Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How blind I was to not able to see the obvious

Because of the recent death of Albert Hofmann, LSD is once again in the news, so I may as well start with that. Like many of my generation, I experimented with the drug in the late 60s, and this reduced to rubble my earlier materialist and atheist convictions. I also lost my previous interest in physics and astronomy and became interested instead in Indian philosophy and spirituality. This is how I ended up in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.
I arrived with a common misconception about Indian spirituality, fostered by Buddhist and Advaita literature ("Brahman is real, the world is a lie." — Shankara). While reading the works of Sri Aurobindo (and having some quite extraordinary experiences, but that's an aside) I realized the great importance Sri Aurobindo attaches to the material world, and my old interest in physics returned. -- Ulrich (Yours Truly) at Reinventing the Sacred

Debabrata Ghosh has left a new comment on your post "When someone is discussing things spiritual, we ar...": Respected Sri Chaki,
There is one very important thing we must ponder over and should realise. 
From the last phase of the Mother's human life-there has been a sea-change in several matters which is not apparently visible and which could not be proved through mind with its accustomed instruments viz. reason and traditional way of understanding a reality. It's very difficult to explain or tell that the hell with all its nasty mire has come up and touched everything of our life. The most predominant aspects of human life has naturally been deeply affected. They are politics, money and sexual impulsion. These three have become horribly acute in man today. If one is not completely dedicated to the Mother in his/her active sadhana-then these forces can make unimaginable nuisance. 
That was my point-on which I differed from Tusar babu whom I love much as doer of the Mother's work. I apprehended that if this association with politics through any person, party and organisation were allowed the Savitri Era forum which Tusar babu has built with so much sincerity and labour and which is still the main platform of the devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother might be affected one day adversely in such ways still unknown to all of us. We are not aware how cunning, clever and powerful are these forces. We have access to immense power within us i.e. the Mother's power provided we stick to her only unconditionally- oblivious of our separate personal status of doing something - she will be giving the opportunity to correct everything. I have only one question - Do we believe it?
This is all I hold on as my conviction. I am unable to offer any logic further. So it's futile to discuss in such matter so far this concerns me. Devabrata Posted by Debabrata Ghosh to Savitri Era Open Forum at 9:50 AM, July 27, 2008 
BABUL'S WORLD: THE ULTIMATE CROSSOVER [9:02 AM] 19 July 2008 Do not interfere in The Mother's affair - 22 July 2008 14:07

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Dr. Ryder’s masterstroke is a proud moment for SEO...": 
Boldly and brilliantly stated sir. Dr Ryder is truly a scholar and a gentleman. He stated it so clearly and with finesse and it became very obvious now the intent of the author and how blind I was to not able to see the obvious.
Dr Ryder I really appreciate your comments and request you to please comment more. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era at 6:43 AM, October 26, 2010. Road Runner ( Venice, California, United States, 64 returning visits

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