Friday, June 10, 2011

Let us not raise a finger

From Jitendra Sharma to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" 
date 10 June 2011 19:45 subject Reply to Prof. Kamal Das
Dear Prof. Kamal Das,
            Let us remember these words of the Mother:
“When you have nothing pleasant to say about something or somebody in the Ashram, keep silent. You must know that this silence is faithfulness to the Divine’s work.” 
           Of course, you have right to express your views and opinions. We all know that occult forces have always their role and play. The Ashram is and had always been a place for individuals representing different specimens of humanity. Let us not raise a finger on some person and accuse him of representing evil forces. Let Sri Aurobindo and the Mother deal in their own ways with people and circumstances. None of us is a permanent dweller on this earth. - Dr. Jitendra Sharma


  1. Yes, let the Secret Society now work on circumdances,we w@tch you,in Silence.The Tsunami was or Last Action to wake you.
    We are in Live believe me,Anu ben was One of us,others are there whom we give now the Status to be Members.We are building now the inner Net, a inner Transformation and Upbuilding of the Anandamaya- Kosha by Aspiration and Silent -Community with our beloved Master and the Mother.Let them Tell us Idiots or stupid beginners or to be this or that,but we are the silent Beginners of the Integral Yoga.
    We hate nobody,each member is a silent worker

  2. What is meant with this Silence,yeaa it is the First step in the Integral Yoga to be in expirience.Samata, Equality,Silent Aspiration,I smile on you Reader with my hearth.The Intellekt is a Hard and stupid Instrument,the Mind buildet by it is a usless powerless Instrument without Expirience. It rememberance me of a Sadhak he knows all what was written by the Master but he told me to had never any expirience.For those of you who watch the Sky,the red golden soft shore from the Supramental Ocean go into Dynamik Silence,call the waves to come down and Progress .We w@tch you.