Friday, December 10, 2010

Shift from loyalty to Manoj to loyalty to the Divine

From Sunil to date 10 December 2010 16:19 subject For Posting
Sri Sunil Guru-ji,
You have now convinced us and the whole world that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the worst place on earth and has the most despicable kind of people in it. Bravo and very good! Finally the darshan crowds will reduce as has been the case recently. But your mission is now only partly accomplished. 

Since when did you become the Ashram? The Ashram is independent of any sadhak or inmate, divine or anti-divine.  It is a place where the Divine Force works and can be felt concretely by anybody. All those who are open receive the guidance, the strength and help for their work in the Ashram. It is Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram and the Mother is guiding, supporting, helping  all the time to all those who are open to Her. Point is, you being in the management are you open to the Divine guidance. There are people suffering day in day out, and some have decided to withdraw and not come on Darshans now. Who is to be blamed, definitely not the devotees. Since long I have witnessed injustice done to the public. People come for the Divine and many have to face your rejection.

On what ground you are calling yourself Well-wishers of the Ashram. Whose well wishing are you doing, MDG and Peter Heehs’s. Anybody who stands for the Truth or is not in favour of your activities becomes your enemy. You want people to serve you, where does the Ashram come in this. What the Ashram is, is where everything is done by invoking the Divine. From every class session in the school to any event of any sort, it is under that guidance we live and follow which is the Ashram. MDG had said that the beauty of our School is that when the students finish their education they may not know about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. If any of such is really true than why are you all here. He wants this to be true so that he can have goons like you working for him and even call themselves ‘Well-wishers of the Ashram.’ The Mother wanted the teacher to be a yogi because this is foremost a spiritual place, it is Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram, the place of the Highest Ideal, the place to prepare for the future humanity, the house of the supramental. And what are you projecting for your own sake the very opposite of what the Mother and Sri Aurobindo worked for and are working. If you had any sense you would put in management the people who are in living contact with the Divine so that all can move to serve the Divine. But you want service to what and create groups to favour what and throw out or abuse those who show loyalty to the Divine.

Because as you are so enlightened, so pure, so perceptive and also so devoted, sincere and dedicated and as you know so much about the Ashram and how it should be managed, can we - the other helpless and less-enlightened well-wishers of the Ashram - please request you to guide the Ashram authorities and suggest to them how to solve all of the Ashram's problems? 

Are you showing a humble face to look good. When people come to you giving their help, giving their advice what do you do to them. For anyone all the help is there, all the work has been done for the Ashram by the Mother. But do you want to serve the Divine, it is only those who are about serving the Divine can be fit to run the Ashram or made any departmental head. Can you follow this, can you shift from loyalty to Manoj to loyalty to the Divine as the primary condition of being in power. If you can achieve this you have a safe base and a healthy life of the Ashram begins.
In this regard, could you now please write a handbook for the proper management of the Ashram? But as many of us can't contain our eagerness to read your handbook, some of us are trying to guess your first recommendations which we believe would be: 

There already exists one booklet written in 1948 and will be put online.

Chapter 1. 
Reconstitute the Ashram administration and management and appoint Sraddhalu Ranade, Alok Pandey, R.Y. Deshpande,  Raman & Kittu Reddy as the new administrators of the Ashram.

Is that all you see, who is in power.
Have you no concern for what is needed and wanted, have you no concern about the great task that lies ahead. Have you no understanding of the yoga of Sri Aurobindo and what it means to be a disciple. You have no clue of the work that has to be done. You have no clue of all the gods and their powers working overtime around the world preparing the earth for the better future. Why do you think our yoga is called all life is yoga. Because the task is so huge of bringing the Supramental down to the earth that it requires everything you got, everything of oneself, all that is in our life to be used for that purpose. So we invoke the Divine and follow the divine law in everything, take Her help in every matter. What do you invoke? We have been taught to create silence, silence in oneself so that something which knows better can guide. There is a silence room everywhere, in school, in Dining Room, so the inner work goes on if you need the space. Can you seek guidance from the source whose Ashram seat you have captured. Sunil S R

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