Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three refutations of Paulette, the interlocutor

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 20 November 2010 05:34 subject GENESIS OF “PROF KAMAL DAS” ESQ., AND REASONS FOR HIS MANIFESTATION
Tusar, Kindly post the attachment. Thanks Paulette

Manoj Das did not want to go public; I also did not want, when I forwarded to Tusar the disgusting letter of “Prof Kamal Das” targeting SAICE (and of course Manoj Das Gupta). But we are living between the power of the 17 and that of the 24 November, everything is exploding. So here is the answer, to those wondering how “Prof Kamal Das” was conceived and born – and why I was the recipient of his four horrendous emails. As somebody in this forum has pointed out, I have managed to stick under the gentleman’s skin.

The court case against the Ashram Trust and the five trustees, following four court cases against Peter Heehs, was born in relationship to the contested biography – originally. But events prove that the book is a pretext; the real matter is assaulting Manoj Das Gupta and the trustees and take over Ashram management, crushing any opposition by all means. From what is emerging, there are compelling reasons for this operation other than those so far foreseen. But contrarily to most instigators or instigated ones, I have read the book and, as other Aurovilians who have done it, I cannot be fooled. I am aware that in spite of its flaws, language or whatever its detractors point out, there are accusations at the border line of insanity, even turning hilarious. In the light of such evidences many in Auroville cannot understand how the court cases are not dropped as “frivolous petitions” and the petitioners are not severely warned and fined, to say the least.
I have written three detailed refutations concerning some of the most appalling accusations. Namely: 1) Tantric sexuality & related matters. 2) Schizoprenia, hereditary insanity etc. 3) Supermind & immortality. I wrote these papers by the same procedure I used to write papers to discuss them as public interactions with the professors, assistants and students of the Faculty of History at Milano (Government) University. Henceforth I listed in my papers the allegations on these themes presented by 1) Sraddhalu Ranade. 2) The Information Handbook. This is an 82 page pamphlet which someone had received from Sraddhalu’s mother, in the office inside the Ashram compound which had been M. Pandit’s. Successively I confronted those accusations with the corresponding quotes (which I had scanned and reproduced in their entirety) from the Heehs biography.
This exercise proved automatically, without any need for comments, that those tragicomic allegations have been fabricated by Holy Inquisitors for the exclusive purpose of witch hunt, heretic’s burning, demonization of the author and canonization of the devil he is. An operation that points ineluctably to the shadow and projection of the shadow, as the Mother calls this engineering machine, and which in Integral Yoga takes the name of evil persona, in Sri Aurobindo’s language. But still I had to discover how deep and far can the phenomenon reach, in his trajectory hitting me directly as well.
I had circulated the three refutations I have mentioned among a restricted number of people. However, I received an email from Alok Pandey (still I don’t know informed by who), complaining; he proposed a discussion where the two of us were free to forward the resulting emails exchange to anyone we felt appropriate to involve. I accepted, my attitude having always been to list evidences and discuss them, dispassionately, appealing to reason. Trusting that, even in the most obstinately perverse, reason can emerge and accomplish the miracle. The (visible) email addresses to whom Alok forwarded his comments were Sraddhalu, Deshpande, Ananda R., Kittu R., Raman R., Govind, and Sandeep (formerly known as Auroman). From the comments I received from some of these people it was clear that others in Alok’s group had read my refutations (which in the meantime I had revised, adding or shifting material), partially or in full.
In accepting the discussion I expressed my concern, of a dual nature. On one side, the peremptory rejection of any court case among inmates, in overt violation of the Mother’s injunctions; this stand, which unites all of us in Auroville, applies even more forcefully when targeted are the Sri Aurobindo Ashram trustees and Trust. My other major concern is the riddle of accusations, against the book and Peter Heehs, so delirious that many people end up laughing. But alas, instead of a rational, meticulous debate, point by point, on well-defined issues, the replies I got were the same old stuff going back and forth for the past two years. Peter Heehs is the greatest evil being in the whole history of creation, the Master is demonically vilified by the traitor etc.; besides legitimizing the court case against Manoj and the trustees by the repertoire all of us know by heart. Starting, sadly, from Alok, who wrote more than half a dozen emails in two days, at least 3956 pages each – and which I diligently read. The outcome was that some prominent Aurovilians, flooded with incessant invectives and jeremiads, refused to read altogether. Confronted with that camp’s usual tactics of beating around the bush, without quoting anything substantial to prove accusations that are groundless, I forwarded them my first refutation, Tantric sexuality & Co. But apart from Sandeep (who lives in the USA), all others went on beating around the bush with their customary repertory, or eschewed replying altogether.
By then it had become unmistakably clear that my wasting so much time, in the sincere attempt to make some of those ‘teachers’ revert to reason, was pure Utopia. Aware that nothing would come out of it, the whole charade was a pretext to bury my arguments, and time was running short, I bypassed refutation no. 2 (schizophrenia, hereditary insanity & Co.); I forwarded instead, directly, refutation no. 3: supermind & immortality. In order to clear Sraddhalu’s astounding assertions, plus those in the Information Handbook equally untenable, an on top ridiculous, I went  on reproducing pages and pages from Peter’s biography – along with quotes from Sri Aurobindo, Nirod, Amal Kiran and, yes, even Pranab (the latter was quoted in Mirror of Tomorrow, but much conveniently obliterated). As with the other two, this confutation settles the matter for good, at every level – but also raises most disquieting questions, for obvious reasons. What kind of “teaching” is this? What “knowledge” is being bestowed?
It is then, and only then, as soon as I forwarded the confutation on supermind/immortality, that “Prof Kamal Das” materialized out of his nether space, hitting me in all his fury; I got the first two emails in one day. As if this were not enough, that very same day I was presented a photocopy of his horrific letter against MDG and SAICE… which had been handed over by Sraddhalu’s mother to a Western stranger, in M. Pandit ex office, inside the Ashram compound. It was October 25. The second hearing was scheduled the next day.
The mystery of Prof’s identity can be solved, among others, in the light of certain details I am aware of, but which right now I don’t feel disclosing. Others are pointing out the same name(s). Paulette


  1. Are you all gas or can you do some actual work.

    Get the Trustees to withdraw all cases that they have filed, true or false, reasonable or unreasonable. Get the slate clean in the house. If you can achieve this you are in a genuine position to ask for no case and it will manifest.

  2. Hello Sunil,

    Where are you hiding nowadays? Have you fled India? Your misdeeds are indeed well-documented and as you must be knowing given your notorious background, if these are made public you will not be left with even cyberspace to hide.

  3. Dear Paulette,

    "But alas, instead of a rational, meticulous debate, point by point, on well-defined issues, the replies I got were the same old stuff going back and forth for the past two years. Peter Heehs is the greatest evil being in the whole history of creation, the Master is demonically vilified by the traitor etc.; besides legitimizing the court case against Manoj and the trustees by the repertoire all of us know by heart. Starting, sadly, from Alok..."

    Thank for your detailed post. It is very interesting, and shows once again that the detractors of the book are unwilling to substantiate their far-fetched allegations.

    Thanks once again,


  4. Hi Sunil,

    You tell Paulette, "Get the Trustees to withdraw all cases that they have filed...".

    So here's question no.1 for you:

    State the list of cases the trustees have filed.
    Or if that's too difficult, just state 5 cases.
    Or maybe 3.
    Actually even 2 will do.

    (By the way, are you the same chap who was expelled from the Ashram and Auroville for preying on young white women? Not that it disturbs me in any way while discussing the issue with you. I am just trying to put a face to your name.)

    Now hurry, I am waiting for your reply.



  5. RK,

    I don’t know if we speak about the same fellow as PERSONA NON GRATA, but what you write is exactly what the ashramites warned me about, for years, against Sunil.

    And this are Sunil's latest exploits, in the Matrimandir amphitheatre, during the bonfire on Auroville’s birthday anniversary, twice:

    "I remember this fellow now. He actually got up to take photos of himself and another man with him while people were still sitting in meditation. He was very abusive." Besides putting his hands on an ex Ashram student, conducting study groups on Integral Yoga in Savitri Bhavan, as I already wrote....

    I am forwarding these comments to the Matrimandir Access Group.


  6. Expelled that is a new one?
    The lawyer that had these records has been deleted from the earth while he was in the Ashram. Poor soul.
    As for cases one case false case was mine, another is a recent one on the lady who refused to keep the sisters in Pondicherry on your behalf and you wanted to teach her a lesson so the case is on.
    I will get get you the list.
    Sunil S R

  7. To Anonymous,
    Deeds! or is it what you see when you have to flatter your boss to bring something against me.
    I know you are looking for and for what, Matri gave that order long time ago while I was there. You forget who is with me.

  8. To Anonymous,
    What are you talking about. Won't have any place to hide? What stories are you planning to make up. And this thing of preying on white woman, that is your jealousy or somebody's else's who is passing it on to you as they couldn't make friends as easily as me and turned the whole thing ugly or what they are.
    I know what I am I know how have been and you are going to tell me something else based on what, some jealous mongers. What are you guys crying about.
    Sunil S R

  9. To R.K.:

    You deserve a Gold Medal! You have managed to put an end to the senseless rubbish that Sunil has been dumping on the SEOF. Thank you! The danger and problem of course is that these words of mine will in all likelihood provoke Sunil to return with a vengeance. But we will evidently then have the pleasure of reminding him to substantiate his baseless allegations about the court cases.


  10. Aren't you ashamed of making stories against me to prove your lies and defeat.

    I refuse to enter in the muck with RK or A A D or Paulette or anyone from your group whether paid or an unpaid supporter of the dictatorship throne with its self made rules, lies, philosophies and lives of Sri Aurobindo.

    If any of what you are asking is true or ever becomes true you can make a public declaration that you have no case against anybody; that we no more arrest people and slap a case on them who won’t obey us.

  11. Paulette I have never gone to a study group in Savitri Bhavan, how much are they paying for this stupendous lie.
    I can receive direct and need no study group for anything where the leader is sucking the energy of those who have come for his own greatness, instead of being a child of the Mother and manifesting the dissolvement of the ego and uplifting others.

  12. You people already made one false case against me, is this now your new invention for another case and are using Paulette. Paulette are you participating in criminal activities with the criminals.

  13. I have received a list of Court cases and refuse to be part of pointing out such activities of your indulgence, if ever the house becomes clean you can make a public declaration that you no longer make or support cases.
    sunil S R

  14. This unedifying exchange seems to have little or nothing to do with the high and noble spiritual aims of the Aurobindo Ashram.

    Sri Aurobindo warned against religion, including turning his and the Mother's agenda into a religion. How wise he was.

    Their work will not be carried on by the controllers of institutions fossilised in their Names, but by those who can live up to the spiritual evolutionary agenda by and for which they themselves lived - wherever they may be in the world, and whatever their nominal allegiances.

    'The spirit bloweth where it listeth'. It always has done, and always will.