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Why Jeffery Kripal, of all people, was chosen

From Prof Kamal Das to date 12 November 2010 20:20 subject For your blog
Kindly post these two attached letters on your blog in response to Paulette and Ajit. Keep up the good work! Prof Kamal Das
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From: Prof Kamal Das  Date: 8 November 2010 12:09
Subject: Is Ajit Reddy Man Enough? To:

The name is Kamal Das. Prof Kamal Das. We have very little in common. Fortunately. What we do have in common, includes and is limited to, fortunately again, the following:
We appear to have read the cursed book TLOSA as also the petition with regard to the scheme suit filed in Puducherry.
We have questions we seek answers to.
Hola amigo! Preliminaries done! Let’s talk shop.

1. Quid Pro Quo
You will certainly appreciate, Ajit Reddy, that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a unique institution because unlike any other in the world, it does not expect and exact even the barest minimum loyalty to itself or its Founders. Welcome to El Paradiso, of your rapidly dwindling breed of Guru Drohis. You my friend, along with the Trustees, the Head of Knowledge, and a few worthies of the SAICE forum and the Golden Chain, are the last Rhinos standing!
My operational environment is different world, Ajit Reddy. I give only when I take. I answer your question on condition that you answer mine. Quid Pro Quo! These are the rules of the game. Let’s play.

2. Proof of Life
In other words, am I able to present any evidence that I have in my custody the life for which I demand ransom? Yes I do.
Your question: Where in TLOSA does Peter Heehs portray Sri Aurobindo as a liar and a mentally imbalanced person and ridicules his spiritual encounters and experiences as an outcome of His tantric sexual indulgences and schizophrenic state of mind.

Partial Answer
Forty-nine pages across the book have substantial paragraphs that deal with and expand on the content of your question. I could easily throw in some page numbers and some sample paragraphs, but know for sure that this would not help. Por Que? I’ll tweak my usual rules just a bit and put a little more on the table – just for you Ajit Reddy.

3. Context is Power
Context is Power. Context lends meaning to content. Get that straight and put in down in Pietra Dura, if you want to debate with the big boys, Ajit Reddy. An innocuous sentence or a bland piece of information or an inane bit of data could suddenly get turbo-charged with meaning the moment context is switched.

Illustrative Example 1:
Sentence 1: “The life of Manoj Das Gupta remains a paradox.”
Context 1: Journey of a mediocre man from evil to greater evil.
Context 2: Compulsive sexual perversion as a rare geriatric disorder.

Illustrative Example 2:
Sentence 2: “Ajit Reddy and Pratik Ghosh work bare-bodied and in close physical proximity at the Technical Laboratory.”
Context 1: Requirement of air-conditioning at the technical laboratory.
Context 2: Homo-sexual tendencies at the Indian work-place.

As can be seen from the illustrative examples above, context is king. The author of sentence 1 could never legally be accused of calling Manoj Das Gupta a compulsive sexual pervert and yet the choice of context has ensured the damage intended and more. You get the drift.
Additionally, it has to be understood that context is not a prisoner of the written word alone. It assumes infinitely greater power when allowed to ignite the subliminal programming of the target audience.

Illustrative Example 3:
A. A book titled, “The life of Manoj Das Gupta” with a plain grey dapper hardbound cover.
B. The same book with a fluorescent blue cover with an inset photo at the top right corner, of Shakeela, the reigning queen of Malayalam pornography, giving a lascivious wink and declaring, “My kind of guy”.

This immediate example will bang home as to why Jeffery Kripal, of all people, was chosen to put in his two bits on TLOSA so prominently. This is the equivalent of Shakeela giving a thumbs-up to a book on Manoj Das Gupta. You get the drift.

4. Pretext Creates Context of Convenience
What drives choice of context? Pretext, of course.
Why choose to obsess with schizhophrenia, insanity, sexuality and fraudian analysis in the context of Sri Aurobindo’s life? He was no dark and brooding protagonist of a sordid blood feud in pre-war Siberia! His was a glorious and heroic life!

To arrive at the answer, imagine a book titled, “The Life of Manoj Das Gupta” that devotes seven out of its eight chapters to his dalliances and relationships with Chandra Patel, Chanda Poddar, Anjali, Manjushree Chatterjee, Jhumur Bhattacharya and thereafter focuses on his uncle Himanshu Niyogi, that colourful bachelor of Kolkata, and his strong influence in the moulding of Manoj Das Gupta’s character. You have your answer! The pretext is clear!

Identification of pretext is sine qua non for understanding of context. And understanding of context lends meaning to content. And then there is SubText and Innuendo…

5. Payback
You have your Proof of Life, Ajit Reddy, and more. I am the best in the business and can deliver. I have what you need. What I need from you are answers to the following very simple questions:
a. Is Peter Heehs the founder of the Ashram Archives?
b. Did Peter Heehs steal the research of his colleagues for TLOSA?
c. What was the disciplinary action that was initiated by the Ashram Trust against Peter Heehs, as mentioned in the Trust’s letter 11.11.2008?

These are very simple and straightforward questions, Ajit Reddy and require no study, understanding of pretext, context, sub text and innuendo or other tools that Peter Heehs uses to ply his trade and hook gullible topminnows like you!

I will wait for you to revert, Ajit Reddy, don’t let me down. Run to your Copains, Aurofilio, Auroskanda, or even Matri Prasad and other howling banshees, if you have to, but do not disappoint papa. Payback. Mot Du Jour, if French is your flavour. I am waiting. And excited. Truly, Prof Kamal Das 
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From: Prof Kamal Das Date: 24 October 2010 01:53 Subject: The Nolini Kanto Gupta Conspiracy To:
The Nolini Kanto Gupta Conspiracy
Dear Paulette or whatever your name is,
I say “whatever your name is”, because it does not escape the experienced eye, that somebody who till a year ago was profusely apologetic about her command of the English Language having blundered, deliberately or otherwise, in reporting a meeting with Sraddhalu where he was actually not present, is today dishing out words like “confutations”, “repudiations”, “confabulations” and pseudo-spiritual literary rebuttals. Hello Peter Heehs!

Additionally, the academic community of this country, watches in amusement as a bunch of pseudo-scholars without any formal training or education of any kind, enjoy their moment in the sun, encashing their opportunistic existence in and association with The Sri Aurobindo Ashram/ Auroville.

How interesting that now you so conveniently swear by the Mother’s writings and bandy words like “adesha” etc. when these are precisely what Peter Heehs attempts to repeatedly rubbish as non-objective adulation and hagiography! I salute the patience of Dr. Alok Pandey, Shri R Y Deshpande and others in being as civil, as they can possibly be, with the likes of you!

Peter Heehs, that classic reject of civil American society, flounders his way into India, lives off the land like you and then has the cheek and the gumption to badmouth and slander the Mother, Sri Aurobindo, India and Indians in an attempt to bolster his non-existent academic standing and here we have you, with dead moss for brain, role-playing the academic peace-maker! How seriously funny!

Let us get down to business. Paulette or whatever your name is, pay attention. 
Freedom of Speech
Objective Research Vs Hagiography
Peter Heehs or Manoj Das Gupta
Sraddhalu Ranade Vs the Trustees
Hindu Fundamentalists Vs Secular Academics

Academic Fraudulence
Copyright Violation
Intellectual Property Theft
Violations of the Law of the Land

Paulette or whatever your name is, if you really have it in you to look truth squarely in the face and go right to the bottom of the matter, I strongly suggest that you spare us the balderdash and use your considerable spare time to delve into the following:

§ Is Peter Heehs the founder of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives?
§ Has the Ashram’s copyright been violated with regard to TLOSA?
§ Has Peter Heehs stolen the research of his colleagues at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives?
§ Has Peter Heehs violated the law of the land with regard to the conditions of his residential permit?
§ What prompted Manoj Das Gupta (MDG) to term the cursed book as having “crossed all limits of decency?”
§ What prompted the Ashram Trust to initiate disciplinary action against Peter Heehs? And what was this disciplinary action? 
The Nolini Kanto Gupta Conspiracy
Paulette or whatever your name is, you appear to be obsessed with rules and the regulations that the Mother did not stipulate and which were formulated in recent years and after Her passing, by the MDG led cabal! Do your homework!
However, as I said, if you really seek Truth and can face up to the challenge, pay attention to this:


  1. Ladies and gentlemen,

    And now let me introduce to you the finalists Prof. Kamal Das and Sunil Rajpal of the contest "Name the most desperate, sick, pervert and deranged blogger on the SEOF"!

    This will be a tough fight so let the contest begin right now.

    The winner of this contest will be nominated "The Icon and inspiration of the Anti-Heehs/MDG/Ashram camp."

    Tres Hurras!


  2. When hatred and racial hatred lead to insanity...

    May Divine Mercy and Compassion uplift even the most perverse on earth.


  3. Isn't it ludicrous that Prof Kamal Das talks about manhood when everyone in the world knows that he is a front for a hybrid animal called Shraddhalu/Jayant!


  4. Dear R.D.

    You seem unaware that the new species is hermaphrodite: you forget Patrizia Norelli-Thea the Goddess, the third in the solar line, the one after the Mother, joining the blessed camp!


  5. A A D "sick, pervert and deranged"
    This is in what they live in - so naturally this is what they see and project on others. And as we have seen they have not spared even the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. They get threatened by anybody who is uplifting. Some very good souls have been driven out of the Ashram since their rule. When Subhash says “the noose around your neck is getting tighter” they mean it and are actually busy doing that and waste people’s time and life in spite of being where they are. They don't want Victoire a la Douce Mere, (Victory to the Divine Mother) but victory to the Falsehood, victory to me and my personal greatness. They want to spoil the taste of the Divine for others.
    Sunil S R