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Lecture on “Bhakti Yoga” by Dr. D.N. Srivastava in Delhi

Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Lecture on “Bhakti Yoga” by Dr. D.N. Srivastava, Sri Aurobindo Marg, 10 a.m. to 11-15 a.m..
Sri Aurobindo Society: Meeting, 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 10-30 a.m.. 
Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: Pushpanjali Offerings and Prayer to Sri Annai, Sasibalika Vidya Mandir, Azad Road, R.S. Puram, 9.30 a.m. ...
The latest newsletter of SAKSI (Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute) in Bangalore includes a discourse by Dr. Kashyap on the same topic. Click below for a PDF copy
Their other newsletters are available at
This is the answer I received from someone in the Ashram:
Intonation must have come in the course of Vedic development. I don’t think if Vishwamitra himself had given any of these. In Sanskrit the metre is fixed and the rules are pretty strict. Gayatri is generally 24 syllables, 16+8. Vishwamitra’s has only 23, 7+8 +8. This is called ‘inferior’, kanishtha gayatri, which is also at times allowed.
Sri Aurobindo wrote the Gayatri for the thread ceremony of Doraiswamy’s son Mithran; he had vowed that only if Sri Aurobindo gave the Mantra that he would perform the ceremony. He wrote it on a small piece of paper but that paper is not available now. Sri Aurobindo did not write the English translation. Most probably it was done by Purani who was close to Doraiswamy or by Nolini, perhaps the latter. This Mantra has exact 8+8 +8 syllables.
Metres in Sanskrit have their own intonations, swaras, and these are universally followed 
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For all those who seek to change and transform the Earth and the Mankind

All things shall change in God's transfiguring hour.
Welcome to AUROSPACE!
AUROSPACE aims at and aspires for being a meeting place and a home for all the followers of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo throughout the World, for all of them who are open to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, for all those who search for the Light and the Way and the directions in Them, for all those who are seekers of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, who seek to change and transform the Earth and the Mankind, for all those who seek the Divine Life. 
Members can participate by adding photos and videos and in blogs and Forums [for discussion]. Even, members may participate in chatting and playing a few games here. However, members should all refrain from obscenity and religious and political publicities. 
Barindranath Chaki 21-07-2010
The Altar Welcome 
Everyone is welcome here at this ALTAR.
All the children of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are welcome here at this ALTAR to commune with THEM, with the Divine, and to surrender themselves before THEM and to convey their prayers before THEM.

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Right answer round the clock

from In Search Of The Mother to date 15 October 2010 15:30 subject Email & SMS Guidance
Many times in our life we are confronted with some problem or whenever at the mid of the work we are depressed and we are not able to find any instant solution to that problem or any instant cure of that depression , at that time we just wish presence of  any book of Mother or Sri Aurobindo so that we can ask our problem and get the answer from them by selecting any random page of the book and getting answer to our problem.

To provide a similar kind of facility IN SEARCH OF THE MOTHER has launched 2 new services, "EMAIL HELP" & “SMS HELP”
If we can formulate a question in the same way as we do that with the master book and send a sms/email  with word HELP to +91-7869044141 
a right quote which contains a right answer to your problem would be smse’d/emailed to you at same instance. These services can be acessed round the clock. PS:
2) Normal SMS Charges would be applicable only for the message you send, their would be no charges for reply message.
3) Acceptable Keywords are: “Help”, “help”, “blessing”
4) Email Carriers sometimes may take time to transfer email, so email delays might occur.

The Mother too sometimes in her classes with children, took a book of  Sri Aurobindo, opened a page at random and read out a sentence from there. The Mother was asked, "Can these sentences give one a sign or an indication? What should we do to get a true answer?"
The Mother explains in detail what actually happens and how it is possible to get the indication or the answer: […] In her light and love, All Of Us
In Search Of The Mother
Online Discussion Groups ISTM On Orkut, ISTM Bulletin Board
Email Discussion Groups The Mother, Art Of Living
Pondicherry Guide If you are planning to visit Pondicherry and you need help and guidance in,
1. Booking Ashram Guest Houses                                                      
(We don't book ashram guesthouses, we only provide the details and help related with booking)
2. Details of other Hotels \ Motels \ Restaurants in Pondicherry
3. Places to visit
4. Tips for visiting
5. Meeting with Senior Sadhaks                                                                                                                       
(We don't arrange meetings, Only contact details and help in fixing appointments with them)
6. Tour Planning so that you can make your tour memorable one.
For any other help related with Pondicherry, Please contact us at:-

Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch: Summer camp 2011

Camp Contribution Rs. 4000/- per person for accommodation in dormitories only. Children below 12 years not accepted. … Send all applicable amounts by Bank Draft in favour of "Sri Aurobindo Education Society" payable at Delhi or New Delhi. Please inform us by e-mail ...  Fastest way to correspond with us via E-Mail to attn: Convenor Adventure Youth   Camp stating the No of the Camp.
Rain, hail or storm, the Ashram has maintained almost since its inception an unbroken tradition of a Sunday Satsang at ten in the morning. The Satsang typically begins with devotional music, which is followed by a discourse for about one hour. The Satsang ends also with devotional music. The session begins punctually at 10 a.m., and is generally over at about 11.30 a.m. Attending the Sunday Satsangs is an easy way to get introduced to the life-affirming spiritual philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. In addition, it is very relaxing to spend a couple of hours in a peaceful atmosphere. Those who  come regularly for the Satsang also tend to get friendly with one another, unwittingly building up a social support system with effortless ease. So many came to the Ashram for the first time because of the Sunday Satsang, and got hooked. They can now think of no better way of spending the Sunday morning than to be in the peaceful Meditation Hall of the Ashram, get immersed in some soul-stirring music, listen to a scholarly discourse, enjoy the fellowship of like-minded people, and follow it up with lunch in the Ashram Dining Hall. Every Sunday at 10 a.m. Venue: Meditation Hall Admission: Free

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Heehs’ supporters take so much pride in attacking ...": To the Sadhaks on the sunlit path-
It is a fact always known to all yogis and occultists since the beginning of time, in Europe and Africa as in India, that wherever yoga or Yajna is done, there the hostile Forces gather together to stop it by any means.
A.A.D. and his gang are going on unabashedly doing the same. […] Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 12:02 AM, October 30, 2010

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Selective use of the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's words

From aurosatya vrata to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 29 October 2010 21:25 subject Mr. Sunil SR's continued False Allegations
Dear Mr. Mohapatra,
May I please request you to reproduce the following e-mail on your SEOF blog site for Mr. Sunil SR's benefit as well as that of others who selectively use the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's words to prove narrow, petty and personal points. Thank you! S.
To Mr. Sunil SR:
You are free to believe whatever you want and say whatever you wish too. But when you misuse the Mother's words, especially by selectively picking out what suits you or your personal objectives, you should not be surprised if your actions have consequences, especially in the form of strong criticism - even accusations - against you.
You have sought to continue spreading the rumour that Mr. Nirodbaran and Mr. K.D. Sethna were morons (and even perverts) and you have tried to misuse the Mother's words in order to attempt to dupe un-informed people in believing you. 
We all know that this is an old dirty trick, that those who oppose the 1993 edition of the Savitri - for various reasons - try to pull out from their hat every once in a while. Unfortunately for those of you who have abused this trick, you have outlived the life of this lie and you now find yourselves face to face with the reality that one by one your dirty and petty tricks of spreading rumours, gossip and lies are all failing.
And if you don't change but stick to your strategy of lying and spreading rumours you are inevitably bound to keep failing because your biggest enemy is the Mother herself! Because the Mother has said so many things that people like yourself who want to use Her instead of serving Her will always find yourselves in the wrong end of the stick. 
With regards to your efforts of repeatedly trying to denigrate respectable people such as Dr. Nirodbaran, let me share this passage from “Memorable Contacts With The Mother” written by Nirodbaran, chapter XVI, Sweetness And Light 1971-1973, pages 130-137:
“The Mother’s unexpected sanction and encouragement for writing Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo, spurred me to action and I began working on the book…So far the Mother had been a silent admirer [of the writing of the book Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo], if I may use the word. But as I was approaching the chapter on the Mother, I could not but feel uneasy and even abashed, for it was the poorest chapter in quality and quantity, almost like a farce or an anti-climax. I could not find sufficient material to write about her during that specific period of contact with Sri Aurobindo except what I had narrated in the previous chapters. When I spoke frankly about my embarrassment to her, “Maharaj”, who was always seated in front of us listening or at times dozing, leaped up immediately and said, “Why don’t you ask Mother to give you inspiration?” I was hesitating. He pressed “Ask, ask!” Then I did and she simply smiled. But what happened was nothing short of a miracle. From the next day, ideas began to flow in a tremendous speed, as if a sluice-gate had been opened. The result was that it became one of the longest chapters of the book… Here was a very tangible instance of the effect of the force of inspiration… It was in the course of this chapter that I had spoken of her occult way of working with regard to our game of tennis with her. When she heard the part concerning myself, she observed, “I admire your understanding.” … She hardly made any verbal comment on the book at that time but, later on, accorded an unexpectedly magnificent tribute to it. When… it was almost ready to come out, I prayed to the Mother with hesitation, if she would write something. She at once asked Champaklal to give her a piece of paper… Then she wrote [in French] “Thanks to Nirod, we have the revelation of an altogether unknown side of Sri Aurobindo.”… Then she added in English: “It is extremely interesting and instructive.”
Now, if you still think that the Mother thought that Dr. Nirodbaran was a moron, please go and try to fool someone else, but not me or the Mother.
Best Regards, S.

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Heehs’ supporters take so much pride in attacking anybody

From Sunil to date 28 October 2010 22:29 subject For posting
Sri Aurobindo’s work is about uplifting man’s consciousness to a higher level in which what is invisible becomes visible and one lives from many dimensions as experience gets richer. But these Heehs’ supporters take so much pride in attacking anybody or anything that demands a certain uplifting of consciousness in oneself in order understand what is being said that they come with full force of hell to destroy and insult and damage everything and anything that does not go with their way of seeing.
Initially it had started like this when Jugal Da in the 80’s persuaded Peter and co. With so much patience and love to see what they don’t see, but without any result. Peter had won. Nobody can win from you that is for sure. You will always win the argument with your hammers and perverted fault finding and twisting everything so realistically that you should be given a medal. It is for sure with you the truth has no place and falsehood will look like the truth in your world.
But there are others who are genuine sadhaks. You want to know the distinction. A genuine sadhak has spiritual experience or opening when he reads ‘Savitri’ or any of the other Sri Aurobindo’s books. What do you have? When somebody has experience they talk like Alok Pandey, when somebody has none they talk like S, AAD, Subhash Roy, the big guns etc. Yes, you will win and keep winning the argument and you will twist everything that comes your way. All this winning will keep you eating the menu for that is all in your menu.
You will never get to know what is yoga and what are the higher planes and their ways and its conditions and all that Sri Aurobindo has described would be words and only words for you. Sorry buddy no entry for you guys, the secret laws of the universe are set and with the ways of the under world one does not qualify. Your ways of the greatness of the ego are the road blockers. What works is simplicity, love, humility, softness of nature and surrender to the Divine and not to oneself which become the road openers, a language missing in your way of being. So keep winning the arguments while remaining spiritually starved paupers of the true Ashram. Sunil S R

There were sadhaks who never crossed the canal

From Paulette to date 28 October 2010 15:14 subject please post: This is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, immortal!
When you receive something confidential, why do you put excerpts on a website that anyone can read – in this case, disgracing the Ashram, and with that terrible title? Please post the following, and with this title, to wash away such infamy:
This is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, immortal!
I had no idea that Tusar would post in Savitri Era Open Forum excerpts from a correspondance that I had clearly stated it was confidential, and which I had forwarded to him in reaction to the shock of discovering part of those atrocious ‘revelations’ posted in an internet blog, and with that infamous title, taken from the writings of “Prof Kamal Das”... If I were to make public the racial hatred transpiring from every word to me of “Prof Kamal Das” – an horror that I never experienced in 37 years of  sadhana, in India --  a certain conversation in the Mother’s Agenda would resurface.
Before politely replying to “Prof Kamal Das” I had written, to  Alok Pandey and the group that Alok had involved in an internal discussion:
“I was hoping that all of us would do our best to find a compromise solution, acceptable to all parties, regarding the contested biography. Having come to the conclusion that the real issue is not the book but management of the Ashram, I am withdrawing from this discussion. As an Aurovilian, I will never interfere with internal matters of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. In fact, I never have, not even during the years I lived in Pondy.
At Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s lotus feet
In spite of my statement “Prof Kamal Das”, a perfect stranger, forwarded a second personal email to me, as revolting as the first one, and which I ignored: the issue was closed. But no, as a reaction he posted that slur in Savitri Era Open Forum. The rest you know.
One thing I wish to state. When Nolini-da passed away I was still living in Pondy. I had no interaction with Manoj das Gupta; but when I was in the company of some ashramite and he was seen going around, smiles were exchanged, it seemed that everybody liked him. The person who told me that Manoj had been appointed as trustee was the Italian countess Marta Avogadro, who was considered a most spiritually advanced sadhaka (I have mentioned her name too in a recent posting). Praising him in every possible way, Marta was jubilant about Manoj’s nomination.
Another person got it directly from the Mother, twice, how special Manoj was to the Mother.
This is all that I know, before leaving the Ashram in 1985 to move to Auroville. I have no idea of the Ashram’s internal matters, I never had: I have come for yoga – not for power games. There were sadhaks who never crossed the canal, because this was the Mother’s will. Sadhaks who had joined with other members of their family, but who lived in isolation, without speaking to their ex family members – because this was the Mother’s will. Sadhaks who never went back, not even one day, to their native place. These were some of my acquaintances. This is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, immortal.
Myself, I have not left India, not even for one day, for the past 27 years. This is my Ashram – and the remembrance of it what I have to contribute to Auroville.
Before leaving the Ashram I had taken pictures of some of the great sadhaks still alive. It was the first time, after a 20 years silence, that I was forced to speak to Nolini-da, in his room, taking pictures of him, the greatest disciple Sri Aurobindo ever had... I felt so strange... When, several years later, I put up two exhibitions with those photographs (of Champaklal, alone, in his room, I had taken over 30 photographs) the Aurovilians were as moved as I was: those magnificent faces spoke by themselves. Paulette

Four poems written by Rajnarain Bose

From overman foundation date 28 October 2010 13:10 subject From Overman Foundation: Poems of Raj Narain Bose on Dr. Krishnadhan Ghose.
Dear Friends of Overman Foundation,
It has been decided that we shall share with you from time-to-time some of our archival treasures. And to begin with, we are publishing four poems written by Rajnarain Bose (1826—1899), Sri Aurobindo’s maternal grandfather and the famous leader of the Brahmo Samaj, on Dr. Krishnadhan Ghose (1844—1893), his eldest son-in-law and Sri Aurobindo’s father.  
These poems were written sometime in the year 1869 when Dr. Krishnadhan Ghose had gone to England to study medicine. To read the poems, please click on the following link:
Chairman, Overman Foundation.

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This rotting vegetation that calls itself the Sri Aurobindo Ashram

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra", Subhas Roy date 27 October 2010 03:05 subject Fwd: Prof. Kamal Das and his esteemed lies, rumours, allegations and accusations.
Thanks Tusar and Subhas. For your private information I attach you the complete file regarding our illustrious professor, including the two disgusting emails I have received from him, and what he is presently distributing via Sraddhalu's mother, in the office that was M. Pandit's, in the Ashram compound. Paulette

The following was given by Sraddhalu Ranade’ s mother, in M. Pandit's ex office in the Ashram compound, to someone (who had asked for the Information Handbook) whom she did not even know. Sadhana Ranade was very upset and denied (for the second time) the existence of the Information Handbook, which someone else got from her in that same office.

Is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Soul-dead?

Is this a community of self serving and feckless zombies who do nothing beyond living the good and easy life in the name of the The Mother and The Master? Can nothing stir the conscience of this rotting vegetation that calls itself the Sri Aurobindo Ashram?
The very public expulsion of Shri R Y Despande from S.A.I.C.E. is the context. Teachers and students of the S.A.I.C.E. whisper, talk and shrug. Other members of the community shake their heads in resignation and look skyward for Divine intervention and solace. Senior students of the Higher Course laugh at the irony of it all! Dozens of teachers of the SAICE have discussed the controversy surrounding the cursed book for hours on end in their classes! Ms Jhumur Bhattacharya herself has held forth extensively on the subject during her classes, abusing and ridiculing anybody from within and outside the community that had dared to voice dissent over the putrid perversity that Heehs calls research!
Mr Mathias was so concerned that his students never forget the glorious names of Michael Murphy and Jeffrey Kripal that he wrote these out on the board and crowed with satisfaction when students clicked away with their mobile cameras!
The unfortunate student who was summoned and tutored by Manoj Das Gupta and Ms Jhumur Bhattacharya to foist the allegations on Shri Deshpande has been sobbing away her woes to friends and teachers alike!
And yet not a word of protest! No stand taken! Not a soul at SAICE, young and old alike, knows how to spell or mouth the word ENOUGH!
Suddenly my next trip to Pondicherry for the November Darshan is no longer a good idea. I dread the very real prospect of Shri Mona Sarkar, rejuvenated after the expensive knee replacement therapy, booming VICTOIRE A MANOJ DASGUPTA at the hallowed playground!
Thank heavens that Shri Sudhir Sarkar, that indomitable and fearless patriot, isn't around to see his son surrender all that he had fought for! Prof Kamal Das

Dear Paulette,
I would also have not engaged with the likes of you under ordinary circumstances. It comes as no surprise that you propose to withdraw the moment inconvenient questions are raised. This is precisely what your ilk and the SCIY tribe and other free-loaders of assorted sizes on Indian soil and outside have been doing regarding the TLOSA matter.

Get off your high and convenient horse of playing the venerable mediator and go all the way to find the truth! If I were R Y Deshpande, Alok Pandey, Raman Reddy et al, I would not proceed with engagement of any kind on this matter till the following very pertinent issues have received academic and legal closure:
§ Is Peter Heehs the founder of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives?
§ Has the Ashram’s copyright been violated with regard to TLOSA?
§ Has Peter Heehs stolen the research of his colleagues at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives?
§ Has Peter Heehs violated the law of the land with regard to the conditions of his residential permit?
§ What prompted Manoj Das Gupta (MDG) to term the cursed book as Having “crossed all limits of decency?”
§ What prompted the Ashram Trust to initiate disciplinary action against Peter Heehs? And what was this disciplinary action?

Isn’t it timely and convenient that as the Government and Legal noose tightens around MDG and his partners in crime, suddenly the shining warriors of truth, ruthless objectivity and non-hagiographic research, find refuge in hearsay, Srimatas and Lotus Feet. Ironical isn’t it that these are the very concepts that you pseudo truth-mongers set out to debunk and demolish?
Paulette, why abdicate now? Why not go all the way? Let’s get to the truth, whatever its shape and form. And let the perpetrators of falsehood, whatever their hue and affiliation, roast in hell for all eternity!
Paulette, I urge you, nay beseech you, to rise to the occasion and accomplish the following:
• Make Srimata go public with the letter you refer to
• Form a fact-finding / research team and set about unearthing the real and sordid truth behind the Nolini Kanto Gupta conspiracy
• Organise meetings with MDG, Dilip Mehtani, Ranju and Robi Gupta regarding the matter
• Begin by asking Dilip Mehtani why he of all people in the Ashram, was drafted by MDG as Ms Anima’ s constant minder and keeper till she breathed her last
• Talk to old associates of Prof Jugal Kishore Mukherjee in order to obtain clarity on the nature and quantity of unconnected documents and letters by the Mother found in the bundle of manuscripts relating to Record of Yoga kept in Nolini Kanto Gupta’ s custody.
Go, Paulette, go. Truth beckons. I remain by your side.
Truly, Prof Kamal Das

Comment posted by RY Deshpande: Re: Jyotirmoyee—by Anurag Banerjee (B)
I don’t think we should take these maithunanand-vadis seriously, rather we should dismiss them. Here it is essentially an aspect of giving spin by the gyrators who believe in sensationalism; this is the technique in which distortion is given a kind of legitimacy. It surely is the product of our commercial age in which self-promotion by dramatizing things is an accepted norm—particularly so in the world of globalization. And that is what The Lives of Sri Aurobindo is. The best is to eschew it and get down to deeper issues in which the spiritual stands out prominently to uplift the spiritual itself. ~ RYD

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Were you hiding under the bed of Nolini-da?

From Subhas Roy to cc date 26 October 2010 22:28 subject Prof. Kamal Das and his esteemed lies, rumours, allegations and accusations.
Dear Sir, could you please post this on your SEOF website and omit my e-mail details. Thanking you. SR.
Dear Prof. Kamal Das 
I know Kamal means lotus a.k.a Aurobindo.  I have read that in Record of Yoga which you call confidential that Sri Aurobindo had noted that he could actually see things which were not on the material plane. Just because you call yourself Kamal does it mean that you also can see things which may not exist on the material plane????? Just curious to know…

Concerning your letter I would like to ask you a few questions even before you invite someone known as Paulette to open her eyes and take your advice:

1) If there was as you say a “confidential” letter to “Chandra” , how come it was with Nolini-da and not with Chandra???? Was that letter of Mother never delivered to Chandra by Nolini-da???? Is by chance Nolini-da also known in some circles as Chandra??? Or did he copy “confidential” letters by Mother before delivering them to the persons concerned????? Then if it did disappear later – how come you are aware of it??? Did Nolini-da show it to you – a confidential letter mind you????

2) Oh! I am making a mistake – I forget that according to you it is now with Peter who has hidden it!!!  So only Peter, your good friend could have shown it you!!!!! Or perhaps kamal is only a pseudonym for peter himself!!!

3) If there was a forgery then only, Anima, Manoj DG, Dilip Datta, R Prabhakar or Dilip M could have known it. How come you have come to know about it??? Were you hiding under the bed of Nolini-da when the forgery was being committed?

4) Anima the cancer patient who was an inmate of the Ashram was being treated by Dr. Dilip Datta. What is so strange about it? By who else should she have been treated by??? BY Dr. Alok Pandey for her cancer!!!!!! I understand that Dr. Pandey can treat you Shri. Professor Kamal Das for hallucination but it was normal for Dr. Datta to treat Anima.

5) When did Ranju and Robi say what you allege? When have the other trustees said that the name of Matriprasad was proposed? Do you have any proof of Pranab having shot it down? Sorry, you do not need proofs, you are the all-knowing Kamal and Professor to cap it all. Your hallucination is itself a proof

6) I suggest when confronted with such embarrassing questions , you should  take guidance and lesson from another professor, the unclear scientist Dr. RY Deshpande and repeat as he did with his infamous Court Diary – if what I say is not true then why is not someone not letting us know the truth.  

VERY OLD TRICK KAMAL - BABOOO. Tried and tested and known to fail when questioned and analyzed. SR

How blind I was to not able to see the obvious

Because of the recent death of Albert Hofmann, LSD is once again in the news, so I may as well start with that. Like many of my generation, I experimented with the drug in the late 60s, and this reduced to rubble my earlier materialist and atheist convictions. I also lost my previous interest in physics and astronomy and became interested instead in Indian philosophy and spirituality. This is how I ended up in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.
I arrived with a common misconception about Indian spirituality, fostered by Buddhist and Advaita literature ("Brahman is real, the world is a lie." — Shankara). While reading the works of Sri Aurobindo (and having some quite extraordinary experiences, but that's an aside) I realized the great importance Sri Aurobindo attaches to the material world, and my old interest in physics returned. -- Ulrich (Yours Truly) at Reinventing the Sacred

Debabrata Ghosh has left a new comment on your post "When someone is discussing things spiritual, we ar...": Respected Sri Chaki,
There is one very important thing we must ponder over and should realise. 
From the last phase of the Mother's human life-there has been a sea-change in several matters which is not apparently visible and which could not be proved through mind with its accustomed instruments viz. reason and traditional way of understanding a reality. It's very difficult to explain or tell that the hell with all its nasty mire has come up and touched everything of our life. The most predominant aspects of human life has naturally been deeply affected. They are politics, money and sexual impulsion. These three have become horribly acute in man today. If one is not completely dedicated to the Mother in his/her active sadhana-then these forces can make unimaginable nuisance. 
That was my point-on which I differed from Tusar babu whom I love much as doer of the Mother's work. I apprehended that if this association with politics through any person, party and organisation were allowed the Savitri Era forum which Tusar babu has built with so much sincerity and labour and which is still the main platform of the devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother might be affected one day adversely in such ways still unknown to all of us. We are not aware how cunning, clever and powerful are these forces. We have access to immense power within us i.e. the Mother's power provided we stick to her only unconditionally- oblivious of our separate personal status of doing something - she will be giving the opportunity to correct everything. I have only one question - Do we believe it?
This is all I hold on as my conviction. I am unable to offer any logic further. So it's futile to discuss in such matter so far this concerns me. Devabrata Posted by Debabrata Ghosh to Savitri Era Open Forum at 9:50 AM, July 27, 2008 
BABUL'S WORLD: THE ULTIMATE CROSSOVER [9:02 AM] 19 July 2008 Do not interfere in The Mother's affair - 22 July 2008 14:07

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Dr. Ryder’s masterstroke is a proud moment for SEO...": 
Boldly and brilliantly stated sir. Dr Ryder is truly a scholar and a gentleman. He stated it so clearly and with finesse and it became very obvious now the intent of the author and how blind I was to not able to see the obvious.
Dr Ryder I really appreciate your comments and request you to please comment more. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era at 6:43 AM, October 26, 2010. Road Runner ( Venice, California, United States, 64 returning visits

An intense creative period preceded Gandhi

from Prithwindra Mukherjee to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 26 October 2010 13:00 subject
New Book Release!!!:
with a Foreword by Jacques Attali

The independence of India in the Western collective imagination seems to have the father figure of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. However, The Mass Movement launched by the Mahatma from 1919 was not born from nothing. For a long time, indeed, we have omitted an intense creative period which preceded him; it is the fundamentally radical program of Indian Revolutionaries of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century which was in complete contradiction with the battle of Gandhi with the zeal of non-violence.
In this well-researched book which is his doctoral thesis of state headed by Raymond Aron and supported under the chairmanship of Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 1986, Mukherjee makes us to see the philosophical, historical and religious aspects, in short, the intellectual aspect of Indian nationalism. From Rammohan Roy to Sri Aurobindo - through Karl Marx and Rabindranath Tagore, the whole corpus of Indian nationalism’s ideological influence is analyzed by the Author, and in light of this culture it has a centuries-old history.
Hitherto largely ignored, an overview of the activities of revolutionaries in India as one of their networks incorporated outside the country (England, Russia, Germany, France, USA and several Asian countries ...) is also revealed for the first time. To destabilize the English yoke, Radical Nationalists did not hesitate, "during the First World War, to turn to William II and Germany, pursuing a policy of logistics, directly relating to the Middle East, who gave them special attention.
Supported by many archives which are inaccessible till today, there are unpublished personal papers or direct interviews with the protagonists of the Movement. The Work of Mukherjee Prithwindra is undeniably a major contribution to the historiography of India.
Author: Prithwindra Mukherjee,
Preface by Jacques Attali
Some fifty illustrations