Saturday, October 23, 2010

Now Amal is regretting and he keeps saying in the Nursing home: call Manoj, call Manoj

From Sunil to date 23 October 2010 13:52 subject For posting
To, a Mr S.
I see you are interested in putting or sweeping me under the carpet so all the pain and torture that you give daily by denying Sri Aurobindo Ashram its originality and how people who love the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have to bear it all because you have reasons for your stupidities and fabrications and malafide intentions.

I have nothing against Amal or Nirod, but they are ignorant human beings compared to the Divine. Do you know what work the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have done, do you know who they are or you also like Peter say when somebody asked him why write about Sri Aurobindo's biography when he has said it is not on the surface for man to see. What did Peter had to say, 'well that can be said about anybody'. For you too there is no distinction between the sadhak and the Guru. Can the sadhak have the authority to change Guru's works? By the way they did not know when they gave their approval of what Peter was about to do. Nobody can imagine that such a thing could or would be done. Now Amal is regretting and he keeps saying in the Nursing home call Manoj, call Manoj, why he keeps saying that, we have done a grave mistake by allowing them to make changes in Savitri. They are murdering, call Manoj, call Manoj we have to stop. A change of heart or the soul cleaning itself I don't know what it is. But this is what the sisters and the patients are hearing from Amal's mouth now.

If you ask me my personal opinion about them yes they are morons in when it comes to spirituality.  That is what I have seen when I used to work at the samadhi, for years I have been with them, I had to place a chair daily for Nirod as when Amal would arrive Nirod will come and sit beside him. And Nirod was fond of me and he ordered that the big 1 1/2 foot agarbatis should be kept for me to light when I come at two in the afternoon. I have heard Nirod saying I don't feel any ananda and how Amal enjoyed holding the hands of young women and wouldn't let go. When you take pleasure in these acts you are blind to the higher force that is working there. I was feeling that force and that force would kind of keep me in meditation most of the time and when somebody would have an experience I would catch it at times as I was looking after the place and it was incredible but what do you care about all this for you there is nothing new. For me what would be new is for you to come out openly and say what is the truth for you. You don't have to give that explanation and summon up stories. Just say 'we the haters of the divine do not like you or anyone like you. We do not want this to be Sri Aurobindo's Ashram we want to it be ours. We will do anything and go to any length to see that nobody comes in our way, even if it means deny Sri Aurobindo's his  own  spirituality'. At least you will be honest. Sunil S R


  1. To Sunil:

    So you still refuse to do your homework before sharing your esteemed opinions about who you think is a moron.

    It is evidently easier to peddle gossip and rumours that emerge out of some bored and gossipy nurse's mouth from the Ashram nursing home.

    Bravo! You are very credible... to yourself certainly.

    And don't worry, I don't need to brush you under the carpet, you already belong there!


  2. Sunil clearly appears to be the new feather in the cap of the Anti-Heehs camp.

    Phew!!! What a relief that he didn't join the pro-Heehs or Neutral camps, however unlikely that might have been.

    Thank you Sunil for lending your "credibility" to your camp.


  3. sunil might be lending his credibility to the Anti-Heehs camp but lets admit the Heehs camp has the master-card or trump card in Dr Raghu who defends strongly the book and hurls abuses at Aurobindo too! And let me assure you, you aint going to get rid of that leech! LOL. That is how evil perishes. Two negatives make a positive. The GREAT Dr Raghu will bring both the heehs camp and himself in the gutter! Go for it Doc! Lets hear your views on Aurobindo or do you need some taunting to draw the abuses on Aurobindo from you! LOL.

  4. To S.

    Ha ha, you think this also is the ashram compound where the power of MDG and his ass lickers is only flourishing. Watch out for the Kali’s hammer that is about to fall on you head because of betraying the Divine. You won't be going under the carpet but in the under world your true home.

    About Amal why don't you go and find out, you will hear about it from other quarters it is question of time, unless you guys kill him first.
    Call the nurses or Vijay Anuru or Swapan in the Ashram Nursing home at the beach and ask what Amal is saying.

    Sunil S R

  5. To Sunil:

    You said:

    "...Amal enjoyed holding the hands of young women and wouldn't let go."

    You find it apt to spread rumors about Amal Kiran and denigrate respectable people like him to try to prove your petty points.

    But you find it absolutely normal that your good friend Ambi, whom you defend and obviously feel deep sympathy for, had to leave the Ashram in utter humiliation because he was caught red-handed abusing a minor girl.

    Interesting sense of discernment and judgement.