Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why would you edit anybody’s work?

From Sunil to date 17 October 2010 10:36 subject Answer to AAD 
To: A.A.D. 
Yes I used to say the same thing when people had first approached me regarding the changes being made in ‘Savitri’ and the management. I too had scolded Dilip and few others and asked them to mind their own business and let the Ashram management mind their own. That was a real long time ago when I used to work only part time in the Ashram as I would come only for a few months to be in the Ashram -  my home as have had my education here and have been brought up more or less here. My parents were the first Indian family sent to live in Aspiration in Auroville by the Mother when nothing was there. I used to come back every year from Canada for fifteen years before settling back down here. Why, because of my relationship with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and their consciousness in which I have grown up. That is who I am. Does that answer your question or should I continue. 

And I don’t consider myself smarter I wish had for I would have done something instead of just following for a decade  orders of grown ups who had taken up this issue of preserving the works of Sri Aurobindo. I was only a blind assistant and not smarter. They all failed.

And on what charge you are calling this a hallucination and that I would make Pranob in-charge of editing. What has that got do with this? First: Pranob was in-charge of Physical Education and the Divine Mother put him there. She knows best. Second, where did this question of editing come into existence. Sri Aurobindo works were published during his life time. Why would you edit anybody’s work?

You saying thank goodness nobody takes me seriously, how do you know because you are sleeping so everybody is too?  Unless you are an Asura and don’t want to work for the Divine. But if you are a Divine child then do take this seriously. There is work to be done, the Truth has to be established in whose opposition there are visible and invisible forces working to delay the Divine Manifestation on earth and continue life in the same old ignorance. Are you about the wide future that is waiting to manifest or are you about the past that insists on keeping man limited and blind and unworthy of the Divine’s descent in him. 
What are you? Sunil S R


  1. Lord knows there is an immeasurable infinity of guidance in the SABCL that came out in 1972 when the Mother was guiding the Ashram directly through Her Physical Body. For those who are genuinely interested in Yoga and the Life Divine there is nothing that these dim-witted egotists can add to the Collected Works which would change anything. To take an example of their biggest "achievement" which they never cease to parrot around and promote, what these intellectual egos have labeled "Record of Yoga", it was not something that Sri Aurobindo even gave to others for practical guidance in their own sadhana. If anything it has all the potential to mislead ignoramuses down questionable by-paths and siddhi-hunting expeditions. But these busybodies who are really not interested in things like Yoga, but wholly devoted to perpetuating their own obsessions with "history", "tantra", "sexuality", "scholarship", "academic recognition", "super-powers" ... basically POWER and PLEASURE in one form or another, have come to rule the roost in Ashram management and the Archives dept. This possibility too had to come up. This too had to be faced and this too will be transformed or erased in due time.

  2. I certainly like the SABCL volumes and have fond recollections of looking at all the volumes on my uncle's bookshelf in my boyhood.

    "..."Record of Yoga", it was not something that Sri Aurobindo even gave to others for practical guidance in their own sadhana."

    Obviously, because it was a private record of his own sadhana! By your illogic, one would also be required to stop publishing posthumously diaries and notebooks of great writers, for instance, since they did not publish them in their lifetime!

    "If anything it has all the potential to mislead ignoramuses down questionable by-paths and siddhi-hunting expeditions"

    If the "potential to mislead ignoramuses down questionable by-paths and siddhi-hunting expeditions" is a rational ground on which to criticize or suppress the publication of a work on yoga, then many classic works on yoga which deal with the "siddhis", including Vivekananda's Raja Yoga or Yogananda's Autobiography, or even Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, ought not to have seen the light of the day!

  3. What illogic? Did I not say from the point of view of Yoga and it's practice? These works are not merely to be used to populate fond boyhood memories. And it is a fact that occult teachings have been kept secret since they are open to abuse and can cause harm to the uninitiated. This is seen in all cultures throughout all times. Even today the so-called Record has been abused by Jeffrey Kripal in his book Esalen to give a sexual twist to Sri Aurobindo's yoga. So the damage is already well undwerway. As for the charge of suppression, this is the height of stupidity. Just because Sri Aurobindo did not publish his diaries would you accuse him of suppressing them? Even the Mother burned her diaries. You yourself admit that these are private diaries. Since when is it suppression to keep private things private? As for Siddhis, yes there are many Yogis of the Asuric power-hungry sort who have latched on to the Yoga-sutras. Still there are other works such as Bhagavad Gita which deal exclusively with the spiritual. Was Sri Aurobindo intending to bequeath super-normal powers on unripe and egoistic souls? Absolutely not. His path is a spiritual path where the occult powers enter in only as a by-product, not to be denied and rejected but not to be aimed at either. If they come as a Grace from the Divine then these have to be used for the Divine and by the Divine. If it were not so he would not have made psychic aspiration and absolute surrender to the Mother His path, but rather the path He Himself charts in the so-called Record.

  4. To Sunil:
    You ask: “Why would you edit anybody’s work?”

    Before I can answer that question, my question to you is, have you ever been involved in the work, process or business of editing?
    I sincerely doubt it, because you demonstrate very scant knowledge in the domain of editing literary material.
    But before that, do you even know the meaning of editing?

    In case you don’t, here is the definition of the word Edit from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
    - to prepare (as literary material) for publication or public presentation.
    - to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose.

    If you are capable of understanding the above definition, you may also understand that none of Sri Aurobindo’s (or for that matter any author’s) works could have been published if they were not edited by someone. And whenever new information or material related to an author’s literary material is found, a new and different edition of that author’s literary work is the inevitable outcome.

    So there is absolutely nothing surprising, scandalous, sacrilegious, wrong or evil if two editions of Sri Aurobindo’s works are not exactly identical, and it is even better when those changes represent Sri Aurobindo’s original writings even more faithfully.

    Now, if you want us to believe that some people are deliberately “tampering” with Sri Aurobindo’s works because they have an Evil or Diabolical plan led by some Jeffrey Kripal and that they are doing so with the full connivance of the Ashram’s authorities, and that you think that you are one of those enlightened, pure and devoted souls that knows more and is more sincere than all those who are involved in the editing of Sri Aurobindo’s works, then any sane person would advise you to go to Dr. Alok Pandey (the shrink) and join his army of Light and Truth. You would be in perfect company. And I don’t think that the reason for which many people believe that you are hallucinating needs any explanation.

    As for myself, given that people like yourself, Dr. Alok Pandey, and a few others have monopolized all that is Divine and True, all one can do is to wish all of you a quick recovery. All the best!