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Pranab's alter-ego Satprem

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "It looks like as if Sri Aurobindo has corrected hi...":
"So, the errors which crept into his writings after he could not properly see his own writing due to severe deterioration of eyesight ought to be reproduced and not corrected?"

And who is to decide what is correct and incorrect? Did Sri Aurobindo always have bad eyesight? 
Furthermore, even assuming that there is some error, there is always the possibility that in correcting you are actually introducing many more errors. Using an analogy from software development, when the system is changed to fix one defect or software bug, often many more defects are introduced as a result. 
Finally who is going to trust someone else to CORRECT Sri Aurobindo's work? I am not going to trust anyone including an Amal or a Nirod. That is why the baseline and authoritative version of works should have been the SABCL which was produced explicitly as per the WILL of the Mother and then released when She was still in Her Physical Body.
That vast library of Light is enough for anyone who wants to take up Yoga. That, at least, is not debatable. 

"What sort of an impression would the reader then have of Aurobindo's command of English?"

If a reader is so casual that he lets things that strike him as mistakes or deficiencies deter him from the Infinity of Beauty staring him in the face... well, such a person would have turned back and away from an version of the work because Sri Aurobindo's Works and Words do not conform to human standards and expectations anyway. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 6:56 PM, October 23, 2010

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "It looks like as if Sri Aurobindo has corrected hi...": 
Ever since Pranob Da laid his hands on the Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s photographic material, he claimed exclusive right to that material, interestingly in the very same manner in which his alter-ego Satprem took exclusive right on the Mother’s tape recordings for his Agenda. - A.A.D. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 4:41 PM, October 21, 2010

Satprem is by the way suspected or known to give his personal flavor to specific instances in or references to «The Mother’s Agenda» every once in a while. - Fran├žoise de Nielly

Comment posted by Srikant Re: Sri Aurobindo’s Marriage—a discussion by Raman Reddy
Dear Auroman,
How quickly you come to a judgement on xenophobia! It was Sri Satprem who first used it against Pranab-da @ Dada, till then I did not even know the word!
However, Sri Satprem was most severely criticised, by my first hand knowledge, both by Nolini-da and Sunil-da. Even Andre-da was very upset. As for the bitterest criticism that I have heard against the whole group of the foreigners in Archives was from Francoise@ Pourna - Mother's grand-daughter to Pranab-da.
Everybody knew what was going on wrong in Archives including Mathijs Carnelissen from at least 30 yrs and more - changing all the works of both Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. I of course prefer to read the old origianl works of both of them as instructed by Her personally to me. 

Comment posted by Srikanth date12 August 2010 Re: An Open Letter ...Raman Reddy writes to the Managing Trustee

I agree with Govind that one should keep away from any characterization that would widen the rift that Heehs and Carlson have created. There are indeed several Americans/Westerners who are very dedicated and deeply loyal to SA. Seyril Schochen who started the Colorado SRI AUROBINDO LEARNING CENTER was one such.  I met her many years ago and was greatly enamored.
She was very indignant when a pompous Indian guy typically started to lecture the other Indians around about how everyone should question their beliefs (as though they were some kind of sheep) and ask why Sri Aurobindo was so "serious and without humor".  Seyril took umbrage, shook her head and said "SA has no humor??, have you read him?? what are you talking about??" And she began to give examples.  Sadly, she is no more!
We are where we are because of what Heehs and Carlson have done.  They have reflected the virulent viewpoints and attitudes of specific people in the US academy and the Indian left that are very hostile to SA, India, and all Indians but especially the Hindus. Without saying 'Indian' (it's so obvious to whom they are referring that they know that they don’t need to say it) they have targeted the Indian devotees of SA and Mother - it's only after sensing this slyness that people started to refer to "Americans" (who, undeniably, have been the ringleaders). Nonetheless, we should not fall into the trap.

Dr. Raghu Feb 1st, 2008 at 5:12 am Mr. Venet,
I applaud your courageous attempt to identify and overcome your illusions about Satprem and to document the inconsistencies between the image and the man.
What Satprem missed was the truth clearly perceived by the Buddha and Ramalingam: without compassion, there is no enlightenment. Without compassion, a “burning heart” will only go up in “sound and fury signifying nothing”. Dr. Raghu [Comment posted by auroman]

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