Friday, November 19, 2010

Shift the irrelevant personal sandals from ideological issues

From Manoj Das to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 19 November 2010 11:48
Dear Mr. Mohapatra, 
 So, you chose to betray my faith in you!
 Your creating a headline ‘There is Nothing Personal about it’ does not invalidate one of the basic values on which culture and civilisation survive – the value of faith. But that is a different matter.
There are personal communications and the person who volunteers to make it has the right to declare it personal. Journalism was not my forte. But at different times editors of three major national English newspapers of India had entrusted me regular columns with full freedom. My views were sometimes not in keeping with their editorial views. Several times I sent personal communications to them in the context of my column. Never did any of them make my personal communication public.
 You are a kind of journalist. Ethics of the vocation should have informed you that since I had volunteered to write to you – you had not asked me for it – you should have given me the choice either to withdraw the letter or to agree to its publication. No conscientious editor can arbitrarily abrogate to himself the right of decision in such a case, even though once sent the letter becomes the receiver’s property.
 Be as it may, I had faith in you because of two reasons: (i) you claim to be a devotee of the Mother and the Master and (ii) the word most sacred to me happens to be the name of your website. All I wished you to realise was it is one of the easiest things for any person lacking humanity, common courtesy, a sense of dignity and respect for his own mother and sisters, to gather gossips and invent lies and post them to you. You had a responsibility to shift the irrelevant personal sandals from ideological issues and eliminate the former. This responsibility is inherent in the very act of your launching a forum for public consumption. Your site containing the sublime title should not have been exploited by cruel elements out to serve their selfish end. Why must you be a party to attempts at a character-assassination programme? What purpose such attempts serve in achieving any ideal? Should you not ask yourself this fundamental question before lending your outlet to such pathetic attempts? 
 But I understand that you did not realise this. What you are doing by publicising
mischief, lies and perversion amounts to criminal defamation and libel. If your victims do not take any legal action, it is because they have much greater things to do than those vendors of filth have. It will be presumptuous of me to speak of destiny. But I believe that  today or tomorrow, at some plane physical or otherwise, these vendors are destined to face the consequences of their trade. I am speaking in a general way of the law of Nemesis. Personally I have no interest in their getting their punishment. That is because those who constitute the identity called ‘Prof. Kamal Das’ are not themselves but are playthings in the hands of some evil forces. Such forces can always find new mediums until the day the Divine’s transforming Grace touches them.
Please do not forget that the victims of this vile campaign too are Mother’s children; they are carrying the sacred burden of Her institution, following the principles led down by Her, according to the best of their capacity. They, naturally, cannot stoop down to avenge the mischief-makers applying the same kind of means.
 May I suggest that you should at least change the name of your website. Such stuff of titillation and sensation belongs to the Era of Death and Darkness, by no means  to Savitri Era, the era of love and truth. You have a duty towards your readers who turned and still turn to your site because of the great name it carries. Their expectation should not be belied. There is a fellow who parodied some lines of the epic Savitri and I called him a hatabhaga – unfortunate chap. You should not at least make a parody of the word by carrying under it the silliest stuff. Please give a thought to my suggestion if you really value that great word which like the sacred syllable Aum, is a Mantra by itself. It is a terrible thing to play with the Mantra.
 I had requested you not to publish my earlier letter. I request you to publish this one.        Thanking you, Manoj Das.

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