Friday, November 19, 2010

The next offer will be that of the bribe and if that does not work, the threat

From Sunil to date 19 November 2010 10:29 subject For posting
What Manoj Das has asked Tusar in his personal capacity amounts to asking Tusar to do fraud.  If there is nothing wrong in his demand what is there the need then to keep it away from the public eye. Tusar’s integrity did not allow him to take sides or become another MDG limited. The next offer will be that of the bribe and if that does not work, the threat.
I know MDG and his followers can’t see any fraud in this as the life of corrupted power has narrowed the senses.  This narrowness is licensed and limited only in the hush hush society that you have been busy creating. But the world is progressing while you remain suffocated in your greatness. Self-expression and frankness are necessary to bring forth the truth. It is because of this one sided, arrogant mentality that allows no space to others that there are so many unnecessary cases and you have and are wasting public funds on it instead of changing your ways and opening yourself.
About character assassination we know very well what you have been doing in this forum, personally for me too you have said things that come from a sight which cannot see above the belt and coming from authority for decades people have believed you and looked down upon me and never spoke to me. If there was self expression you would have seen how totally off the mark you are. You refuse to see the truth.  MDG can give public declarations in the school that nobody should talk about Savitri and its changes. But has that solved the problem for you or for the opposition. It is in working together being frank and open that the beginning of all solution comes. Do you want things to get solved or remain cocoon in your dictatorship?
So no demands for hidden requests. Let us breathe a healthier, fresh open air, and Tusar knows what he is doing he need no lesson from anybody. With love Sunil S R

Govind has left a new comment on your post "I should not be made any administrative head, let ...": @ R.K. (or A.A.D. or whoever)
"taking almost everyone along... and above all fulfilling the 'trust' the Mother had placed in them - to administer and look after the Ashram and its inmates; to clothe, feed, nurse, and enable a few thousand people to practice their sadhana in an atmosphere of light and freedom and quiet peace, without external worries or troubles."

What a fawning and thoroughly servile paean of abject thanksgiving. I have yet to read anything so patronizing from any spokesperson of the trustees. This goes back to the same issue with which I started to participate in this thread of comments, the notion of a sense of humbling gratitude towards the trustees. The flip side of the same tax-coin of gratitude is credit-taking or credit-giving. You may like to think that the people whom you are here to attack are my mentors, a baseless conjecture that you never cease to play up. But you yourself use words that are more appropriate in the mouth of a messenger boy of the Ashram authorities. Give credit and gratitude where credit and gratitude are due. "look after the Ashram and its inmates..." From being children of the Divine Mother it looks like folks such as yourself are yearning to bring back the good old times when you could play subjects of kings whom you look up to as your fathers, and who have the sole divine right to rule, on whose laps you securely played and frolicked in security and carefree gaiety.

Clothe, feed, nurse and enabling the practice of sadhana, the ATMOSPHERE of PEACE etc. etc.... all this comes from the Mother. All that your great and mighty patrons have to do is remain open to Her and act as Her instruments, and play their INSIGNIFICANT BIT PARTS as just a few handful among hundreds of other conscious instruments. Whatever is personal to their ego, which does not belong to the Divine, is worthless and perverse. The moment they start taking credit and demanding gratitude, either from their own mouths or through the mouths of others like yourself, then that is the surest sign it is their ego that is expressing itself and demanding credit and gratitude for itself. So please... before you pass judgment on the the courage or the cowardice of other people, first put a stop to your own awe-filled genuflections in front of those who have clothed, fed and nursed you on the milk of personal loyalty. Posted by Govind to Savitri Era Open Forum at 6:19 AM, November 19, 2010


  1. Regarding Sunil, now it is really enough. Smearing Manoj Das, after Nirod, Amal Kiran and all others?

    Sunil is PERSONA NON GRATA because of his behavior at the Matrimandir bonfire, twice, including-----.

    And when I was still leaving in Pondy, so many ashramites (no relationship whatsoever with the present or past trustees) kept warning me to stay far away from Sunil, whose features I remember very well. He was stationed all the time inside the ashram compound, for motives which certainly have nothing to do with the divine insights he claims, and which were well known to everybody. Hence the warning to eschew him by all means.

    Too bad that his friend Alok Pandey did not receive the same warnings I got, for years.

    I kept silent until now, but even to a sewage there is a limit.


  2. If my motives were as you have been taught to believe, why would I b inside the ashram compound?

    Sunil S R

  3. For vulgar motives which certainly have nothing to do with devotion, hence the warnings against you, for years.

    But I don’t want to add more filth to this blog, this is your way but not mine.

    And please provide a photo of yours to the Matrimandir access group, to prevent you from showing up to the bonfires. I can immediately detect if it is a fake one, and so can those at the reception, including the person you have----------.


  4. I used to laugh a lot and could easily make friends with visitors, so some people got jealous of me. People come and go and I have lived in Canada for fifteen years so in my outer expression I was not hypocritical or stuck in boy girl limitation. As they were full of their frustration they started to project their jealous bad will on me and I was labelled by them. I suffered under their projection for about twenty years.

    Have I ever spoken to you, you live and believe and act from hearsay. Is this the type of truth you follow and others have followed.

    All our life we have gone to Auroville for its birthday on the 28th or the 29th Feb. Always there is bonfire for meditation and at the end of the meditation we always went around the fire, walked around near the Banyan tree and visit the Matrimandir. Now an ashram ex student and another guy who was in the Ashram too are working there. And there are these rules, you can’t go here and can’t go there and no visit to Matrimandir on the birthday.

    As after the meditation people who are sitting behind just get up and leave and may not come forward to be near the fire which is also another experience. When they see somebody going near the fire they get the initiative to do the same and can get more value from their presence of being there. Always we have done it and people do it. Last year when the meditation was over I went towards the fire and was scolded by this girl an ex student of the ashram with bad will reflecting on her face. But as people from all sides started to come and children too and so on her scolding me alone was invalid. This year they made a boundary of flowers all around the centre area so nobody could come in towards the Urn. And everybody had to stay out. So people could not go in and be near and around the fire. As the meditation had gotten over I had come forward and was walking towards the fire. I was the first one to get up, she had come from behind and asked me as I am not allowed to and that I am distrurbing the meditation. The meditation was over and people too started to come and she blamed me for it. I had told her should I follow what the divine is telling me or should I listen to you. I was feeling the push from within and had broken the ice to be near the fire. She had said that she will see to it that I am not allowed to come to Matrimandir. She does not know that I am an ex Aurovilian and our family was made Aurovilians by the Mother. So am at home here. We used to live in Aspiration and have worked in Matrimandir and familiar with the area and the place. I have to follow my conscience and the joy of the people in my heart or succumb to her suppression.

    Is her name Shrimoie, I don’t know, Paulette will know.
    Sunil S R


    Srimoy is an ex Ashram student and a Matrimandir trustee. And Ashish conducts regular study-groups on Integral Yoga in Savitri Bhavan. You have even put your hands on him, in a frenzy.

    I am Italian-French-Hungarian, but I lived four years in Canada, have a Canadian passport, my ex husband is Canadian, our daughter went back to Canada where she lives and just got married, to a Canadian, who has also visited here. My ex husband used to work at the Ashram Press 12 hours a day, even on Sundays, with the machines, during the Mother’s Centenary Year. They wanted to make him an ashramite, so impressed they were by his dedication! As soon as he heard the Mother’s voice, at the Playground, tears rolled down his cheeks. He was 29, tall and handsome: the very opposite of all that you are. So I know very well how Canadians behave, and Europeans too.

    As a young Western woman I did not need the warnings of so many ashramites to understand for what reasons a young (Indian) man is parked for hours, day in and day out, inside the Ashram compound – but not at the Samadhi or the meditation room! This kind of behavior speaks by itself, without any need of entering into details. Do you think we are stupid?

    Stop smearing the trustees and the great ashramites, clean yourself. Don’t wait until you turn senile.


  6. No you are not stupid but totally off your bonkers. If you have not proved it already time will.


  7. Hi Sunil,

    Don't bother refuting allegations of your infamous womanizing. You are just too famous in these parts. And you aren't making a very good case for your intelligence, either, but well....continue writing if you must.

    But hey, I have left a question for you on the other thread. Please do answer to it...