Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Were you hiding under the bed of Nolini-da?

From Subhas Roy to tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com cc paulette@auroville.org.in date 26 October 2010 22:28 subject Prof. Kamal Das and his esteemed lies, rumours, allegations and accusations.
Dear Sir, could you please post this on your SEOF website and omit my e-mail details. Thanking you. SR.
Dear Prof. Kamal Das 
I know Kamal means lotus a.k.a Aurobindo.  I have read that in Record of Yoga which you call confidential that Sri Aurobindo had noted that he could actually see things which were not on the material plane. Just because you call yourself Kamal does it mean that you also can see things which may not exist on the material plane????? Just curious to know…

Concerning your letter I would like to ask you a few questions even before you invite someone known as Paulette to open her eyes and take your advice:

1) If there was as you say a “confidential” letter to “Chandra” , how come it was with Nolini-da and not with Chandra???? Was that letter of Mother never delivered to Chandra by Nolini-da???? Is by chance Nolini-da also known in some circles as Chandra??? Or did he copy “confidential” letters by Mother before delivering them to the persons concerned????? Then if it did disappear later – how come you are aware of it??? Did Nolini-da show it to you – a confidential letter mind you????

2) Oh! I am making a mistake – I forget that according to you it is now with Peter who has hidden it!!!  So only Peter, your good friend could have shown it you!!!!! Or perhaps kamal is only a pseudonym for peter himself!!!

3) If there was a forgery then only, Anima, Manoj DG, Dilip Datta, R Prabhakar or Dilip M could have known it. How come you have come to know about it??? Were you hiding under the bed of Nolini-da when the forgery was being committed?

4) Anima the cancer patient who was an inmate of the Ashram was being treated by Dr. Dilip Datta. What is so strange about it? By who else should she have been treated by??? BY Dr. Alok Pandey for her cancer!!!!!! I understand that Dr. Pandey can treat you Shri. Professor Kamal Das for hallucination but it was normal for Dr. Datta to treat Anima.

5) When did Ranju and Robi say what you allege? When have the other trustees said that the name of Matriprasad was proposed? Do you have any proof of Pranab having shot it down? Sorry, you do not need proofs, you are the all-knowing Kamal and Professor to cap it all. Your hallucination is itself a proof

6) I suggest when confronted with such embarrassing questions , you should  take guidance and lesson from another professor, the unclear scientist Dr. RY Deshpande and repeat as he did with his infamous Court Diary – if what I say is not true then why is not someone not letting us know the truth.  

VERY OLD TRICK KAMAL - BABOOO. Tried and tested and known to fail when questioned and analyzed. SR

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  1. Will you gentlemen stop throwing stones at each other? Don't you realise that you all are positioned inside a class house and The Mother is watching you? When we say that Mother is omnipresent - Why should we break our head? Be a collaborator in Her Work.Thanks.