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Because you are using them as a shield to do your dirty work

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What rubbish ‘his tirade of insults and slandering against respectable people such as Dr. Nirodbaran and Mr. Amal Kiran’  just because it is not going your way you are going to scream foul play. If you can say something so can I, and what I say is what the truth is for me. I am sharing my experience on the blog and just because it does not suit you it become lies and gossip. If you want to cry and complain why don’t you do it when Sri Aurobindo was belittled and called names. All my life I have seen this blind arrogant fools who can’t see beyond their nose want to dictate their terms and suppress the space of healthy growth.

Is always falsehood going to flourish? I have respect and love for Amal and Nirod but you are too blind to see, you start crying and jump to your guns. Why such loyalty to Amal and Nirod alone, because you are using them as a shield to do your dirty work of twisting real valuable things. Sunil S R

From: Prof Kamal Das Date: 24 October 2010 01:53
 Subject: The Nolini Kanto Gupta Conspiracy To:

The Nolini Kanto Gupta Conspiracy
From the year 1982, all the way upto the passing of Shri Nolini Kanto Gupta in 1984, a very interesting group of Ashramites served him as doctor/ night duty volunteers/ office-cum-personal assistants. This very closely-knit group consisted of Manoj Das Gupta, Matri Prasad, Dr. Dilip Datta, R Prabhakar (Batti), Dilip Mehtani. Do the names ring a bell? This group co-ordinated its service to Shri Nolini Kanto Gupta, in close consultation with his personal assistant, Ms Anima.

During his last days, Shri Nolini Kanto Gupta, signed a letter, in gross and apparent deviation from accepted practice and tradition, anointing Manoj Das Gupta his successor. At that time, this had come as a shock to many including the other Trustees then, since never in the past had any single Trustee appointed a successor without consulting the others.  This controversy had raged for sometime then.

Paulette, here’s what you know about what has followed over the years since 1984:

Manoj Das Gupta’s induction as Trustee was gradually followed by the induction of that very band of brothers cobbled together by personal ambition in the service of Nolini Kanto Gupta, with the exception of Matri Prasad, whose proposed appointment as Trustee was repeatedly shot down by Shri Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya. 

Paulette, here’s what you do not know about what has followed over the years since 1984:

Nolini Kanto Gupta’s sons, Shri Ranju Gupta and Shri Robi Gupta have repeatedly made clear to all that the alleged letter from their father anointing MDG his successor, was forged by MDG and his band of brothers, with the timely assistance of Ms Anima.
Ms Anima suffered from cancer and in her last years and was housed in the very building where the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives is presently located. That, Dr. Datta attended to her should come as no surprise, but what will be of interest to you is that Peter Heehs spent many long hours interviewing her and recording her views / version of Ashram history. Many, who were close to Ms Anima, will tell you that the pain and suffering that cancer wreaked on her were nothing compared to the agony of guilt that ravaged her being for having been complicit in a crime that would compound and grow into a monster threatening the very existence of the Ashram. Being the street-smart survivor that Peter Heehs is, he must be thanking his stars today for having carefully preserved Ms Anima’s anguished recall of her role in the forgery. As must the other current Trustees and Matri Prasad!
Paulette, or whatever you name is, hold your horses, I am not through yet.

The bundle of files consisting of the original manuscripts of Records of Yoga, labelled “confidential” and lying in Sri Nolini Kanto Gupta’s custody for over decades, had a very interesting and unconnected letter written by the Mother to Ms Chandra Reddy, ne Chandra Patel. The consolatory letter written to Ms Chandra Patel in the context of MDG’s infidelity to her, describes MDG as evil and potentially the biggest threat to the Ashram. How fortuitous that this letter too is now in the custody of that indefatigable “researcher”, Peter Heehs!

Dear Paulette, if you truly seek truth, stop wasting our time with irrelevant quotes/ passages, and go forth into the heart of the matter and expose the huge falsehood that has been perpetrated on the Ashram and Auroville communities by facing up to the challenge thrown to you.

I remain at your disposal for all the support that you may require to undertake this endeavour. Truly, Prof Kamal Das

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