Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What are you doing to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother?

From Paulette paulette@auroville.org.in to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 26 October 2010 11:40 subject Please post this in reply to what “Prof Kamal Das”
Dear Tusar,
Please post this in reply to what “Prof Kamal Das” has put in your blog, forcing me to state, publicly, the reasons for which I refuse to be associated in any way to such campaigns.
Thanks Paulette
What this person, totally unknown to me, has posted is part of two insulting, racist email he has sent me privately. The gentleman is not an ashramite, and not an Aurovilian either, yet he delights in hitting Indian ashramites and SAICE students as well (see a certain photocopied letter of him going around right now).
I refuse to interact with anyone afflicted by such crude language and manners. As I have already replied, being an Aurovilian I have no right to meddle into the Ashram’s affairs. In fact I never did, not even during the years I lived in Pondy. Nor has such person any right either as, I was told, he lives in Orissa.
Moreover, it is certainly not with a ferocious language that any solution can be found regarding the Heehs’ biography. And even less regarding the Ashram’s internal problems, which nobody else but the ashramites are called to solve, among themselves, without external interferences of any kind. Certainly without slur, abuse and incendiary language, for which there is no place, at the true Sri Aurobindo Ashram as in Auroville.
Yesterday I met the yogini who served the Mother for 28 years, eight hours a day, in Mother’s room, until 1962: the sister-in-law of Rishabhchand. In 37 years the only ‘teacher’ I ever had, and with whom I also lived for a while. What I got from her are not lectures or ‘spiritual’ advices, but intimate, precious details of the Mother, how she lived and interacted with the sadhaks, in her own room. This is my sanctuary. For that Ashram I stand, for that Ashram I left all I had.
But the Sri Aurobindo Ashram I belong to is no more. When I moved to Auroville, in 1985, I was painfully aware that the early sadhaks were irreplaceable. When I see what’s going on, four court cases because of a book, the shameful language taken for granted, the dirty laundry washed in public and posted in the internet, assaulting the trustees too, I ask: what are you doing to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother?
I don’t allow anyone to desecrate my space with a language, insinuations and actions that are indeign of the true Sri Aurobindo Ashram, where Sri Aurobindo and the Mother lived and thought the sadhana of the psychic being. Indeign of what the early sadhaks taught me, by their silent example.
As for Sudhir Sarkar, whom “Prof Kamal Das” mentions at the end of his letter targeting the Ashram teachers and students, after Nolini-da he was the second person I asked to meet, although in a coma, when I came in 1973. My only reading, before reaching there, was “The Doctrine of Passive Resistance” – and my only crave, to meet the nationalist companions of Sri Aurobindo who were still alive. It is in the name of all that Sri Aurobindo represents, since his early years, that I reject all perverse interpretation of his action and legacy – from within as from without. Sanatana Dharma! Paulette

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