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Fundamentalists and heretics at the same time

From Sunil sunilauro@gmail.com to tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 9 November 2010 01:02 subject For posting
For all the Devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
Answer to the letter.
To, Manoj Das Gupta and his followers,
"An idiot hour destroys what centuries made" The destruction of changing the books which are eternal and darkening Sri Aurobindo’s life which is a symbol has already been done. And now you have plans to give a similar perverted image to the Mother too. You can hide behind the false image that you are presenting here, a newcomer will fall for it but what about the truth. Since more than twenty years the learned people of the Ashram have been reasoning with you and it has all fallen on deaf years. I agree with you that there should be no case, but when all means of making sense have failed and you don’t budge what to do. Your represent a spiritual organisation and behave like it is your own personal property for use or abuse. You say shut up or get out. But they love the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and they are here for that, even though some have left or run to stay alive from your abuse. When all efforts have failed to talk, to beg and plead with you since so many years, now what means are left. And how many court cases you are doing why then your advice does not apply to you. Tell me how many court cases the Trust has filed. Do you or are you in any position to ask anybody not to file a case.  
I am not doing any case and I am not in favour of it either. And have seen how good you are at it and how you can buy your way through anything, but I do understand them as there seems to be no other option. I have left the Ashram temporarily to remain in one piece. Should everybody leave and only the Trustees’ followers remain? Whose Ashram is it anyway? Sri Aurobindo Ashram or Manoj Das Gupta’s Ashram with the Mother’s name being used for his personal opinions.
Your ways are still the same rule through fear, can such a way be worthy of the name Ashram. You collect these great men and by reading their ranks you wish to install fear in simple people’s mind that nobody dare stand against you. These barbaric ways of living and ruling belong to the laws of the underworld,  is Sri Aurobindo Ashram an underworld under you in which all the good people have to leave? Sunil S R

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It is ironic that on one hand those opposing Heehs are being described as religious fundamentalists and on the other those who are decrying them as such are bent upon foisting a sort of divinely sanctioned papacy on them. Never before perhaps has the same group of people has been labeled as "fundamentalists" and "heretics" AT THE SAME TIME. Posted by Govind to Savitri Era Open Forum at 5:18 AM, November 09, 2010


  1. Govind said:

    "Never before perhaps has the same group of people has been labeled as "fundamentalists" and "heretics" AT THE SAME TIME."

    Well, what is Govind complaining about? At least he and his clan have succeeded in perhaps earning the unique distinction of being the first heretic fundamentalists to have set foot on this planet. Bravo! Perhaps it is the result of their unique understanding of supramentalization.


  2. Thank you for validating my hypothesis that when name-calling becomes an end in itself then the first things to fall by the wayside are common-sense and reason. As far as you are concerned every taunt and invective you hurl at others is something that they have automatically earned. You seem to be following in the footsteps of a long line of infra-mentalized hate-mongers who are always absolutely convinced that their targets really deserved every word of abuse cast at them, careless of any contradictions or logical absurdities.

  3. Govind said:

    "...when name-calling becomes an end in itself then the first things to fall by the wayside are common-sense and reason."

    Why don't you and your clan try looking yourself in the Mirror (of Tomorrow maybe) for a change and see who started and still continues this incessant name calling?

    We can surely be blamed for having decided to retort to your clan's rabid intolerance and anti-Heehs/MDG/Ashram/etc.,/etc., slander and abuses 2 years too late, but that's maybe the price one has to pay for having, it would appear unlike all of you, stuck to Sri Aurobindo's path of tolerance, patience and wideness.

    And with regards to common sense and reason, if you think that the banning of books, judging an author's intentions, dedication, devotion, sincerity, quoting out of context, the spreading of misleading information, propagating outright lies, etc., falls within the ambit of "common sense and reason", you and your clan surely could not have lost these by the wayside because you clearly never possessed them to begin with.

    You may be blinded by the glare and sparkle of a Mirror, but don't expect us to be like you.


  4. Can you please try to switch off the shrill, and empty rhetoric? Phrases like "Looking into the mirror", "glare and sparkle of a Mirror" make what you have to say sound very dramatic. But such overblown frill and flourish makes no difference whatsoever to what you have to say content-wise. The claim of retorting after two years is an "outright lie". The fundamentalist tag has been indiscriminately applied since the beginning of this controversy in '08. For e.g. terms like "Jihadist" and fanatic were being thrown around even then and egregious parallels to Rushdie were being drawn. Now these same "fundamentalists" are being denounced as "heretics" because they are not remaining absolutely faithful to what has all of a sudden been revealed by the avowedly non-religious as be the central dogma or doctrine of the Ashram regarding the primacy and inviolability of the Trustees. So when it is convenient for you, you demonize your opponents as fundamentalists. And when it is convenient for you, you denounce them as heretics. You may not realize it but this kind of thoroughly irrational, senseless and unrestrained label-mongering only ends up making you look absolutely ludicrous. It shows that you really don't mean what you say and are just bent upon using every means at your disposal to attack and demonize your opponents. Even if you are firmly convinced that those whom you oppose have lost their common sense and reason, that is still no reason for you to divest yourself or your own.

  5. To AAD,

    Peter’s work you describe as sincere, devotional and dedicated. Even a thief is dedicated to his work otherwise he cannot succeed. Why don’t you ask Peter how much devotion he has for the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. He will tell you that he is an historian and not a foolish disciple. Yes he has been dedicated, dedicated to what end, to make his own biography and his own writings of Sri Aurobindo’s works. Talk to him about spirituality and he will tell you that that is not his field. A man who calls spiritual experience an hallucination should he be given the task of writing the biography about the greatest spiritual leader of the times. Nobody gave him the task but they have taken it upon themselves to prove to the world something opposite of what the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have worked hard to establish. Yes many can’t see what’s wrong, they don’t know the difference between the spiritual reality and the perverted representation, so they don’t mind in fact they prefer the perverted intentions because they can relate to it better and find a lower pleasure in it. If Sri Aurobindo’s life was such, and ordinary, then no problem but it is not and don’t expect people who are awake to follow your dictates that there is nothing wrong and it is all in good taste. You can shut your soul and get caught in reason or any explanation, but we cannot, as the inner soul sees past reason and gets to the root of things and sees the intention, they can fool the world but not the awakened ones. And that is the struggle going on in the Ashram since the last 25 years regarding Peter and his work.

    My recommendation to you is to go within yourself and do something meaningful with your life and profit from the time given to you by being in the Ashram and drop this track of bad will and stone throwing which is suffocating your soul and abusing your talent. If power is to come your way it will come but don’t lay your soul on the line for it.

    Sunil S R

  6. Govind said:

    "The claim of retorting after two years is an "outright lie".

    That is exactly the problem with you and your clan. You clearly appear to be suffering from an acute tunnel vision syndrome. The world is not flat and as simple as you would like it to be. And people and books don't fall only in the categories of Divine and Evil. And by extension, the Aurobindonian collectivity doesn't consist only of Pro-Heehs or Anti-Heehs people. It's a little more complex than that, but I'm not sure if you can perceive things from a larger and more complete perspective given your dedication and loyalty to your blinkered tutors.

    Because when I say that "we can surely be blamed for having decided to retort to your clan's rabid intolerance and anti-Heehs/MDG/Ashram/etc.,/etc., slander and abuses 2 years too late..." I speak for and also represent a group of people, third, fourth or fifth, it doesn't matter, that does not belong to either of the sides and which is much larger than both groups on either extremes put together. So when interacting with me and particularly before accusing me of lying, please put on your thinking cap instead of your "impulsive, jump to conclusions" cap.

    And if many of us are retorting now, particularly stronger than ever before, it is because of the incessant name-calling and anti-Ashram rhetoric that the anti-Heehs group - the group that you belong to and represent - is continuing on and on.

    You guys started this and still continue doing so, and its therefore only you guys that can stop it when you think that you have had enough. Continue and you are sure to get more of this. The ball's squarely in your court.


  7. You don't belong to either side? Well, you certainly do not sound like it. You are pro-Heehs and attacking those opposed to Heehs. This does not sound like a new group. What were you personally doing when this controversy started to rage? Were you not posting on the SAICE forum or other places? Now with this new claim of some "new group", and please understand that "thinking" has nothing to do with figuring out claims that the other person has not even revealed, I am quite sure that you are lying. As for your threat of numbers... more people, greater aggressiveness and refusal to stop until the other person turns tail, all this is indicative of a mob mentality. You are most welcome to conduct your campaign of aggression. But please stop and take a look at your own words and actions before hurling contradictory and ridiculous accusations at others for being "fundamentalists" and "heretics" or whatever other random word you land upon in your Webster's dictionary of abuse. Thanks for the ball.