Monday, December 13, 2010

Invisible hatred for Sri Aurobindo hissing underneath

From Sunil to date 13 December 2010 08:18 subject For posting
To the followers of Peter Heehs,
People who do not follow the yoga but consider themselves associated with Sri Aurobindo to bring self-importance to their life or whatever the motive behind usually fall in the category as Prasanta Chakravarty and even write like Peter. As they are not sadhaks and have not understood anything experientially they have no difficulty in giving out their sordid interpretations of things. What has been written or said translates itself to what they are capable of grasping from the consciousness in which they live. People who are not open spiritually because of their Karma or evil intentions cannot find anything spiritual even with Sri Aurobindo. Such people like to promote Peter Heehs so that they can remain comfortable in their own slumber. And if you see carefully there is always some sort of frustration underneath, and the invisible hatred for Sri Aurobindo hissing. 
Sri Aurobindo’s way is the adventure of consciousness, the uplifting of one experience to the heights unimaginable by the mind. To be able to see the whole world at the same time, to experience things not just by the surface but closer to their truth of originality. To see and feel the stroke of the Divine behind the whisk of the air the smile of a stranger. To feel oneness in all that is and beyond...
Who is open for this discovery is Sri Aurobindo’s disciple. Sunil

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  1. This is a good insight on the events that occured. Keep it up Sunil!