Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some in the Ashram never go to the Samadhi

From Sunil to date 14 November 2010 06:06 subject For posting
Because of their actions, consciousness and intentions they have sealed the entry for the Divine’s taste. For that requires at least an appropriate space to begin with, and does not enter a house full of bad will and jealousy and hypocrisy.  As they are not eligible for the divine opening they claim that all this higher self is nonsense and we know better. They are right in what they say, we call this ignorance, and their ignorance is what they want to believe. What a tragedy, in spite of being surrounded by the highest descent possible for mankind they live like poor paupers because their ‘lamp has not been kept trimmed and their ears are sealed to the call’ such a loss for them.
Having this loss is one thing, but how dangerous it is when they take this loss and want to thrust upon others as the truth their own philosophy. “Ajit Reddy, that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a unique institution because unlike any other in the world, it does not expect and exact even the barest minimum loyalty to itself or its Founders.”
Peter has thrust his work upon the world and all those whose soul is easily for sale or belong to the anti-divine campaign follow suit, as in this way of being they feel some validity to their existence, it is something within their narrow reach. Some of these people who are living in the Ashram never go to the Samadhi to feel the consciousness, for them nothing special is there, so what is the point.  It is you who have missed the point and having the great riches in front of you, you eat and live in bad will, hatred and destruction and promote Heehs’s work. Sunil S R

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