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Quotations in conflict

30 November 2010 17:59 subject Fwd: interesting post on Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham list

“…a much severer discipline than those who claim to do yoga.”

The following is in reply to an email I have received, focusing upon a text from the Mother’s Agenda (see at the end). We should always see things in perspective when quoting from Sri Aurobindo or the Mother, instead of sticking to one text/quotation and taking it as final. Both Masters tackle issues from all angles. To grasp the core issue we have to try to be as comprehensive, as inclusive as possible.
That text from the Agenda is in apparent conflict with the one I reproduce below [14 April 1929, vol. 3]: “There are two paths of yoga, (…) You take it in with every breath.”
It should be observed that this is not the only time the Mother quoted the baby cat and baby monkey similitude. Nonetheless, the text in the Agenda is also true. The Mother goes even further in this much revealing text [25 December 1950, vol. 12]: “In these articles […] for progress.”

Synchronicity? I had reproduced the latter text on the back cover of “Becoming One – The Psychology of Integral Yoga”, a 460 page book that I have published in January 2008. Distributed by SABDA, the book is now being reprinted. I had no idea that, simultaneously, Peter Heehs was publishing a biography because of which he was going to be demonized and persecuted. This last quotation is a most eloquent answer, directly from the Mother, on all that’s been said and done against his book and person.
As for the baby cat versus the baby-monkey, this text is also true; but none of the two examples is applicable to characters staging a Holy Inquisition war against the author of “Sri Aurobindo Lives”. As George Van Vreckhem, commenting about the present state of affairs, said during a recent talk in Auroville, ‘bhakti’ without jnana leads to fanaticism and superstition. There is no bhakti, and certainly no jnana, in texts’ manipulation, untenable accusations, character assassination, crusading for ‘truth’ and the like, so as to enforce a straitjacketed version of a self-made ‘Sri Aurobindo”. There is only a titanic shadow – individual, and collective: the matrix of all ‘holy’ wars for religious hegemony and guruship. Paulette

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