Monday, November 1, 2010

Obey MDG or face the consequences

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Answer to S.
They did not understand one bit and these two morons of one of them is a poet has been shown before and I have the quotes. But you keep insisting otherwise. Why? What do you want to prove about these great sadhaks. They are great because they gave permission to change ‘Savitri’ or that they are great because they got easily influenced by the white skin charm as many others too did and now when the damage has gone too far and some of them have woken up and seen the light of the day.  
Normally when somebody wants to do Sadhana they come to the Ashram and surrender their pettiness so that all the infinity of the Divine and its vastness turn our life into what is really worth while. But here what we have people who happen to be here want to do nothing themselves in that direction and are engrossed in their life of mind life and body and expect and demand the divine to surrender to them and fit their mould.  They want to shut the Divine the infinite into the finite. They claim there is nothing beyond from what we see and know, it is the Divine who has to fit into our frame or we will not allow it to be.  So they don’t and they become the one in management because of the muscle power and they run the show and have hired stone throwers waiting to do their job if anybody peeks out. What happens when this happens; life is not lived for the sake of the Divine things are not done to manifest the Divine and because of that the ashram is no more a living Ashram. And people who come for what it is have to bear it. People who live in the community have to bear it; obey MDG or face the consequences. Rules are made etc from what suits their personal desires and fancies. Is this your personal property that there won’t be conflicts from such foolish actions, when anything and everything can be solved amicably they say no only my way and the Ashram ends up in 100 and more court cases and abuse of power.
Now all this, is it right from your wisdom or you want to be truly about what is permanent and divine and seek that instead of claiming that you and the Mother should not be lied to. How can you call yourself equal to the Mother?  Have you fallen so far that you can’t see one iota about the truth of yourself? If you know anything about the mother the first thing is she is omnipresent  so who are you bluffing. You should save your soul and not stick to your ego and go for the harmony in which what the damage has been done can be cleaned and not your ego enlarged. Sunil S R

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  1. To Mr. Sunil SR:

    You say:
    "They [Dr. Nirodbaran and Mr. K.D. Sethna] did not understand one bit and these two morons of one of them is a poet has been shown before and I have the quotes. But you keep insisting otherwise. Why?"

    Either you are being wrongly informed by your tutors or you are completely confusing issues, or both.

    But either way, if you look at all the material that is available on Dr. Nirodbaran or Mr. K.D. Sethna, either recorded or anecdotal, there is absolutely no way that you can conclude that the Mother considered them to be morons.

    We are all too familiar with the quotation that you are itching to reproduce, and it is therefore my duty to inform you that this quotation has already been challenged and analyzed to the extent that the allegations that the Mother considered Dr. Nirodbaran or Mr. K.D. Sethna morons, are clearly refuted.

    In response to your question "Why?", just as you are free to believe whatever you wish and are also free to announce your beliefs to the world a zillion times, I am equally free or bound to my/our duty to challenge and correct you when you misuse the Mother's words for your personal agendas. And I am also free to do so a zillion times if I need to.

    I am less bothered about your other lies on MDG or the Ashram, so satisfy yourself and say whatever you want if that makes you feel good or like a hero.