Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paulette’s frequent and overt use of ridicule

From Robert E. Wilkinson robtw@sprynet.com to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 16 November 2010 07:39 subject Re: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Controversy
Hi Tusar, Would you please post this in response to Paulette's latest. Thanks Robert 
In a 1905 letter to his wife, Mrinalini Devi, Sri Aurobindo told her that she must ignore the calumny and the ridicule of others, behavior which he described as proceeding from a severe defect of character.  He went on to say that…
‘…The times are such that people are incapable of listening to serious things in a serious manner. Religion, philanthropy, noble aspirations, high endeavour, the deliverance of the country, all that is serious, all that is high and noble is turned to ridicule.'  Sri Aurobindo, SABCL, Volume 4 "Writings in Bengali"

It is painful to note that today in Auroville, things have not changed much for the better. All that is serious, all that is high and noble about Sri Aurobindo’s life and legacy and the forms it has taken, including the Solar Line, the sublime measurements of the Mother’s Inner Chamber and Thea’s revelation of Supramental Time, continue to be disparaged and belittled by Paulette Hadnagy through an ignorant and vicious ridicule.  Any serious student of Sri Aurobindo should recognize Paulette’s frequent and overt use of ridicule as a weak and pathetic device used only when reason is lacking or when the facts are against her. It does not discredit the one who is ridiculed but dishonors the mediocre personality who, lacking true understanding, must stoop to its use.  Does no one SEE this? How long will serious students of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother continue to turn a blind eye to Paulette’s vicious arrogance and allow her to promote herself to the public as an exemplar of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga? And at what cost to this epochal work do devotees follow someone who is unwilling to recognize the light and denies it when it comes? Wake up people. It is time to discuss serious things in a serious manner.


  1. Who is this Robert guy? He dreams sleeps talks thinks obsesses about this Patricia or whoever she is. Pat has clearly brainwashed him into complete submission of his mind. Come on Bob you dont need any self-proclaimed Messiahs like Patricia. Mother and SA are all you need. Don't need to demean yourself and become so obseqiuous to Patricia. Thea Thea Thea Thea...we are getting fed up of your nonsensical delusion. You seem to keep flaunting your lack of self-respect with every post.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot: Mrinalini, Sri Aurobindo's wife. Where this locates Patrizia Norelli, in the solar line?

    The problem is that never did I intend to position myself as the ideal sadhak of Integral Yoga: me, the avadhuta-worm! How could I, with so many gurus around? Whom should I serve, within or without the solar line?

    But one thing I do know: one sure way to recognize a true guru is his/her fantastic sense of humor that, by the way, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
    had in overabundance. This is enough to assess the whole situation, and to this I bow, I reverently bow.
    Vivat Nirod!

    Prophets of Doomsday, learn to laugh -- first of all, about yourself!


  3. Thank you we see it too and feel the same.