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I happen to know a lot about what’s going on here behind the scenes

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 5 November 2010 14:07 subject SRI AUROBINDO ON THE ‘EVIL PERSONA’
Tusar, Please post the following in reply to Sunil’s astounding capacity of fantasizing, which leaves spellbound the humble worm I am. Paulette


I don’t know Subash, nor do I need to borrow someone’s else identity. I am myself, known to many early sadhaks for my close relationship with some of them. If any of you were at the Ashram between 1983 and 1985, I am also known as the mother of Blanchefleur who, not even two, was exceptionally permitted inside the Ashram compound as long as she wished (apropos freedom!); she was the darling whom everybody was delighted to babysit. When I started working at the Matrimandir construction site (on the roof), cycling from Pondy on alternate days, it was often Nirodbaran’s family – the one Sunil trashes, and whom my daughter called uncle, she was having tea daily with him and Dolly-di – who looked after her. Blanchefleur’s story with the old ashramites, widely documented in photographs, is too beautiful to hand it over to people who have no respect for anything, and obviously have no clue of what a sadhak of Integral yoga is.

In thirty-seven years around (the first twelve years at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, afterwards in Auroville; never quitting India for the past 27 years), I happen to know a lot about what’s going on here behind the scenes. Those like Sunil should thank me for not spewing what I know regarding certain characters he worships. I won’t infringe the Mother’s command: when you don’t have anything good to say about someone in the Ashram, remain silent. I won’t – not in the internet, and not in a community of sadhaks. Fully aware that all sort of types, even the crudest ones, are needed here for the work to be done, all sort of impossibilities; Sri Aurobindo and the Mother never made a mystery of it. As J. K. K. [the mother’s attendant, in her room, until 1962], told me once laughing, leaving spellbound the poor beginner I was, “The asuras are very much necessary to add flavor to the cake”. So the Mother, as typical of the great shakti she is, entrusted jobs to people where they would be confronted with their own difficulties relentlessly; in such a way her work could go steadily on, night and day. Sounds familiar?

Let’s never forget that the asuras too are the Mother’s children. She keeps the asuras, who have special qualities and powers, tight on her bosom, to take them back to the Light, and Love, and Knowledge, and eternal Life they too come from. In the light of this my fight is not for or against anyone in particular (Peter, Manoj, Sraddhalu, Alok, Deshpande or any other: we are representative types of a victory to be achieved, in our own particular way). Even someone like “Prof Kamal Das” has his place, in the yogic economy of things: he too is very much necessary. Hail to the Mother! To demonize and throw out people, whatever camp they belong to, makes no sense; they will be replaced immediately by the same force taking over someone else. Eventually you, or me, don’t you know?
Don’t you know that angels too can fall, at the least insincerity? And that this is part and parcel of Integral Yoga, its very ABC? You can’t go to the university if you haven’t learned the kindergarten’s essentials. No court cases! This was one of the basics I was taught, right away, already in 1973. There were other trustees at that time but even then there were problems for which the ashramites were complaining. It will always be so, this is why we come here. The Mother doesn’t need perfect beings! She needs people brave enough to face their shadow, offer it to her and call her transforming force! By transforming one’s darkest areas it is the shadow of humanity that gets transformed, progressively, each of us being the entrusted representative of one (or more) aspects of the shadow of humanity. It follows that our imperfections and sins are very much needed, to be offered to the Divine, and transformed! So let’s go back to the kindergarten and honestly face the shadow, the asura within – all of us, with no exception – instead of projecting the rotten fellow on our neighbors and start crusades and wars! Let’s courageously call for the Mother’s force, like brave soldiers integrally loyal to her!

The first compilation I put together, when I left the Sri Aurobindo Ashram for Auroville, in 1985, was… Sri Aurobindo on the Asuras! Just to make myself clear. My fight, at that time as now and forever, is for what I have received from early ashramites so intimately close to the Mother that I got the teaching transmitted just by  breathing their atmosphere, feeling them from within. Without words, without classes, without any of the paraphernalia that external people crave for, crutches to hang where they simply do not belong; by their externality destroying the very aim and spirit of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Pirates can assault the royal ship and grab it, but this doesn’t make of them a king!

This is the point. But it is those who shout the most who care the less about the rules of Integral Yoga and the Parashakti’s commands. How can they, devoured by their own shadow, while playing pure and clean? Any appeal to reason is futile, as much as futile is any appeal to Integral Yoga – as long as those using the most violent, sacrilegious language, preaching exactly the opposite of what they live, don’t start looking at their own shadow that pollutes and engulfs everything, desecrating all that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram is meant to be. If my mentioning the shadow makes Sunil believe that I am Subash (the person, unknown to me, who has refuted para by para the atrocious calumnies of “Prof Kamal Das”), this only proves his ignorance of Integral Yoga. In the nineties opening his own website, I was told, playing the guru…

So far I have mentioned the shadow, the term the Mother currently uses. I now introduce Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Evil Persona’, “Letters on Yoga”, p. 1660: […] 
This was Sri Aurobindo’s reply to Kishor Gandhi, the ashramite who had submitted to the Master a text about the shadow in the garb of evil persona (the ‘persona’ was the mask the Roman actors wore) by the great ‘psychologist of the depths’ C. G. Jung. Pointing out to me this text and unveiling its origin, Kishor Gandhi was so gracious as to do photocopies for me of such type of material, guiding me on comparing texts on the shadow between Integral Yoga and Jung. Kishor was the one editor the Mother had appointed for the three volumes of “Letters on Yoga”, Centenary Edition. He had an incredible knowledge of Sri Aurobindo’s works, enabling him to come up immediately, if asked, with any reference, simply by memory. But our glorious Sunil-da, Self-realised pundit, now will certainly proceed to the trashing of Kishor Gandhi too, particularly for the sin of pointing out the shadow and the evil persona. Kishor will be in excellent company: Nirodbaran and Amal Kiran! Of course I knew them too, and in a special way: Sunil’s ‘morons’. 
Hail to the EVIL PERSONA, happy Diwali to each and all! Devas and asuras, all knitted together, all in the same boat, true children of the one Mother. Paulette

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