Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nothing personal about it

From Manoj Das to date 18 November 2010 12:38
Dear Shri Mohapatra,     Namaskar.
    This is a strictly personal communication - not meant for publication in your website. I am sure you will honour my good faith.
    Unfortunately, I do not read any of the websites except for catching a glimpse or two of them once in a while. I hold you in affection because you are a devotee of the Mother and the Master.
    I humbly suggest that your valuable forum should not publicise matters which are clearly defamatory and which amount to character assassination. During last two days more than one friend of mine drew my attention to a couple of items published in your forum which I never expected to be there. One is very clearly an attempt at Shri Manoj Das Gupta's character assassination - enlisting a few names including a dead person. You can imagine the remorseful reaction such things cause to so many human beings whose names are whimsically projected by a certain so called "professor" who simply does not exist.
    Another feature speaks a blatant lie about me - that I was the author of a certain letter written by five noted persons of Orissa to four fellows who have gone to the court against the Ashram Trust. I have nothing to do with this. The authors of that particular letter are sufficiently capable to write that. I even do not know all of them. Simply because they are from Orissa like me this mischievous lie has been floated.
    This is just to appeal to your conscience so that you could withdraw such clearly mischievous and unsubstantiated features from publicity through your website which carries such a sacred name. Needless to say I cannot object to anything that is corroborated by fact. My objection is to personal character assassination and blatant lies.
    Once again I state that this is a personal communication.
    With best wishes and regards,                Manoj Das


  1. Thanks Manoj Das. I was the first victim of “Prof Kamal Das”, manifesting out of the blue: in a horror crescendo I received four personal emails – the first two, on October 25. The next day, in synchronicity with the second hearing, my old friend Mohini Dadlani died. Such is the power of the monstrous formation behind this emanation of utmost darkness. I had just seen her the evening before, Mohini was absolutely alright. Having been my confident for years I had informed her both of the hearing, as well of the content of the email I had received from “Prof Kamal Das”. Still I burst into tears whenever her gentle image surfaces, and have not yet found the courage to tell Kireet Joshi under what circumstances Mohini dropped the body… On October 25, besides receiving the two emails from “Prof Kamal Das”, someone handed over to me an appalling letter by the same emanation, this time hitting ferociously the Ashram school (besides Manoj Das Gupta, a recurring obsession). A photocopy of such letter had been given to that person (who was a stranger and a visiting Westerner) inside the Ashram compound… guess where, and by who…

    I replied politely to the first email by “Prof Kamal Das”, and went ignoring the three others. But every time this fictitious character(s) posted the emails to me, successively, in Savitri Era Open Forum. The contents were indecent, blasphemous, brutally racist, instigating ferociousness and hatred. Know that I have widely disseminated those emails and postings, along with the comments; I have forwarded them to most authoritative Aurovilians and members of the Auroville Foundation as well. I was indeed considering to request the intervention of the Auroville Working Committee and of the Auroville Foundation itself, when I read your letter.

    Most probably you know who is behind “Prof Kamal Das”. Someone has mentioned two names, in this very forum. Several others are equally convinced that this is the real identity of a fictitious character, artfully created for a number of reasons – including the legal ones, quite obvious.

    The moment the identity of “Prof Kamal Das” can be proved, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville will be free from a titanic force that needs no further description. Anyone who reads the gospel of hatred propagated by “Prof” knows the origin of it, and for what motives.

    Yes, Sri Aurobindo is great and compassionate, Sri Aurobindo is love itself, and it is he who will have the final victory!


  2. Tusar,

    Why do you publish what Manoj Das sent to you in a personal capacity?? He explicitly states it is not to be published on your blog.

    You are really a cheap publicity-seeker Tusar.