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Those who oppose The Lives are guided by the dark Sri Aurobindo

 Re: Sraddhalu Ranade writes to Manoj Das
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It has become a very painful story, very undesirable, but when fail all nature’s means, all happy-chummy means, all soft and persuasive means… all that is gentlemanly and polite and gracious in the refined sense… when suggestions and hints are not discerned… — the attempts were silently going on for the last two years… Maybe this is the process of desirable catharsis.
Re: Sraddhalu Ranade ...Manoj Das’s Disastrous Advice
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Manoj Das’s Disastrous Advice - Alok Pandey 
Recently Prof Manoj Das circulated a letter in Oriya and also spoke about the troubling issues in the Ashram. It seems the basic import is that those who are voicing their dissent against Peter Heehs represent kind of adverse forces. He says that even though the book is bad the author's intent is not bad, only his method is a flawed one. He further seems to state that even if the book is bad we should not resort to punishing anyone. This is not a new argument and has been answered on several occasions earlier. Manoj Das has mentioned a few other points which are also not new. I’ll skip them. But let me mention one. Does he really believe that the trustees, particularly the Managing Trustee Manoj Das Gupta, has absolutely no role to play in this crisis, either in its origin (giving copyright thoughtlessly knowing the man), or in its continuation (not helping the petitioner in settling the issue of the book quickly through the court with the Ashram's help). Even now he has given for Peter Heehs a financial guarantee for five years. What does Manoj Das want us to do? to believe that Manoj Das Gupta’s word is the word of God, the will of the Divine Mother? Sorry we do not accept this. To paraphrase his own statement regarding Kumud-ben: "One may stay very close to the Divine yet remain the same stupid human one ever was." 

As regards the demand for expulsion of Peter Heehs from India, it is not out of any hatred towards him but out of self-respect of a nation. Becoming an Ashram inmate I do not lose my Indian identity, it rather gets enriched in new ways. 

Asking him to leave the department and the Ashram is not any punishment or a vendetta but simply putting a thing in its right place. Since he has neither love nor faith in the Mother and Sri Aurobindo (perhaps some doubtful intellectual admiration) as is more than obvious in what he has written in the book and in his actions through the decades, it is better that he joins a university post and is at least kept out of harm's way at the Archives. To project this simple remedy as a punishment is preposterous. At best it is simply setting an old disorder right, at worst it is a self-defence. A surgeon does not punish a man when he operates upon a diseased limb; he is simply saving the life of the organism as a whole. So also a guard, who blows the whistle or challenges and if necessary shoots at an intruder, does no crime; he is simply doing what he must do to ensure safety to other things that he is meant to secure. The only difference here is that the guards are found sleeping or even supporting or conniving with the thief. What does our learned professor want us to do—to hold our hands in prayer and twiddle our thumbs with a hypocritical attitude, to claim that all is Her Will when to our inner psychic sense it is clearly not and has gone beyond the limits of turning a blind eye? He must understand that others are also looking inside and seeking an inner guidance, they are as much aware of their soul and are not acting simply under some sentimental rush or egoistic impulse. Some respect for other's inner inspiration please! 

Henceforth I openly challenge anyone who has the conviction of truth about what he is saying or doing to come out and discuss each and every aspect of this episode in the open, in presence of the members, in the Ashram Theatre or the Playground. Let the truth come out. In any case, let me emphasize that the word of these elders is not a gospel, that they are forever right! It is imbecility to believe this. All of us are fallible but when a crisis keeps returning to a group then one must ponder if all is well and right with its leaders and not thrusting the blame on those who have observed somethig different than what they are doing. That would be courage, and with such courage would come wisdom; it cannot come by proclaiming a holy birthright. Alok Pandey 
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It is not just kind of adverse forces. What I heard is, Manoj Das told the audience that those who oppose The Lives are guided by the dark Sri Aurobindo. ~ RYD 


  1. Oh for heaven sake, CAN WE PLEASE JUST MOVE ON? All of this sophomoric bickering about Peter Heehs and his ‘Lives of Sri Aurobindo’ is simply a distraction from the real yogic work that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have given us to accomplish. The acrimonious disputes and finger pointing appearing in the pages of ‘Savitri Era’ and ‘Mirror of Tomorrow’ have nothing to do with the Supramental realization, it is simply Ashram politics of the most despicable kind with the so-called authorities of Sri Aurobindo’s work and message giving new meaning to his description of the ‘…wise men who talk and sleep’. Dark Sri Aurobindo indeed. What absolute nonsense.

  2. Alok Pandey who claims to be a psychiatrist seems utterly incapable of diagnosing his own patently transparent monomania.

    Physician, heal thyself.

  3. Dr Pandey - suggest you check yourself into a clinic! You are losing your marbles ...btw where does a psychiatrist go for a check up? May be a change of "friends" is the solution...the maniacs are seeking to take over the asylum assured that wont happen!