Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heehs’ supporters take so much pride in attacking anybody

From Sunil to date 28 October 2010 22:29 subject For posting
Sri Aurobindo’s work is about uplifting man’s consciousness to a higher level in which what is invisible becomes visible and one lives from many dimensions as experience gets richer. But these Heehs’ supporters take so much pride in attacking anybody or anything that demands a certain uplifting of consciousness in oneself in order understand what is being said that they come with full force of hell to destroy and insult and damage everything and anything that does not go with their way of seeing.
Initially it had started like this when Jugal Da in the 80’s persuaded Peter and co. With so much patience and love to see what they don’t see, but without any result. Peter had won. Nobody can win from you that is for sure. You will always win the argument with your hammers and perverted fault finding and twisting everything so realistically that you should be given a medal. It is for sure with you the truth has no place and falsehood will look like the truth in your world.
But there are others who are genuine sadhaks. You want to know the distinction. A genuine sadhak has spiritual experience or opening when he reads ‘Savitri’ or any of the other Sri Aurobindo’s books. What do you have? When somebody has experience they talk like Alok Pandey, when somebody has none they talk like S, AAD, Subhash Roy, the big guns etc. Yes, you will win and keep winning the argument and you will twist everything that comes your way. All this winning will keep you eating the menu for that is all in your menu.
You will never get to know what is yoga and what are the higher planes and their ways and its conditions and all that Sri Aurobindo has described would be words and only words for you. Sorry buddy no entry for you guys, the secret laws of the universe are set and with the ways of the under world one does not qualify. Your ways of the greatness of the ego are the road blockers. What works is simplicity, love, humility, softness of nature and surrender to the Divine and not to oneself which become the road openers, a language missing in your way of being. So keep winning the arguments while remaining spiritually starved paupers of the true Ashram. Sunil S R


  1. Sunil said:

    "What works is simplicity, love, humility, softness of nature and surrender to the Divine and not to oneself..."

    Sunil, why don't you and your Gurus like Alok Pandey and other esteemed colleagues, start by PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH!

    Why don't you ALL for a start show how simplicity, love, humility, softness of nature and surrender to the Divine (and not to one's egoistic self) actually works?

    Till now you have only shown us the opposite, that is the distortions, falsehood, hatred, arrogance, stubbornness of your asinine nature, all of which you have put at the exclusive service of your PERSONAL AGENDAS.

    So please don't try to impress anyone by talking about the Divine, the "higher planes", the "secret laws of the universe". etc., etc, when you and your colleagues such as Prof. Kamal Das are the one who have created and brought the dirtiest of filth, lies, gossip and rumors on the SEOF.

    Or is this what they teach at the (Sri Aurobindo) Society? Do they teach you that hypocrisy and double-standards are good qualities to possess and use? It certainly looks like it! Because in order to run their business of selling "spirituality" they need a constant supply of Gurus, even bearded ones, to satisfy people like yourself who need a facade of spirituality to hide their petty and dirty agendas.

    If this is what you call "spirituality" please stuff yourself with it and keep it all for yourself. I for one don't mind at all being deprived of the stuff that you relish and regularly feed on.


  2. I do, and that you can't see that I know also as you go singing again or I should say crying again your melo drama of loyalty to we know who.
    Who is Kamal Das I do not know yet. And I don't have hatred for anybody but you won't understand that as you don't understand the other laws of spirituality. Sorry I can't help you in that you have to do your own Sadhana to purify yourself to receive the Light and get the consciousness that knows by experience and not by the ego.
    Sunil S R

    Sunil SR

  3. Sunil is obviously suffering from an acute mental indigestion. His little brain has not been able to cope up and process all the rumors and half baked information that he has been feeding on and stuffing himself with all these years. The two symptoms that point to this are:

    1. The unending and persistent vomiting of pure and utter nonsense.

    2. The delusion that Alok Pandey and he are spiritual and close to the Divine.

    Alok Pandey would do good to prescribe him a strong dose of a mental purgative to clear once for all the trash that has been accumulating in his brain over the years.