Friday, December 10, 2010

Ashram and Auroville have been affected by the forces of resistance

Prithwindra Mukherjee December 2, 2010 at 11:26 pm
The very tone of Gauri’s narration is so authentic in its simplicity that I would request her to write more, in order to share with newcomers the harmonious and cheerful atmosphere that reigned at the Mother’s feet. Affectionate regards. Prithwin

Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) Aeon Centre of Cosmology 13 November 2010
[This article in which Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet discusses the history of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville and the reasons why "both ‘fields’ have lost their relevancy for the Integral and Supramental Yogas", was first published November 13th, 2010 on Savitri Era Open Forum as a response to a recent slew of SEOF posts regarding the ongoing controversy in the Ashram, including: 'This rotting vegetation that calls itself the Sri Aurobindo Ashram' ('Is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Soul dead?' by Prof Kamal Das with comments by Paulette Hadnagy, Kamal Das, R.Y. Deshpande); and 'I happen to know a lot about what’s going on here behind the scenes' (Sri Aurobindo on the ‘Evil Persona’ by Paulette Hadnagy). The most recent call for government intervention (mentioned in the article title) is a law suit filed against the Sri Aurobindo Trust and its five trustees by five Sri Aurobindo Ashram inmates as discussed on SEOF and in the October 2010 issue of Auroville Today (see PDF or]

august timmermans Posted December 4, 2010 at 6:47 am | Permalink
My thanks to Richard Hartz for his effort to share his clear minded interpretation of Sri Aurobindo’s view of the Zeitgeist or Kala which we see happening today with the forces of resistance in full swing, however, in the end, these forces actually aiding in the swelling of the movement toward the real change to happen. Very helpful to read this now in this time when confusion and falsehood manifest in every nook and corner and people getting carried away by clever talk and endless dispute.
However, I would expect from the Ashram and Auroville to be the forerunners of this Kala but it is unfortunate to see that also these institutions have been affected by the forces of resistance, which shows how little inner progress the IY collective has been able to make over the past decades and not been able to look through or beyond the forces of falsehood, keeping them at bay, except for some individuals.
That’s why such articles as ‘Ghosts of Things Dead’ should inspire the IY collective in becoming more serious to study Sri Aurobindo’s writings and his vision of the future, and should inspire to concentrate more on inner development so the psychic sense will become prominent and sadhaks more able to look through the surface of today’s difficulties and challenges and understand what is required from us today, instead of being distracted by the flow of clever words that people seem so easily spit out in a fraction of a moment.
Personally, I find this SCIY website inspiring as it points to the current developments of consciousness happening in the world and I love to read more of such clear minded interpretations of Sri Aurobindo’s words. That is what the IY collective should be, to be on the forefront of true insights and change. POSTHUMAN DESTINIES


  1. This is to dissociate my name, and that of Manoj Das, from whatever relates to Patrizia Norelli (the one who calls herself Thea; in Auroville we delete automatically whatever she writes) and from “Prof Kamal Das”. Also, to clarify the unwanted confusion:
    'This rotting vegetation that calls itself the Sri Aurobindo Ashram' ,'Is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Soul dead?' are excerpts from a monstrous letter by the non-existent “Prof Kamal Das”, who in this forum has been identified as having a precise identity.

    Prof. Manoj Das (and not Manoj Das Gupta) has vehemently protested, twice, because of the atrocious, systematic slur posted in this forum by “Prof Kamal Das”.

    Sri Aurobindo on the ‘Evil Persona’ is an issue I am raising for the past twenty-five years, also in one of the books I have published. Look at your own shadow, instead of persecuting others for your own projections: this is the answer to all that’s going on, as this forum itself widely proves, unmasking certain types’ bluff – and also the way to salvation. Nothing else is needed.


  2. I apologize for confusing the name of Prof. Manoj Das with Manoj Das Gupta! It has been changed on Circumsolatious where SEEKING INTERVENTION OF THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA FOR A CHANGE OF GUARD IN THE SRI AUROBINDO ASHRAM is published. Will petition Tusar to change it as well.