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Questions about Sudha Sinha and Ramanathan

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 11 November 2010 11:44 subject can you kindly post the following?
Tusar, can you kindly post the following? Thanks Paulette

Thanks Tusar for posting in SEOF Is this not then a Gurudroha, treason in constitutional parlance? -- Letter from Orissa to Sraddhalu Ranade, Raman Reddy, S. Ramanathan, and Niranjan Naik. A much revealing document, moreover in its having been written by four authoritative Indian citizens who present themselves as “the devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother”: a I.A.S. (Rtd.), Bhubaneshwar; a Dy. Supdt. of Police (Rtd); a  Lecturer on History, Cuttack; and an Advocate, Orissa High Court. However, it is not upon the touching points that this beautiful documents raises that I wish to draw the attention, but upon a most incredible detail that seems having gone unnoticed, at least on this forum. Those four most knowledgeable Orissa devotees write: 
“We, the devotees of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are addressing this letter to four of you and not to your collaborator, Sudha Sinha since we have no knowledge of her status or credentials. In your complaint against the Ashram Trust she is identified as a 'resident inmate of the Ashram'. On enquiry we find it to be untrue.”

Sudha Sinha, presented as “a resident inmate of the Ashram since 1996”? Please note that in the petition ‘resident’ is a handwritten addition! If such statement is not true, how can the petition be valid? Moreover, how can the five ‘apostles of truth’ file an affidavit, as they claim, on behalf of thousands (sic!) devotees who have never read the biography – only artfully cut excerpts, taken out of context, to instigate people who will never have the decency to make the effort to read the book, before passing any judgment? 
Nor is this all. In the said affidavit Ramanathan, petitioner n.1, is presented as “an inmate of the Ashram since 2003”. But I know from a sure source that Ramanathan – true, since long associated with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and, sadly, with Auroville too (I have been knowing him in this capacity since ages)  – is an engineer who has made so much money with his private business that he, alone, could pay for the court case. So, either he has donated all his money to the Ashram, or he cannot be an inmate: these are the Mother’s rules. How can such a petition be even taken into consideration, if the above considerations correspond to truth? Can we believe that the Ashram trustees and lawyers are not aware of such facts? And how can the petitioners allow themselves such liberties, and on top with their own lawyer, who happens to be the wife of the Home Minister, without paying the consequences? Can somebody answer, are such things true?

Also, in Mirror of Tomorrow, fifth para from the end of his letter to Manoj das Gupta, RY Deshpande wrote: 
"why should the Hon Lt Governor summon you and demand certain explanations from you? what occasioned the Parliament to ask for details regarding The Lives of Sri Aurobindo?”
It is highly time that the GOI pays due attention to what’s going on here for the past two years, where an internationally reputed scholar (see the link to Peter Heehs’ website reproduced in the right side column of SEOF) is even served a third court case [dismissed – the judge has been transferred!] for the purpose to jail him without bail. But regarding the Pondy Governor I no longer know what to believe, having been told that the Governor summoning Manoj is another invention of RY Deshapande. As fantastic as much as the “Court Case Diary” was, which he had sent to me, and which I was so na├»ve to forward to a number of Aurovilians and AVI members, and also posting it in the AVI compatforum, fully trusting that someone like RY Deshpande could only write the truth!!!
“Court Case Diary”, that wondrous document he had forwarded me, started with thirty Westerners being present (and Matriprasad as well); in a private email RY sent me, these were presented as Aurovilians! I replied to him that I was not aware of such things, so innocent as I was to never suspect that RYD could send around a false document! I started opening my eyes when I received an email from Matriprasad, politely asking me how I got such a wrong information – moreover regarding someone I did not even know, and whom I should have consulted directly! 
The moment I discovered the full truth I severed all connection with RY Deshpande, after having published in Mirror of Tomorrow countless articles and comments. It was he who had contacted me, out of the blue, in May 2009: I did not even know who he was! Deshpande had posted, at that time, my 8 page reply to him where, having acknowledged both rights and wrongs regarding the Heehs controversy, I tried to make both parties dialogue. RY informed me that my letter to him had soon become the second hit of Mirror of Tomorrow, with over 800 people reading it, in no time!

Heehs biography 
Forced to grow even more disenchanted about RYD and the relationship of deep esteem I once had with him for what I took as scholarly honesty and truthful investigation, the information I got is that not only nothing is known about the alleged phantom-like encounter between the “Hon Lt Governor” of Pondicherry and the Managing Trustee Manoj das Gupta, in spite of the wildest speculations flourishing, but eventually… it never happened at all… 
Crusaders of Truth, hail! Paulette


  1. Hate and more hate, poor Paulette caught in their trap now she too can't get out they need her now as the new mouth piece for their lies, cunningness and ugliness.
    Subhash why don't you come openly and speak, what are you afraid of, you think you can do more damage by remaining in the back and nobody will know you are the Trustee's big gun now. And Paulette you don't tell me you don't know Subhash, otherwise I will have to give more details about him. Subhash may be Nirod da's relative but one thing about these people is that they don't or can't forget and forgive and move on. Subhash had told me this himself when we were friends. So they can't be in peace they always have to keep fighting and keep winning, so they are good fighters, except they serve their ego and are the enemies of the Divine.
    There is an invisible book where all the record of your Karma is noted and nobody is free from this law. The asuras can`t see or feel that as their consciouness limits them to the physical, so they believe life is a bluff master`s world and not a truth world which we are working to manifest.
    Sunil S R

  2. I have raised technical legal questions, and wait for the proper answer: if this is how things are, the petition is invalid. Full stop.

    Point two, after Deshapande using me to propagate the infamous "Court Diary" in Auroville and to the AVI membewrs, I have learned the hard way not to trust anyone's "truth", starting from an Aurobindonian scholar like him. Out of charity I write no more.


  3. Sunil said:

    "Subhash why don't you come openly and speak, what are you afraid of, you think ... nobody will know you are the Trustee's big gun now."

    I don't need to point my "big guns" at you. The fact that your voice is getting shrilled with everyday that goes by, tells me that the noose around your neck is getting tighter. People like you take care of their own self-destruction. No external help is needed!
    How perfectly the Divine works!!!


  4. To Subhash,
    Ha ha I know what you all want to do.
    Should I remain silent for ever and not say what I have seen and know. Whose worker am I, the Divine's or your's. Should I close my eyes for the safety of me. I have done that long enough in order to be around the Samadhi. What would the history say, were there no souls there in the Ashram at that time. Or is it that every living soul you want to ruthlessly slay like you are doing to R Y Deshpande. Anybody who does not follow your dictates is a traitor and you alone are the righteous ones. How absurd, no wonder the world has evolved faster and the example setter has been left behind in the dust because the management of it was taken ovcer by MDG and his hoodlooms.
    Sunil S R