Thursday, October 28, 2010

There were sadhaks who never crossed the canal

From Paulette to date 28 October 2010 15:14 subject please post: This is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, immortal!
When you receive something confidential, why do you put excerpts on a website that anyone can read – in this case, disgracing the Ashram, and with that terrible title? Please post the following, and with this title, to wash away such infamy:
This is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, immortal!
I had no idea that Tusar would post in Savitri Era Open Forum excerpts from a correspondance that I had clearly stated it was confidential, and which I had forwarded to him in reaction to the shock of discovering part of those atrocious ‘revelations’ posted in an internet blog, and with that infamous title, taken from the writings of “Prof Kamal Das”... If I were to make public the racial hatred transpiring from every word to me of “Prof Kamal Das” – an horror that I never experienced in 37 years of  sadhana, in India --  a certain conversation in the Mother’s Agenda would resurface.
Before politely replying to “Prof Kamal Das” I had written, to  Alok Pandey and the group that Alok had involved in an internal discussion:
“I was hoping that all of us would do our best to find a compromise solution, acceptable to all parties, regarding the contested biography. Having come to the conclusion that the real issue is not the book but management of the Ashram, I am withdrawing from this discussion. As an Aurovilian, I will never interfere with internal matters of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. In fact, I never have, not even during the years I lived in Pondy.
At Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s lotus feet
In spite of my statement “Prof Kamal Das”, a perfect stranger, forwarded a second personal email to me, as revolting as the first one, and which I ignored: the issue was closed. But no, as a reaction he posted that slur in Savitri Era Open Forum. The rest you know.
One thing I wish to state. When Nolini-da passed away I was still living in Pondy. I had no interaction with Manoj das Gupta; but when I was in the company of some ashramite and he was seen going around, smiles were exchanged, it seemed that everybody liked him. The person who told me that Manoj had been appointed as trustee was the Italian countess Marta Avogadro, who was considered a most spiritually advanced sadhaka (I have mentioned her name too in a recent posting). Praising him in every possible way, Marta was jubilant about Manoj’s nomination.
Another person got it directly from the Mother, twice, how special Manoj was to the Mother.
This is all that I know, before leaving the Ashram in 1985 to move to Auroville. I have no idea of the Ashram’s internal matters, I never had: I have come for yoga – not for power games. There were sadhaks who never crossed the canal, because this was the Mother’s will. Sadhaks who had joined with other members of their family, but who lived in isolation, without speaking to their ex family members – because this was the Mother’s will. Sadhaks who never went back, not even one day, to their native place. These were some of my acquaintances. This is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, immortal.
Myself, I have not left India, not even for one day, for the past 27 years. This is my Ashram – and the remembrance of it what I have to contribute to Auroville.
Before leaving the Ashram I had taken pictures of some of the great sadhaks still alive. It was the first time, after a 20 years silence, that I was forced to speak to Nolini-da, in his room, taking pictures of him, the greatest disciple Sri Aurobindo ever had... I felt so strange... When, several years later, I put up two exhibitions with those photographs (of Champaklal, alone, in his room, I had taken over 30 photographs) the Aurovilians were as moved as I was: those magnificent faces spoke by themselves. Paulette

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