Friday, October 29, 2010

Selective use of the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's words

From aurosatya vrata to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 29 October 2010 21:25 subject Mr. Sunil SR's continued False Allegations
Dear Mr. Mohapatra,
May I please request you to reproduce the following e-mail on your SEOF blog site for Mr. Sunil SR's benefit as well as that of others who selectively use the Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's words to prove narrow, petty and personal points. Thank you! S.
To Mr. Sunil SR:
You are free to believe whatever you want and say whatever you wish too. But when you misuse the Mother's words, especially by selectively picking out what suits you or your personal objectives, you should not be surprised if your actions have consequences, especially in the form of strong criticism - even accusations - against you.
You have sought to continue spreading the rumour that Mr. Nirodbaran and Mr. K.D. Sethna were morons (and even perverts) and you have tried to misuse the Mother's words in order to attempt to dupe un-informed people in believing you. 
We all know that this is an old dirty trick, that those who oppose the 1993 edition of the Savitri - for various reasons - try to pull out from their hat every once in a while. Unfortunately for those of you who have abused this trick, you have outlived the life of this lie and you now find yourselves face to face with the reality that one by one your dirty and petty tricks of spreading rumours, gossip and lies are all failing.
And if you don't change but stick to your strategy of lying and spreading rumours you are inevitably bound to keep failing because your biggest enemy is the Mother herself! Because the Mother has said so many things that people like yourself who want to use Her instead of serving Her will always find yourselves in the wrong end of the stick. 
With regards to your efforts of repeatedly trying to denigrate respectable people such as Dr. Nirodbaran, let me share this passage from “Memorable Contacts With The Mother” written by Nirodbaran, chapter XVI, Sweetness And Light 1971-1973, pages 130-137:
“The Mother’s unexpected sanction and encouragement for writing Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo, spurred me to action and I began working on the book…So far the Mother had been a silent admirer [of the writing of the book Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo], if I may use the word. But as I was approaching the chapter on the Mother, I could not but feel uneasy and even abashed, for it was the poorest chapter in quality and quantity, almost like a farce or an anti-climax. I could not find sufficient material to write about her during that specific period of contact with Sri Aurobindo except what I had narrated in the previous chapters. When I spoke frankly about my embarrassment to her, “Maharaj”, who was always seated in front of us listening or at times dozing, leaped up immediately and said, “Why don’t you ask Mother to give you inspiration?” I was hesitating. He pressed “Ask, ask!” Then I did and she simply smiled. But what happened was nothing short of a miracle. From the next day, ideas began to flow in a tremendous speed, as if a sluice-gate had been opened. The result was that it became one of the longest chapters of the book… Here was a very tangible instance of the effect of the force of inspiration… It was in the course of this chapter that I had spoken of her occult way of working with regard to our game of tennis with her. When she heard the part concerning myself, she observed, “I admire your understanding.” … She hardly made any verbal comment on the book at that time but, later on, accorded an unexpectedly magnificent tribute to it. When… it was almost ready to come out, I prayed to the Mother with hesitation, if she would write something. She at once asked Champaklal to give her a piece of paper… Then she wrote [in French] “Thanks to Nirod, we have the revelation of an altogether unknown side of Sri Aurobindo.”… Then she added in English: “It is extremely interesting and instructive.”
Now, if you still think that the Mother thought that Dr. Nirodbaran was a moron, please go and try to fool someone else, but not me or the Mother.
Best Regards, S.

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