Monday, November 1, 2010

Ashram is not anybody’s inherited fief of the feudal era, not a Private Ltd firm

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You will recollect that every cordial attempt was made during the last two years to warn you the disastrous path of falsehood you had been adopting in the context of the infamous Lives of Sri Aurobindo. You did not heed Pranab; you disregarded what Huta had written to you,—just to give two examples of those who were intimately connected with the Mother. Any number of letters from within the Ashram and outside has been written to you; but all along you have been adopting “dignified silence”. Instead of making effusive and emotional proclamations which more expose the falsehood they contain than conceal, you ought to have taken the entire community into confidence and come out with facts and logically consistent statements. Yet alert souls of the Ashram cannot be dumb witnesses to such things. […]

Such are the dubious ways in which things move here, under your cover; but these cannot remain covered up. One of the natural means of meeting such a situation is to go public. That is also the accepted mechanism of any open-ended and democratic system. Public institutions are bound by it. You must realise that a distinction has to be made between the Ashram—a spiritual centre—and a Public Institution which must follow the Law of the Land. In this respect, I don’t see any reason to regret what I did, or what I will be doing whenever an occasion should arise. I am simply following the democratic principle. Regarding matters spiritual, it is the question only between my soul and the Mother, and there nobody else has any place.

So let us talk about the Institutional issues. Ashram as an Institution is bound by the Law of the Land, as I just mentioned. There are checks and counterchecks for its functioning. There is answerability and none can simply claim that he is “providentially appointed”; it will be preposterous if one should go by this proposition of being appointed providentially. The Institution comes under the category of Public Charitable Trusts, and is bound to legal stipulations. It is not anybody’s inherited fief of the feudal era, not a Private Ltd firm at all. Most importantly it is my democratic right to speak out openly if something should be going wrong with such a public institution. No one can snatch that right away from me, and nobody is going to prevent me from using it. […]

Let us look at the questions to be answered: why should there be a number of court cases against the Institution? why should the Hon Lt Governor summon you and demand certain explanations from you? what occasioned the Parliament to ask for details regarding The Lives of Sri Aurobindo? You threaten the inmates that in the event of internal conflicts, the government might take over the Ashram management. You should realize also that, in the process, you are squandering the Mother’s precious money away. Your acts are proving ruinous to the Institution. But the solution is simple, and it lies in your own hand—if you have the concern for the Ashram as an Institution. The solution is, you step down from your official positions.

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