Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This rotting vegetation that calls itself the Sri Aurobindo Ashram

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra", Subhas Roy date 27 October 2010 03:05 subject Fwd: Prof. Kamal Das and his esteemed lies, rumours, allegations and accusations.
Thanks Tusar and Subhas. For your private information I attach you the complete file regarding our illustrious professor, including the two disgusting emails I have received from him, and what he is presently distributing via Sraddhalu's mother, in the office that was M. Pandit's, in the Ashram compound. Paulette

The following was given by Sraddhalu Ranade’ s mother, in M. Pandit's ex office in the Ashram compound, to someone (who had asked for the Information Handbook) whom she did not even know. Sadhana Ranade was very upset and denied (for the second time) the existence of the Information Handbook, which someone else got from her in that same office.

Is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Soul-dead?

Is this a community of self serving and feckless zombies who do nothing beyond living the good and easy life in the name of the The Mother and The Master? Can nothing stir the conscience of this rotting vegetation that calls itself the Sri Aurobindo Ashram?
The very public expulsion of Shri R Y Despande from S.A.I.C.E. is the context. Teachers and students of the S.A.I.C.E. whisper, talk and shrug. Other members of the community shake their heads in resignation and look skyward for Divine intervention and solace. Senior students of the Higher Course laugh at the irony of it all! Dozens of teachers of the SAICE have discussed the controversy surrounding the cursed book for hours on end in their classes! Ms Jhumur Bhattacharya herself has held forth extensively on the subject during her classes, abusing and ridiculing anybody from within and outside the community that had dared to voice dissent over the putrid perversity that Heehs calls research!
Mr Mathias was so concerned that his students never forget the glorious names of Michael Murphy and Jeffrey Kripal that he wrote these out on the board and crowed with satisfaction when students clicked away with their mobile cameras!
The unfortunate student who was summoned and tutored by Manoj Das Gupta and Ms Jhumur Bhattacharya to foist the allegations on Shri Deshpande has been sobbing away her woes to friends and teachers alike!
And yet not a word of protest! No stand taken! Not a soul at SAICE, young and old alike, knows how to spell or mouth the word ENOUGH!
Suddenly my next trip to Pondicherry for the November Darshan is no longer a good idea. I dread the very real prospect of Shri Mona Sarkar, rejuvenated after the expensive knee replacement therapy, booming VICTOIRE A MANOJ DASGUPTA at the hallowed playground!
Thank heavens that Shri Sudhir Sarkar, that indomitable and fearless patriot, isn't around to see his son surrender all that he had fought for! Prof Kamal Das

Dear Paulette,
I would also have not engaged with the likes of you under ordinary circumstances. It comes as no surprise that you propose to withdraw the moment inconvenient questions are raised. This is precisely what your ilk and the SCIY tribe and other free-loaders of assorted sizes on Indian soil and outside have been doing regarding the TLOSA matter.

Get off your high and convenient horse of playing the venerable mediator and go all the way to find the truth! If I were R Y Deshpande, Alok Pandey, Raman Reddy et al, I would not proceed with engagement of any kind on this matter till the following very pertinent issues have received academic and legal closure:
§ Is Peter Heehs the founder of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives?
§ Has the Ashram’s copyright been violated with regard to TLOSA?
§ Has Peter Heehs stolen the research of his colleagues at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives?
§ Has Peter Heehs violated the law of the land with regard to the conditions of his residential permit?
§ What prompted Manoj Das Gupta (MDG) to term the cursed book as Having “crossed all limits of decency?”
§ What prompted the Ashram Trust to initiate disciplinary action against Peter Heehs? And what was this disciplinary action?

Isn’t it timely and convenient that as the Government and Legal noose tightens around MDG and his partners in crime, suddenly the shining warriors of truth, ruthless objectivity and non-hagiographic research, find refuge in hearsay, Srimatas and Lotus Feet. Ironical isn’t it that these are the very concepts that you pseudo truth-mongers set out to debunk and demolish?
Paulette, why abdicate now? Why not go all the way? Let’s get to the truth, whatever its shape and form. And let the perpetrators of falsehood, whatever their hue and affiliation, roast in hell for all eternity!
Paulette, I urge you, nay beseech you, to rise to the occasion and accomplish the following:
• Make Srimata go public with the letter you refer to
• Form a fact-finding / research team and set about unearthing the real and sordid truth behind the Nolini Kanto Gupta conspiracy
• Organise meetings with MDG, Dilip Mehtani, Ranju and Robi Gupta regarding the matter
• Begin by asking Dilip Mehtani why he of all people in the Ashram, was drafted by MDG as Ms Anima’ s constant minder and keeper till she breathed her last
• Talk to old associates of Prof Jugal Kishore Mukherjee in order to obtain clarity on the nature and quantity of unconnected documents and letters by the Mother found in the bundle of manuscripts relating to Record of Yoga kept in Nolini Kanto Gupta’ s custody.
Go, Paulette, go. Truth beckons. I remain by your side.
Truly, Prof Kamal Das

Comment posted by RY Deshpande: Re: Jyotirmoyee—by Anurag Banerjee (B)
I don’t think we should take these maithunanand-vadis seriously, rather we should dismiss them. Here it is essentially an aspect of giving spin by the gyrators who believe in sensationalism; this is the technique in which distortion is given a kind of legitimacy. It surely is the product of our commercial age in which self-promotion by dramatizing things is an accepted norm—particularly so in the world of globalization. And that is what The Lives of Sri Aurobindo is. The best is to eschew it and get down to deeper issues in which the spiritual stands out prominently to uplift the spiritual itself. ~ RYD


  1. Esteemed Prof. Kamal Das who pretends to live elsewhere but knows every little gossip and rumour of the Ashram said:

    "Suddenly my next trip to Pondicherry for the November Darshan is no longer a good idea."

    Please don't come, even if you were living just a block away. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!! One nuissance less in the Darshan queue.

    Please also remember, in case you forgot and got carried away by your self-esteenm: The Mother doesn't need YOU. On the contrary, YOU might NEED HER, especially to pull you out of the mess you have put yourself in.

    Happy praying in your self-exhile.

  2. To paraphrase Victor Hugo,

    When God desires to destroy a thing, he entrusts its destruction to the thing itself. Every institution of this world that has lost its true meaning and purpose ends by suicide.

    The disharmony we are witnessing in Auroville and the Ashram today is the result of decades of mental arrogance, lies, and a willful disobedience of the Mother’s express commands by those who claim to be Her most loyal followers. There is simply no escaping the truth of What Is; the Symbol is the thing Symbolized.

  3. To Paulette:

    You have clearly managed to get yourself under the skin of Prof. Kamal Das... AND Sraddhalu Ranade.

    Your efforts to mediate this conflict and try to get people such as RY Deshpande, Alok Pandey, Raman Reddy, etc., etc., to be a little more reasonable and sensible are clearly undermining the initiatives of a "legal closure" that is being hoped for by Prof. Kamal Das... AND Sraddhalu Ranade.

    Your exposure that M.P. Pundit's office in the Ashram compound is being misused by Sraddhalu Ranade's mother for distribution of anti-Ashram propaganda material is certainly upsetting Prof. Kamal Das... AND Sraddhalu Ranade.

    Given the desperation and frustration of Prof. Kamal Das (... AND Sraddhalu Ranade?), it really appears that you have been able to gradually but more and more certainly tighten the noose around Prof. Kamal Das... AND Sraddhalu Ranade.

    Prof. Kamal Das... AND Sraddhalu Ranade beckon the Truth. Please show them where the rotten vegetation and weeds are actually growing!!! We are all by your side.