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Sri Aurobindo Society, another edition of Peter Heehs

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Even  the body shall remember God,
Savitri /SABCL/29/707 (13)

The epic meaning of this line – that body of an individual sadhak in the path of Supramental Yoga – in at a stage upon supramentalisation, one may say, upon transformation – will be able to remember Supermind. This line speaks about the conditions of individual-matter – to be – in the path of this Yoga when the body-consciousness alone, by itself, in itself – will remember Divine – the original stuff of which it is made of. This word ‘remember’ connotes trans-physical-union of body with its mother-form. This is because “Matter itself is secretly a form of the Spirit” LoY /SABCL/22/340

We got another line in Savitri which has resemblance / resonance to this line of Savitri :
                        And Matter shall reveal Spirit’s face
Savitri /SABCL/29/709 (25)
(This is in general – collectively i.e. qua earth Consciousness) and in the same way – going steps further – consciousness qua individual – body shall remember God.  Here the emphasis is on the word ‘Even’. A stage will come for individual sadhak in his life in sadhana, when – this would be the realisation / experience.

As an analogy (not-so-appropriate)  - to remember, one needs a memory. Science had already proved that gross matter (metal) has a memory. A space metal of aluminum alloy had been developed which can remember its original shape in two ( max & min) temperatures – this phenomenon is called shape-memory – used as space craft fuse / circuit manager (other extended usages have also developed).
In January issue, AIM 2011 (All India Magazine), at pg. 22, the editor has allowed this line in question to be printed as:

                        Even the Body Shall Remember God

These people – who can write like this, are another editions of Peter Heehs
These are gross mutilations vis-à-vis defacing the elementary fact of symbols in Savitri which are primarily maintained by using capital letters.
Scheme Suit has been filed to correct the Ashram management and administration, through changing the structure of Trust Deed – but who will correct these kind of people of Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS in short). Society is the bigger face, qua propagations and circulations.

Here, in this line – ‘God’ stands for ‘Supermind’ – one may say ‘Divine’ – the highest spiritual embodiment. If all the words in the line are written in capital letter – then not only the symbol and meaning of ‘God’ is diminished/vanished but the message it gives that the capital-letter-words in Savitri has no other meaning / symbol. The lines in Savitri cannot be written for beautification / artistic purpose / maintaining emphasis or style. Here the symbol is the style – which has to be maintained.

All that apart – this kind of attempt to ‘explain’ lines of Savitri – by the other text of Sri Aurobindo spread over in 27 volumes of SABCL – should and must be abandoned. This got to be a miscarriage, being a misconception. Because, now, there is none in the Ashram-Society population who has total and comprehensive reading and understanding of those 27 volumes and for that reason alone such kind of attempt is bound be an abortion. Further, that all are not sufficient – since Savitri is not the sum total of those 27 volumes in poetry – Savitri stands in its own premise. Lastly – only who has the total understanding of Savitri – he can attempt such kind of writings but there is none(MA/5/65) even today.

And this would not be an out-of-place mentioning that these are the  people who had allowed Peter to write the line of Savitri as :
                        Our bodies need each other in the same lust
against the original line
                        Our bodies need each other in the same last
Savitri /SABCL/29/719(25)

Owing to tremendous protest Peter could not put this line mutilated in the text of the epic  - he then made it as an alternative reading and still it is maintained in that form as alternative reading – and ultimately Peter has put this line as ‘a developed chapter’ in his book, ‘The Lives of Sri Aurobindo’  - now banned by the Government but not by ashram.

This line in question at 707 (13) is the glaring proof “on the face of record” – i.e. in the text of Savitri itself that the line Peter Heehs wanted to put, 719(25) , which was allowed by Ashram & Society people stood grossly incorrect, which even a moron can understand well.

For the fitness of references it is mentioned here that the epic meaning of this line “Our bodies need each other in the same last” – embodied the symbol of Sri Aurobindo and the symbolic whole of the totality of His sadhana. ‘Our bodies’ – stand for the totality of Supermind and that of the Inconscient.  And ‘in the same last’ stands for – in the same measure, that is when they could meet in perfection of union. The line – which is complement to this line – is “ To find new bodies of the Infinite”. If we read these two lines together – that makes the sense complete and gives square understanding.
To find new bodies of the Infinite
Our bodies need each other in the same last

bijan ghosh

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  1. Yes they should not change in any way what ‘Savitri’ is and stands for. But it is wrong to compare entire SAS with Peter based on a line printed in first letters capital. What Peter has succeeded with his work is masterful, skilful, well planned, well thought, well organized, well executed evil manifestation. A victory of the dark forces over the Truth. And as all falsehood is not permanent though real and seem to be winning all the time, yet we have faith and seek and wait for the Divine’s victory. So please see and catch the intention and know the distinction before labelling them as same.