of secularism which really means anti Hinduism are the worst of the Hindu haters who are a product from the same British education system left over from the british and which was further manipulated by Indian Marxists who are in positions in government running educational and cultural institutions and who have been for the last 60 years distorting and manipulating india’s history and the Hindu scriptures to suit their own agenda.So its not surprising just like the church was paying Max Muller to distort the Vedas we also have the anti hindu government giving grants to fraudsters like Paullete Hadnagy..The Indian government has given many grants to many anti hindu scholars like Romilla Thaper and others with Marxist backgrounds and who have done immense damage to by distorting indian history and Hinduism by to white wash Muslim atrocities against Hindus by actually blaming Hindus themselves.

That’s why I purposely brought in islam because I knew very well the typical reaction of anti hindus where they go out of their way to justify islam and its atrocities on India.This is what Paullete Hadnagy is trying to do and that’s why she went into a frenzy when Aurobindos quotes scrutinising islam were brought out into the open because that’s exactly what he thought and its no distortion because at that time India was getting torn apart due to islamic separatism. Girdhar caught her out when he presented the rest of Aurobindos paragraph on the Moguls which Paullete made moronic excuses to get out of it..
Whenever anyone comes across the anti hindu Indians or westerners they should do the same experiment bring up the quotes from the koran and the hadiths. Then watch the the fireworks when they go on a defensive to the extremes of stupidity which Paullete Hadnagy has shown and done. She even brought in how she feels the pain of local muslim shopkeepers which has nothing to do with the thread.. And when these anti hindus cant prove anything in their defence then that’s why they start the well known false accusations ‘that you must be an extremist or an RSS person or the same as the ones who killed Mahatma Gandhi ‘blah blah blah crap’
And all this just to avoid the facts thrown at them. that’s why she’s desperately trying to make Aurobindo look ‘secular’ in the anti hindu template created by the Indian state by misquoting him or trying to deny he even said those things about Islam or Christianity by attacking the people he was with. This is all in attempt to de-Hinduize Aurobindo and to break him off from Hinduism so he can be recreated as some new prophet and Saviour of some new cult religion of a pseudo universal religion which has nothing to do with the Hindu religion which he loved so much and wanted to expand around the world to save it from self destruction .
Unfortunately for the anti hindu establishment and the AuroVillains from the neo colony Auroville many Hindus are not that naïve or can be manipulated any more because they have reawakened..

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