Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Ashram is preparing for a big change. Are you Reddy?

For several years, Sraddhalu Ranade, while a member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and one who receives and enjoys all the benefits of residence, boarding, and material needs from the ashram, is known to have spent most of his week in Gurgaon, Haryana. From there Mr. Ranade flew to and from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram every week. And now, as everyone knows, Mr. Ranade is busy starting lawsuits against the ashram Trustees and members of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram such as Peter Heehs. How did Mr. Ranade get the substantial funding required for these activities? Here are some revealing accounts which, perhaps, Mr. Ranade would like to clarify. [...]

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  1. Let's see the case now. If you are doing the work of CBI, why can’t I do it?

    1. Is there any evidence of involment of Ranade in this matter?
    If someone you know or don’t know does a crime (even we are not sure that “iceberg” is a criminal. If he was doing Divine’s work. He is not!) are you responsible? If you are proved wrong in writing this article, I am sure you will not take up the responsiblity. Why should SR take other’s responsibility.

    2. ” What has Shraddhalu to do with this?” LOL! Are you asking the public or instigating them towards someone. Malacious act!

    3. I ask you what is your grudge with SR? Did he do something bad to you or may be did not satisfy your ego?

    4. I think you should find a job for yourself. In this manner you will never earn money and will remain unemployed. Don’t waste time over internet like this.

    5. Are you paid to insult good people? There are surely some people behind you who have a grudge with Ranade.

    6. The introductory paragraph is baseless. It clearly shows that you don’t have an inkling of the Peter Heehs matter.

    7. You are basing you argument on Media report which itself is doubtful. Silly stuff!

    8. You have written “what has Shraddhalu to do with this and just simply provided some infomation below it?” If I type your name and address below it what will people understand. Ooops! A poor and small article writer in a rich and big scam. What a method of research and clubbing up of facts, just to fool the public or fool yourself.

    9. Let me make an online profile in your name and then lets see what we get. xyzee article writer trying to throw dust here and there and landing in a puddle.

    10. Oh! There are some google adds below. Each click will bring at least a dollar and in the mean time you can sip beer, whisky, brandy- Oh! sorry desi daroo in the bar.

    I think I am wasting my time.