Friday, November 5, 2010

Hamlet & Heehs

From side role to centre stage! You surprise me too! This is quite an attempt!
I can see that you are trying to take the discussion to a serious plane. But I also notice that you have refused to tone down your language. I have no doubt that you have excellent mastery over English language and no one can tick off your verbose prose. As I said earlier, I really have no intention of matching you word per word. Arindam'92
You are obviously not reading all that I have mentioned on the reading of the book. You are also quoting things that suit you. This is called "selective presentation" or better still "pervert understanding". I am not surprised. After all this is the hall mark of the group that you represent. Arindam'92

There is surely something rotten in the state of Denmark. Govind, you have preempted me. In any case, I wish to address our comments towards something, to start with, remedial—that the rot be halted to the extent possible for us. There are institutional issues, there are managerial issues, there are issues related to the members and the beneficiaries, there are questions of accountability and answerability, and of responsibilities of the individuals, and so on. Let us dismiss this ad hominem stuff and get down to business, while making a distinction between ad hominem and criticism on the basis of norms and facts. What do you say? ~ RYD

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  1. I was seeing Arindam and his younger brother had gone on the Trustees payroll. Are you the same Anirban, Arindam brother group.

    Sunil S R