Thursday, December 9, 2010

Heehs will be welcomed as a hero and a martyr

from Paulette to Paulette date 23 November 2010 15:00 subject Heehs controversy: three refutations based on the unabridged texts, purposely scanned
In twelve more days… To my knowledge, the copyright (in India, the term is sixty years) on Sri Aurobindo’s works will be over on December 5th, the Master’s Mahasamadhi Day. Have we reflected what this means on the world level? What impact is this going to have on the international community? What is going to happen if Peter Heehs, after four court cases plus one against the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust and trustees, having had more than enough fighting for the circulation of his [revised] book in India, decides to go back to the USA? There, free to publish whatever he wishes on Sri Aurobindo, without any constraint, legal or otherwise, he will be welcomed as a hero and a martyr. His second biography is immensely popular and there are people who have turned to Sri Aurobindo by reading it alone. Even in Auroville we have such cases and I am a direct witness to how these Aurovilians express their gratitude. If you agree with Peter Heehs or not, there is absolutely nothing one can do to halt the tide. There are as many paths to the Divine as there are souls on earth; no two paths are alike.
Are disconcerting motives lurking behind this strategy of aggression? If the two camps cannot work out a decent agreement there will be two teachings, two schools, two kinds of followers. The split will occur mainly on the basis of ethnic (racial?) atavism and upbringing; this is where the crux of the problem lies. I am European by birth and education, but having spent more than half of my life in India, the past twenty-seven years without ever leaving the country, not even for a single day, I am fully aware where the split commences, and for what reason one camp is oppositional to the other. Only transcending the boundaries of family, class, race, nation, can a synthesis of cultures, creeds and beliefs that marks the transition from the age of reason and science to the subjective age, forerunning the advent of the supramental society of Gnostic beings, be achieved.
Let’s herald the new age and be living symbols of a synthesis that is bound to happen, with us or without us. It will happen through us or in spite of us; no one can stop it.
As a prayer to put a halt to this bloody war I forward, in case you feel to go through, the three refutations I wrote to clear some untenable allegations regarding Peter Heehs’s biography, along with an introductory letter. I now offer all this to the Master’s feet, as in the teaching of the Gita, leaving to the Divine the fruits of my actions.
I write this hoping that the day will soon come where all that we have been writing and fighting for or against will be obliterated, and we will again find each other, as children of the same one Mother… Bande Mataram!
Auroville, 23 November 2010
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