Saturday, November 20, 2010

You are begging in an open forum for the trustees

From Sunil to date 20 November 2010 18:33 subject For Posting
Manoj Das writes: Dear Mr. Mohapatra, So, you chose to betray my faith in you!

What faith, faith to do a conspiracy? On what grounds you ask to follow your faith, we are here for one faith, that of the higher consciousness. And in that things are not done behind the back, threats and revolts are not screamed when the flow does not go your way. It is only a spoilt child who makes such demands, we are here to achieve something higher.  What kind of life has your faith in MDG brought you.  You have lost the basic love and harmony for others. If you would have surrendered to the Divine instead you wouldn’t be a slave of we know who and you would have had the joy of your soul doing things and wouldn’t need to justify how others are wrong. You sleep when something against Savitri is done, or against the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and are very quick to act if MDG is shown his reality.  This surrender to MDG is your downfall but you cannot thrust it on others as they have a more developed consciousness and aspires for what is to come.

 Your creating a headline ‘There is Nothing Personal about it’ does not invalidate one of the basic values on which culture and civilisation survive – the value of faith. But that is a different matter.

Are you here to repeat the dark past or are you here to establish the Truth. At least we are not going to sell ourselves like you and dance for MDG blindfolded.

Be as it may, I had faith in you because of two reasons: (I) you claim to be a devotee of the Mother and the Master and (ii) the word most sacred to me happens to be the name of your website. All I wished you to realise was it is one of the easiest things for any person lacking humanity, common courtesy, a sense of dignity and respect for his own mother and sisters, to gather gossips and invent lies and post them to you.
You had a responsibility to shift the irrelevant personal sandals from ideological issues and eliminate the former. This responsibility is inherent in the very act of your launching a forum for public consumption. Your site containing the sublime title should not have been exploited by cruel elements out to serve their selfish end. Why must you be a party to attempts at a character-assassination programme? What purpose such attempts serve in achieving any ideal? Should you not ask yourself this fundamental question before lending your outlet to such pathetic attempts? 

Why say in so many words, why we don’t just chant MDG MDG and anybody not doing that is unworthy of any qualification or merit.

But I understand that you did not realise this. What you are doing by publicising mischief, lies and perversion amounts to criminal defamation and libel. If your victims do not take any legal action, it is because they have much greater things to do than those vendors of filth have.

Now here comes the court threat, keep me the king or you will be dragged to court.

It will be presumptuous of me to speak of destiny. But I believe that  today or tomorrow, at some plane physical or otherwise, these vendors are destined to face the consequences of their trade. I am speaking in a general way of the law of Nemesis. Personally I have no interest in their getting their punishment. That is because those who constitute the identity called ‘Prof. Kamal Das’ are not themselves but are playthings in the hands of some evil forces. Such forces can always find new mediums until the day the Divine’s transforming Grace touches them.

The evil force is you. And are you planning destructive ways to attack your opponents. To work through harmony and love is not in your agenda, if that was so you would see how much bad will and wrong use of power is flowing in what your write. Your tunnel authority is valid to those who have surrendered to you, but others have to do Sadhana they don’t have to live on pieces you throw at them and make them believe that you are the Lords. These souls cannot be trapped and become your prey for they know the joy of flying and are not bound like you and now Paulette too is and have no escape. 

Please do not forget that the victims of this vile campaign too are Mother’s children; they are carrying the sacred burden of Her institution, following the principles led down by Her, according to the best of their capacity. They, naturally, cannot stoop down to avenge the mischief-makers applying the same kind of means.

When the tyranny is exposed, it becomes a burden. You are begging in an open forum for the trustees and saying that they are following the principles led down by Her. If there is any truth in this why can’t they solve the issues by talking together in a group with all those with whom they have conflict with.  Alok had suggested this approach.  Would you like to do that? Can they leave their dictatorship home and come and talk to resolve issues instead of spreading bad will and more bad will. You are only a mouth piece with no back bone of your own. Tomorrow if Manoj decides to take action against Peter you will follow. What are you under Manoj, a servant. Do you want to become a divine warrior or is it too late for you now, first surrender to the Divine and protect that as your goal and maybe some Grace may come your way.

A word to the Trustees:-
You can suppress the Ashramites, you can fool the Aurovilians, you can even fool the world. You may even succeed in crushing all those who stand against you by your money power and hired soulless people power. You still will be fighting as others who serve the truth will rise and you still will be living in the same consciousness and rolling in the mud and going after your opponents in spite of being the representative of the Ashram. 

Unless and until you step down from your dictatorship Throne and come and meet with the people with whom you have conflict face to face and take the stand to resolve the issues with understanding, workability and mutual harmony. Everybody accepts love, harmony and peace. Do you have this minimum humility for the sake of the Ashram to leave behind your superiority and terror threatening attitude and come down to a simple hearty talk to handle issues with love and harmony. If you do everybody will benefit and the Divine help will come. The Divine needs certain conditions to enter, it is driven out from spaces where there is this blind ego and arrogance and abuse of power and hatred and this consciousness which is seeking revenge all the time. In such atmosphere it cannot function and withdraws. You have to take the blame for things gone wrong and people dissatisfied all over the world. Take responsibility for your mess and take responsibility to clean it up, by shoving it under the carpet and living engrossed in your petty life does not fulfill the mission of being a Trustee.

Unless you are an evil and enjoy to see people suffering and want them to suffer. Sunil S R

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