Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let’s keep in touch, there is so much to share!

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 22 November 2010 14:39 subject open letter
Tusar, can you post the attached open letter? Thanks
Beloved Prof Kamal Das,
I sob crocodile tears and pull my (short) hair in agony; don’t let me down! Having been at the centre of your scholarly attention since the moment I refuted (your?) effulgent statements on supermind/immortality as codified by Sraddhalu and the Information Handbook, of which you are so graciously the ambassador, I am presently devastated.  How is it that, for the first time, before requesting Mohapatra to publish your splendid prose, you have not forwarded it first to me – as you have done in your three previous emails? How dejected I am, like a newlywed bride deserted by her faithless husband! I came to believe that our destinies were linked for eternity, and in my deepest being I prayed and so wished that it was the case!  
Having forwarded my three refutations to distinguished Aurobindonians lecturers following Alok Pandey’s proposal, I am literally burning to find out if there is any change in the Information Handbook (I diligently quoted from it), in order to make less ridiculous certain accusations on Tantric sexuality (by now universally known thanks to your internet postings and those of your friends), as well as those on supermind and immortality. I endeavored, as tactfully as I could, to make some of you aware that you can prey on people as long as they don’t use their brains to go through the entire (uncensored) Heehs biography. In fact, those who have read it in full laugh heartedly, believing that your postings in exquisite sardonic humor are a joke. Congratulations, you will surely be awarded the top prize as the satirist of the year! Just keep me informed. If there are signs of some pale awakening of reason, at least in some individuals, then, and only then, will I forward my confutation on schizophrenia and mental illness. Groups are per se irrational, the Mother tells us so; there usually being an automatic lowering of consciousness. Noblesse oblige: in instigating the crowd manipulation, brain washing, witch hunt and demonization are likely to occur, as past and present history show, and will keep on showing.
The belief that you are Sraddhalu Ranade or Jayant Bhattacharya, or both men in collusion, is spreading; in the Savitri Era Open Forum these two holy names appear recurrently. Anyhow, if you do exist and are visiting the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, I would like to offer you a book, compiled from Sri Aurobindo’s writings, which originally was published by Auroville as part of the celebrations for Sri Aurobindo’s 125th Anniversary; it was successively reprinted, always with a grant from the GOI. You will not find the name of the compiler of the book, Immortal India – Towards the Ideal Society. You are also welcomed to participate to a reading on November 24th of another compilation, also in book form, by the same author. It will be conducted by an ex Ashram student who, besides sponsoring many Auroville initiatives, is also a member of the Working Committee (WC) and FAMC (Funds & Assets Management Committee), the two Auroville statutory bodies approved by Parliament. The study group, open to all, will meet at 9 am at the Sri Aurobindo Action's office, Pondicherry; same compound as Vak, behind the Vak office. The notice is displayed on the Ashram notice board.
If my European being is too impure, I can leave the book for you at the Ashram reception, where Mohini sits (and until a few months ago, our ex-friend Ramanathan). The Matrimandir team has recently offered a copy of that book to the Army's Chief of Staff, General Singh, visiting on September 16 with his accompanying officers and family members. He was welcomed by General Ashok Chatterjee (retired) and General Krishna Tiwari (retired), war heroes and Aurovilians. From their side, officers from the Auroville Foundation presented General Singh with a copy of the book that the study group is going to read on November 24.
Let’s keep in touch, there is so much to share! And don’t forget to send me a PDF file, secured and not secured, of the Information Handbook, so that I can check whether phenomenological changes have taken place. The pamphlet must certainly be your favorite assaulting machine for the court case. Question: isn’t law restricting you from circulating such legal matters? Or, conversely, does law apply only to the lesser beings? Whereas those god-like, floating far above us common mortals, dwell in an empyrean firmament, free from rules, constraints & Co.? Paulette

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  1. I was about to forget the existence of “Prof Kamal Das” but here I am again, plunged into the nightmare…

    Well sir, if you could see God (Brahman if you are an Advaitin, the Self if you follow Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, what the Mother calls That) in the tiniest grass, the minutest insect, the grain of sand and the most ordinary pebble, you would fall on your knees, humbly silent for the rest of your days. Seeing but God wherever you turn, one with TAT, who is you, and me, and Peter, and Sraddhalu, and all others, friends and foes…

    There is only TAT, the Self alone is real, one without a second.

    Remember you heritage, what made India unique and immortal! Sanatana Dharma! Advaita Vedanta!