Monday, October 25, 2010

Heehs' smashing of this sacred glass box

If I remember correctly, Sri Aurobindo said that Brahmananda had a higher spiritual realization than Vivekananda. I wonder if it is only the difference in their choice of external works that made Brahmananda practically “unknown” compared to Vivekananda…
But thanks for the information about Vivekananda being Ramakrishna’s anointed successor. It also makes me question the correctness of my use of the word “choice”.
Both Brahmanandas were spiritually more realized than Vivekananda, perhaps. It begs the question: Why then did Vivekananda become Ramakrishna’s heir?
Could it be that Vivekananda unlike “Rakhal maharaj” was less concentrated on personal realization than on the collective’s? Or that Vivekananda’s work in the public sphere and his abilities for doing it were the need of the hour? 
Just speculating..
Perhaps it means Swamiji’s inner being was extraordinarily high (which Sri Sri Ramakrishna saw). Swamiji’s sharp intellect and (powerful, even combative) vital being may have been just right for the work he came. Perhaps, it goes back to the question of comparing an avatar, or a “vibhuti”, with a self-realized person.
When we have the qualification, we may not have the need to ask such questions anymore. I dont see why genuine, respectful, questions or observations (asked/made with some basic sensitivity) should be discouraged solely by invoking differences in greatness or knowledge. It’s one of the big taboos in India (that demands instant faith and encourages superstition and fear) which I think needs to be shattered.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Lies & lipstick": 
Anonymous said...  "He is not even a disciple."
I just don't get it. Isn't it a little presumptuous to try to determine who is a disciple and who is not one? How does one's belief on how Sri Aurobindo departed determine one's admiration for him or one's disciple-hood??? Isn't it conceivable that one's admiration for Sri Aurbindo might be increased knowing that he went through the suffering that most ordinary humans experience?
This is the major problem with the Anti-Heehs camp. They want to enclose Sri Aurobindo in a glass box and want to determine how everyone should view or understand him. They want only one official and codified line of thought or interpretation. All else is taboo.
It is understandable that the anti-Heehs camp has got rattled by Heehs' smashing of this sacred glass box that was beginning to crystallize and fossilize around Sri Aurobindo, but this only goes to prove that the timeliness of Heehs' intervention could not have been better.
Sri Aurobindo evidently is larger than any of the boxes or conceptions that any of the anti-Heehs camp can conjure and their attempts are bound to fail, as is clearly visible even this time around. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 12:57 PM, October 25, 2010

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