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For ten years I have been wandering across South India

From Paulette paulette@auroville.org.in to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 14 December 2010 18:02 subject please post the attachment
Tusar, please post the attachment. I started replying to August (how nice! I did not know that he too worked at the Matrimandir construction and lived in the surroundings); but it became too long so it has to be posted separately. Paulette

Contrarily to Patrizia Norelli and her watchdogs, I worked at the Matrimandir construction site, starting from 1977, when the only way to access the roof was by climbing aerial stairs. Two friends of mine joined, cycling with me from Pondy. One was my future husband. They suffered from vertigo but one day they followed me to the top; since then they too started working at the monthly non-stop, full moon concretings. I used to sleep in the hollow at the bottom of the urn, while my fiancĂ© slept under the banyan tree; at dawn we moved back to a friend’s room in the Camp. Every time I returned to Pondy humbled by the stern life of those living at the Camp and working at the Matrimandir, day in and day out, under the rain as under the scorching sun, unfalteringly.

On Mother’s Centenary Day, during the collective meditation, I was sitting in the hollow of the Samadhi tree, my customary place since the beginning. Robert was next to me. On that solemn occasion we consecrated our life to Sri Aurobindo’s yoga, pledging to move to Auroville so as to work at the Matrimandir construction. When this finally happened the months I spent cleaning clamps in the Chamber during the monsoon, alone, were the most ecstatic moments I ever lived, in thirty-seven years of sadhana. I do know what power the Chamber has, even when it was just a working place. When the rain got over I resumed working on the roof and the scaffoldings. I also carried pipes, with the same strength of a man, along with a tall Aurovilian. I was small and thin, obviously it was not me who had such force. This is when I experienced in full, down to the very physical, that the Mother does the work for us.

Nobody here bothers about the perpetual rails of certain characters harassing Auroville for decades. Those who, like me, have been working at the Matrimandir construction site, know by DIRECT EXPERIENCE what the Matrimandir is. Nothing is as powerful as using one’s body at the service of the Divine. Integral Yoga is a complete path, down to the least cell, offering one’s entire being. This replies as well to the claims of other people whose distorted mind eclipses the other parts and planes of being, left hopelessly idle, thus turning their ‘sadhana’ into a caricature.

As for Guruship, I know directly how a true Guru is, and what qualities he/she bestows. For ten years I have been wandering across South India discussing with gurus (and swamis from Ramakrishna Mutt, Chinmaya Mission etc.) my findings on the psycho-physical mutations occurring from the moment of Self–realization onwards. As Sri Aurobindo expounds, his path is a synthesis of all paths of yoga; in the light of this I have been initiated by two Tamil siddhas into Kundalini and Kriya yoga, and by a famous Karnataka saint into hathayoga. I have also been close to Mata Krishnabai and her successor Swami Sacchidananda (Papa Ramdas Ashram). To Father Bede Griffith (Shantivanam, where I met my future husband). Yogi Ramsuratkumar (Tiruvannamalai). I have met the late Mother of the Jains, and Swami Ganapati Sacchidananda, a wondrous musician. Above all, I am close to Mata Amritanandamayi and the Kanceepuram Shankaracharias (I am the only Westerner disciple, there, along with the princess Irene of Greece). I have studied the teachings of Dattatreya, Adi Shankara, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi and others from within the perspective of Integral Yoga. I was offered to stay in any of those and other ashramas by the respective gurus, free to pursue my own path, as a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, without demands or conditionings on their side. But I always ended up returning to Auroville and, since years, there is no need to move around and discuss, everything is clear.

From the earliest days the Ashram, and afterwards Auroville, have been plagued by people posing as Sri Aurobindo’s or the Mother’s reincarnations, or their emissaries and spokespersons. But no one is as tenacious as Patrizia Norelli & Co. Mother Mira tried as well, but after a while she had the good taste to leave us in peace; moreover, having followers on her own, she doesn’t need to try to steal some from here.

I know exactly what happens when somebody lives in proximity of Patrizia Norelli (and her horses), I know how she treats people. I was given a nine page paper by someone refuting in detail all her claims and which, alone, settles the matter for good. I advised the writer not to forward it to the lady because she would have threatened him too with a court case, as she did with me.

I invite Lori Tompkins, Robert Wilkinson and Patrizia Norelli to have Mata Amritanandamayi’ s darshan, if she ever comes a third time to Pondy (she will never come to Auroville, she told me personally, not to interfere “with the atmosphere of the great Masters over there”). At Amma’s presence the happy trio will see how the Aurovilians flock en masse, called by her ocean love and compassion, which is the only thing needed, and the hallmark of a true guru.

Hoping to be left finally in peace, instead of reading my name littered everywhere in the internet, because of someone whom we go on steadily ignoring for the past 36 years, and who simply does not exist in our own universe, by by, American pie! Paulette

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