Monday, November 15, 2010

We can revert to a decent language

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 14 November 2010 22:12 subject It would be good to post it in SEOF, to show that there is a totally opposite way
In May 2009 I was contacted by RY Deshpande, never heard of him before. He liked so much my reply that he posted it in “Mirror of Tomorrow”; it was read in short time by over 800 people, triggering a 58 page debate. RY wrote to me that it was the blog’s second hit. While searching in “rtlosa” for comments about the infamous “Court Diary”, I discovered that RY had posted my reply in that blog as well, without my knowledge. I could have written that letter today. It would be good to post it in SEOF, to show that there is a totally opposite way to deal with the Heehs controversy, as not only my words, but those of RY Deshpande too show. How far are we, now! 
We are gone completely astray, reaching unimaginable lows. Praying that we can revert to a decent language, in a sincere effort to find a way out from this horror, I attach you the posting as it had appeared in MoT, preceded by RY’s introduction. Paulette
Mirror of Tomorrow :: Archetypal Images and Symbols—by Paulette 24 May 2009... The point now is: how can we move forward to save the book which, had it been written in a more sensitive way, would have opened to Sri Aurobindo a whole layer of people whom hagiography repels, at the same time without hurting the feelings of many Indian devotees who, because of powerfully embedded values and beliefs, have been deeply wounded? Only in the Supermind do all opposites melt into a unity in diversity; but we live far from that.


  1. For those interested in reading my reply to Deshpande, the only link in the announcement that still opens is that of rtlosa, A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs, click it.

  2. The mirroroftomorrow link does appear to work as follows: after you get "access denied" message, type enter in the address bar.