Monday, November 22, 2010

TLOSA controversy information handbook

From Prof Kamal Das to date 22 November 2010 09:54 subject TLOSA controversy information handbook
Dear Shri Mohapatra 
Attached is a compilation of documents. Please use as you may deem fit. 
Warm regards [TLOSA -- The Information Handbook.pdf 7348K]
TLOSA Controversy! Falsehood! Lies!
The Information Handbook   Table of Contents
The Controversy  Falsehood and Lies  Peter Heehs and his friends Review of Peter Heehs’ The Lives of Sri Aurobindo – by J.B.P. More, Internationally Eminent Writer and Historian ... Annexures.

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  1. Sometimes Truth inadvertently emerges out of the mouth of the worst liars. The best example is the title of Sraddhalu Ranade's handbook titled:

    "TLOSA Controversy! Falsehood! Lies!"

    Because for the TLOSA to be controversial and still boil for over two years, it needs a lot of falsehood and lies, and a steady flow of them, to make it so.

    Additionally, if someone wants to see a great example of how to systematically and meticulously fabricate falsehood and lies for the purpose of deliberately manufacturing a controversy, where actually there is none, reading Sraddhalu Ranade's handbook is a must.

    What is also equally striking is the manner in which Pranab-da, who was in no position to read TLOSA, was systematically misused by his entourage and made to sign letters with the sole purpose of building up a "case", a paper trail that could eventually be used in court.

    Such unscrupulous exploitation and misuse of a senior and respectable member of the Ashram, who was exploited because he wasn't in full control of his senses due to his age and ill-health, only goes to show the extent to which some people are willing go to execute their personal agendas.